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I feel like I’m binging on reading.

Have read 5 books since the past few days after I quit reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I would continue later. But I felt like I had Greeks oozing out of my ears.

I vowed, if any of the books I was reading had any hints of Greek, I would quit reading.

Just drove me insane. It was like the ancient Greeks with their dysfunctional deities was more sane than this 20th century American Greek family.

Seriously. Gahh.

Read Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. Still think that Can You Keep A Secret as her best work. I find the Shopaholic series thoroughly annoying. Good think I didn’t actually purchase the book. And the Undomestic Goddess freaked me out; not the best book to read after a Law paper that you thought you would fail.

Finish reading the abridged version of Les Miserables. I want the full version!! Waaahhhh!!

Finally read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Don’t know why I read the other books by him that I own before I finally read this. Amazing book. Highly recommended.

Read McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street. Still find Bruce annoying. Gosh. I still can’t believe he tried to nick his boss’s underwear. WTH? Oh, he forgot to wear pants underneath his kilt. Can’t remember why he wanted to wear underwear, but it is weird enough that he tried to nick someone’s underwear. Like… whaaaaaaaaaaaattt???

Also read Diana Wynne Jones’s House of Many Ways. Superb. I absolutely adore her. She’s brilliant!! 😀 And I love Howl. Hahaha. So weird; to like a character in a book. Hehe.

But I suppose not as weird to like someone because of their history (namely previous occupatient and where was born because I like the cheese the county produces. Yeah, the latter is so WTF. I’m still deciding if the said person who suggested this is my friend or not) but can’t stand the sight of him performing.

I have absolutely no idea how my mind works.

Am reading Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke. Yes, the actor. Got the book quite cheap, and quite a long time ago. Just haven’t found the time to read it. Only on the first chapter and somehow I find that it is as if he’s trying to write the JD Salinger wrote the Catcher in the Rye.


Very very unlikely, I’m thinking.

PS: Decided to start reading the Prestige by Christoper Priest instead. You know, the book which the movie staring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale is based on. Don’t know if I’ll continue Ash Wednesday anytime soon… And I have no idea if I’ll read about the very dysfunctional (to me, at least) Stephanides family any time soon as well…

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funny pictures of cats with captions
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Change: part 2

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I might have been rash. Or crazy.

I went into the saloon, and told my usual stylist that I want a change in the way I look. What does she think I should do?

More like, what does she think she should do.

She looked at me and said that my face could now take bangs.


I’m still in shock.

She’s the same person who told me that if I ever cut my hair somewhere else, never allow them to cut my fringe shorter than my cheekbones.

She moved my face up and down, left and right, and declared, yes, I will have bangs this time. It could handle it.

And she’ll give me layers, and will highlight my hair.  She picked a copper blonde hue.

I just nod all the way; only made any actual decision when it comes to the cost.

Before the color went in, I thought I was going to end up looking like the Vicar of Dibley in the Christmas Incident episode.

Thank goodness it didn’t end up that way. Hahaha.

I quite like the results, though not too hot about the bangs, though I suppose it would take time to get used to it. After all, the last time I had these kind of bangs was when I was 12? 13? Might be younger. No idea why but the hair dresser used to love giving me bangs. So bloody annoying; always getting into my eyes.

Now everything about my face draws attention to my eyes. My glasses and my hair. Though good thing that I now quite like my eyes. Really, I know some whites with smaller eyes than I have. I might not have those round eyes that Indians do; my lashes wouldn’t be curly naturally… Still, there are tools to combat that; eyelash curler (Shu Uemura, of course), eye liner… Mascara, though why I need longer lashes is beyond a lot of people. Though I need more volume, I suppose. Hehehe.

Find it weird, that with my current glasses, I feel like it draws attention to my eyes more than my other glasses, but this is not the thickest frame I’ve got, or even the darkest. I’ve had black plastic ones, and I tried them on again, and it didn’t feel as intense. Hmmm. Oh well. My eyes do look softer now; not like when I first got the glasses. I felt that my eyes looked harsh and huge behind the lenses. You know, during that super power moment when you just got your new glasses/lenses, when you feel that you can see absolutely everything. Quite cool, that time. Hahaha.

