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PS: I am on a writing binge. Or should I say, typing… and with no structure whatsoever. Could anything like that be considered “writing”? I don’t know… Though I think I better do laundry before the helper comes… Hmmm…

I just can’t, for the life of me, imagine how people could just drive aimlessly. I just… can’t. Even when I was starting to drive again, to practice my driving, it was so difficult for me to drive for the sake of driving.

After all, I hate driving.

It was a blessing that I “practiced” driving while I was trying to find the National Archive… Getting lost in KL. Rather aimless, but I was searching for something!! Gosh, I absolutely hate driving around KL, searching for something, what with all the one way street. Urgh. Annoying!!

To drive aimlessly… just to floor the accelerator and feel the speed… That just doesn’t attract me.

Especially since I drive that way anyway.

Speeding, to me, is a neccessity. Oh, not because I enjoy speeding.

It is because, speeding would cut the driving time shorter, even if it is just by a minute, it is still less time spend behind the wheels. I have absolutely no problem spending time in a car. Just so long as I am not navigating the way.

Several weeks ago, I was sending my mother to KLIA, and she freaked out when she realize I was going at 150km per hour. Sometimes I hate that the speedometer is in the middle now. Maybe if it was in front of me, I might realize that I’ve gone above 130km/h; the absolute maximum my mother would tolerate on the 110km/h highway. She usually says not to go more than 10 above the speed limit.

I thank God that we have not received a speeding ticket. I would soooo die if we did.

It took me about half an hour to come back home; what would usually take about 40-50 minutes. See… it counts!!

Though I don’t speed when there’re a lot of bends on the road.

I feel that my steering is still not that good, though much better than I was before. Well, rather sad if it is worse.

It is rather insane to speed when there’s a lot of bends on the road, come to think of it. I might hate driving, but I am not insane. Or at least, I may not mind scratches on the car (bumper actually; both front and back. I freak out quite a bit if I scratch the main body, which thank goodness is not much), but I would freak out if it resembles an accordion!!

A friend, when I was in England, asked me to describe the Vios. Being boob lovers  instead of ass lovers (according to Fatin anyway; and it might be disputed if one watches Episode 2 of the 3rd series of Rab C Nesbitt titled Touch [the one with the tranny barmaid]), there are mostly hatchbacks in Britain. And, I suppose, being rather posh, it was rather difficult for me to hunt down for a Yaris, which would be the easiest to describe; “that, but with an ass,” and some description of the ass… which I would tell later. The nearest was a Prius (which, after reading that you don’t change gears but use buttons to drive it… puts me off somewhat. Though it would still be amusing to own it just to put an Apple sticker on it and be one of the “white people” 😉 ), which was a lil bit harder… “that, but with more lights, and with softer angles. And an ass. If you’re a driver with a Vios in front of you, you would think that the trunk looks like a fat bald happy Chinese Buddha, because the curve of the boot gives the impression that it is a bald person, and the curve of the lights make it look like a squinty eyed person laughing.”

My mother is not able to see this elusive Buddha at the rear of our car. She thinks it is my imagination run wild. I do like the way I describe it, if I say so myself. Guarantee to send people into fits of laughter. Buddha at the rear of your car. Yeah right, Nani. You’re insane.

Oh, reading the wiki article for Toyota Vios, apparently only J grade has manual transmission. Since when we got it, there was only G and S, and we ended up picking G because I thought the extra crap on S was tacky instead of “sporty”, it was a lost argument to want a shift stick. Still, since it is a semi-automatic–though with only 4 gears–I would still be changing gears, though the dropping of the speed is not as obvious as a manual. Only I use the other 3 gears; both my mother and cousin just use the D gear. I feel the engine feels a bit “loose” if I start on D immediately… Like when you’re supposed to drive on the 3rd gear, but you’re on the 4th gear and you’re too lazy to drop it… something like that.

