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My mother had a party done last Sunday, so she decided that I must get rid of the crap I’ve been keeping to be recycled since it was all over the house, making it look like a dump. (I do realize that I have a tendency to write with long sentences. No idea why. Short, simple sentences just don’t cut it for me. Hmmm…)

She couldn’t get her usual guy that comes and take the stuff away… So, I thought, alright, we’ll send to a recycling centre.

I found online that nearby for every Sunday at a certain time, there would be people who would pick up recyclables. However, when I drove there, there wasn’t anyone.

So, the car was full of recyclables, and my mother’s friends asked why in the world for.

They thought I couldn’t find a place to keep them during the party, so I put it in the car, and after the party, I would take it out.

Seriously!! How ridiculous can they be? Sheesh.

Every time I see the car for the next two days, I couldn’t stop laughing. Imagine if it was a hybrid car… Oh what a freak I would be.

At last, with the help of google, I found out that the Ikano Power Centre has a recycling centre now!! Since the first of June. Awesomeness. Not needing to lug the stuff out of the car was a happy event for me, so I made my way to send the stuff off.

The amount of stuff totalled up to more than 150 kgs!!! 135 for paper and the rest was various items… Not to mention the stuff that they didn’t pay for!!

Yes, they do pay for it!! Albeit not much, but what the heck!! It pays for the petrol that was spent to get there anyway!!



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