Well, with this hairstyle, it would be sucky if you don’t like the shape of your eyes. Actually, I find with bangs, since it does draw people’s attention to your eyes, you would need to like them.

And do try not to wear eye makeup when you cut your hair; somehow the results do look different when your face is naked. Amazing. Though in my case, I still like the results. Muahaha.

Surprisingly, I also find it easier to make subtle changes to the style with my current cut.



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For a moment, I was searching for a capital delta for my title. Then I paused and wondered how to actually spell the word “change”.

Checked my RealPlayer, among the songs of Taylor Swift; I remember there was a song with the word as the title.

My spelling is out of the window, sometimes I find.

Or maybe because I’ve been scribbling economics formulas; calculating exchange rate and such.

I know, what a freak.

I also promised myself that I would read the Malay newspaper cover to cover (including sports, yes) at least one copy a week. I haven’t purchased one. Maybe I should ask my mother to bring back the office copy. Not because I want to read the news; I read the English papers for that. However, I realize how horrid my Malay vocabulary is that I am taking a break from reading my French for Dummies book. I’m grateful that I didn’t bother taking a class for it. I better try master the two language I profess I know how to speak instead of trying to pick up a new one.

I refuse to read my mother’s inaugural lecture. I read the first 5 pages, and realized that there are quite a few terminologies that the Malay dictionary can’t explain. And yes, I decided to use the Dewan dictionary instead of a Malay-English one (which looks like it is in a horrid condition thanks to my mother. Maybe we should get a dictionary each instead of sharing…) so that I would get acquainted to the actual meaning instead of the nearest word in another language. That subtle differences always make you sound more intelligent when you use the actual term for your sentence.

I am still amazed that I got an A2 for my Bahasa Malaysia in SPM.

I never ever answered that section where they give two very similarly spelled word. I can’t remember if you’re supposed to explain the meaning or use it in a sentence; either way, you would have to know the meaning, and I never do. It just confuses me and makes me wonder, “oh, there’s a word spelled that way?”

Must make effort to re-learn Malay!! Or, more like, Malaysian.

When I was in Ireland, people kept asking me if I could actually speak “Malaysian”. I looked at them straight in the eye and said “no”. Then, in my head, it was more because I thought, “there’s no such thing as ‘Malaysian language’; we have Malay.”

Talked to a friend about it–can’t remember who now–and she said that “yeah, your Malaysian is crap!!”

I looked at her, confused.

“Your standard Malay. You know, the actual official language; that we learn in school? The one without any dialect? With the proper tatabahasa (grammar)? Remember the timetable usually says we would be having “Bahasa Malaysia” during that particular period?”

Oh, right.

Though, to be honest, I’m not sure. I saw my SPM certificate that it states there the subject is “Bahasa Melayu”. And since I don’t keep in touch with my high school friends (rather complicated and annoying story), I am not sure if that was the case in my school.

Though reading the many articles on the teaching of Maths and Science… they seem to be implying that they call the subject Bahasa Malaysia now…

So, yes, a struggle I would be having to brush up my Malaysian.

Though I should have told my interviewers, yes, my Bahasa Melayu is still A2; which dialect do you want me to speak in? 😛

Way to endear yourself to get the job then.

Oh well.

So yes, change!!!

I’ve been feeling crap nowadays. Don’t know why. Maybe because I missed my surgery clinic appointment yet again, maybe because I’m feeling under the weather… I don’t know. I just feel crap. And I feel like I need a change. A physical change.

I am losing weight; bit by bit, thanks to my mother’s “diet”. Her cardio told her to cut down on her carbs and eat whole grains.

So, now, we mix our rice; brown and white. I find it too troublesome to cook them seperately and my cousin doesn’t mind.

Brown rice; which would mean my food intake would drop drastically. Could only take half the amount of my usual rice intake if it was mixed with brown rice.

I don’t know why but brown rice make me feel stuffed; and for very long.

