I’ve finished Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl.

I was reading it in between Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.

It is slightly thicker than Catcher in the Rye, but I take only a fraction of the time I spend with Catcher.

It is ridiculous.

I remember not having started with New Moon when I started with Catcher. I haven’t bought Eclipse as well.

And I have finished the whole Twilight saga and the Harry Potter series, even with wanting to wait for the latter’s price to fall (wonder will it fall with the movie coming out in Malaysia very soon).

And JD Salinger’s masterpiece?

I just don’t get why I would fall asleep about a page and a half after I read it.  I sleep waaaaaaayyyyy too much when I read Catcher. It is absolutely ridiculous!!

Makes me wonder why people actually like it.

I don’t know if New York kids are like that, but I just can’t imagine any teenager being that bad even during their rebelious period. I don’t know… Probably priviledged kids, perhaps?

Somehow I feel like it is very likely that I would finish Middlesex before I finish Catcher.

I wonder if I would actually ever finish that book!!

Maybe for my next appointment, I would bring the book… Then I wouldn’t fall asleep. But there’s so few pages… I might finish before I get to see the doctor… Oh man… Sigh.

Fine. I will read the book every night when I am supposed to go to bed.

At night.

I really shouldn’t be awake at this time. Sigh.

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