The best way for me to go on a diet is to eat brown rice only.

The other whole grain stuff–pasta, bread, cereal, etc–doens’t effect me as much as brown rice. It does keep me full slightly longer than their white counter parts, but I eat about the same amount every time!!

For some reason, this eating very little annoys me quite a bit.

Probably because quite a number of my skirts are quite loose now. Though most of it doesn’t annoy me since it’ll just make the skirt a more decent length for Malaysia.

However, one of them… Now the skirt’s hem falls halfway of my calf; the fattest part of it. I look short in that skirt!!

And a suit skirt is so loose… I feel like unpicking it. Though my mother warned me, “are you going to sew it by hand? It’ll take forever. You still do not know how to use the machine.”

Curse the fact that the 4 year old me was so curious of a sewing machine and pricked her finger with the needle. Yes; that was what happened. The needle went through my nail, and almost went through the bone. Luckily my uncle’s a medical assistant and got it out. Though it was just a bloody needle. Gahh. Still, my grandmother refused to let me anywhere near a sewing machine. Only experience I have with it was in school, where my grandmother didn’t know. She used to unpick my school projects and sew it back because it is so horrible. My teachers were always amazed as to how tidy my sewing was. Good thing they didn’t make me sew in front of them; I wouldn’t get a straight line!!

Anyway; my hips might be going, but my tummy’s still there. So annoying. I should do sit ups, but I’m too lazy. I should start using the treadmill again like I was before I left for the UK (did it mainly because I was afraid I would walk soooo slow and embarrass myself), but… oh, I don’t know.

Regardless, I want a drastic physical change. And I can’t think of anything else I could change but my hair, regardless of the fact that it is only shoulder length.

Can’t do my eyebrows even though I thought about it since I haven’t let it go bushy recently. My menses were quite some time ago. I do feel like changing the shape somewhat. Hmmm…

I suppose I’ll trim and streak my hair. My mother would flip; wasting money or whatever. However, I am trying to convince myself that it will be an investment. I would feel somewhat better about myself, and would write my cover letters more confidently and hopefully finally get a response.

Goddamn it; doesn’t the bloody 2.1 in Company Law make any difference to these people??? Sigh.

Think positive. Your hair would not fall too flat soon… And hopefully wouldn’t curl only one way. And your fringe wouldn’t have that weird kink.

Maybe I should get straightening brush to deal with these weird kinks that my hair occassionally gets. Sigh.

Absolutely no idea how I want my hair to end up looking. I’ll just go and see what they think.

PS: funny that when I tell myself, no, I wouldn’t bother with wearing make up, that is when I would put it on properly. Sigh.

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Kitteh’s face

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funny pictures of cats with captions
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Hahaha. So bloody cute!!

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Judgment day

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Been avoiding to blog in fear of criticizing my mother’s inaugural lecture which was held last Thursday. One thing’s for sure: it is a far cry from those that I have attended in England. Dum dee dum. Ladida…

Yes, the title. Hahaha. Someone added me on Twitter who is going around telling people that Judgment Day is on the 21stof May 2011.


If it is possible to predict when the day is, it wouldn’t really be true. C’mon… If it could be predicted, then people wouldn’t bother doing their best all the time. They’ll sin and then nearing the end, they would repent.

Not exactly what God wanted, I think.

Oh well.

A good laugh, definitely.


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July 26, 2009 2 comments

I would like to rebrand my blog. Not a big overhaul; probably just the title. And being a wordpress blog, I can’t change the URL, though I spent a lot of time deciding for the URL to be something quite essentially me, though for the life of me, I can’t remember what it means now. Hahaha. Something to do with night.

Oh, right; Moon, amongst other things. Hehehe. Wonders of Google. 😀

I still like those things, but somehow I find I like cameras less and less… and I definitely ignore Cailean quite a bit, especially since he leans to the wall and gets blocked by quite a few other sheep.

I also find that I don’t really like baking cookies.

Camera… I hardly fiddle with my Nikon p5100 anymore. I use it only to take picture; no more experimental shots whatsoever.

This is difficult. Hmmm…

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