I still think that the difficulty of driving a shift stick is overrated, even though I refuse to drive my cousin’s car; though my refusal of driving her car is more due to the fact that the reflection on her mirrors–sides and rear–are impossible to see if you’re not used to it. Yes, her clutch is a bit tight, and the engine died on me several times while I was getting a hang of it when I was moving the car, but once I got out of the house compound, the driving was alright… until I had to turn. I could hardly see if there was a car coming towards me from my left!! Freaked me out quite a bit.

You should only be scared of something happening when you’re in the first gear, I find. What could happen when you’re in other gears anyway? The engine would die only when the engine doesn’t have enough power, and you would have been pressing the accelerator for quite some time before you can move on from the first gear.

The balancing thingy could be a pain in the ass, I suppose. I would admit I wouldn’t want to be driving a manual if I lived or worked in Glasgow or Edinburgh… or Bristol… Where else… Err… Though I think especially Glasgow. I do remember they do like putting traffic lights at the hills. It is ridiculous. I don’t mind, but I wouldn’t want to, you know what I mean? If I lived in those cities, I think I might love automatics. Hahaha. Yes, I prefer driving a manual because I feel more in power, but not being confident about your ability to navigate around your home/work area but totally confident on the motorway, which you might see only occassionally unless you live quite far from your workplace (which I think is silly if you’re not staying with your parents)??? Kinda dumb to still insist on a manual, right? But, yes, only in those places, I think… Even in London with the jams I would prefer a manual; London is relatively flat.

Is there anyone thinking like I am about the semi-automatic transmission… That it would be more complicated to drive an automatic one day than a manual, what with some of them having 5-speed gear on an automatic transmission; same as a manual!! And a manual only has one extra; reverse. An automatic has another 2; park and neutral. Seriously, man.

My cousin was telling me that soon, there might be seperate manual and automatic licence. We wonder what will they be testing students on. Though, it might be that they would have to learn how to change gears on a semi-automatic car then. Hahaha. I find it sometimes it is harder to shift gears on the Vios than a manual car. Oh, there’s no clutch to press and release, I know. However, the gear is in a straight like. Well, almost; there are slight bends, but it is easy to sometimes accidentally push it too much, and instead of going to a higher gear, you put your car on neutral. And if you’re not used to the engine… you might not realize that your car is not in a driving mode!!

Hahaha. I so don’t envy the kids. Good thing that I have my licence already. I very much doubt they’ll make the test that easy. If they keep the structure, it’ll be one less thing to do; there wouldn’t be any use to have the hill test to make sure you know how to balance the car properly. Or doing the U-turn, which I heard they really do like doing it at quite a sloppy area regardless where you take the test; balancing again.

And really; is checking the side and rearview mirror that time consuming and troublesome that it would put you off driving??? I hate driving, but I don’t think it is that difficult to just glance a bit. Okay, I admit, I hardly glance at the mirror if I am not turning. It is likely that it is me that is in front of you if you’ve been flashing me and I have yet to move to the left lane. A better confirmation is if I actually slow down a bit. Hahaha. Especially if there would be people to the side, making it rather difficult for you to cut me.

Oh, I don’t flash or do anything to make people speed up though. I prefer just cutting them.  I find it utterly annoying and stupid when someone tailgates me. How dumb is it to speed up and break, and speed up and break some  more. Don’t you know that you’re wasting your petrol and ruining the environment? Because you’re in a “hurry”??? I’m all for driving fast, but in an environmentally friendly manner, please. Not in such stupid and dangerous way.

It does tickles me when someone told me they thought that one foot is put on the accelerator and another is put on the break. Te hee. So cute!! Hahaha. So, manual drivers are actually aliens who could hide their third leg. Like that president of the universe dude in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, though his were arms rather than legs. Still. Oohh!! Like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. Oh, those were arms as well. Oh well. Something like that, you know?


Okay, not so much editing as I realize that what I intended should be in was forgotten to be included.

Kinda surprising that someone who hates driving passed her driver’s licence test on her first try? My uncle who took me to practice thought there was no hope for me passing (it was the weekend before I sat for the test, which was on a Thursday) after I crashed into a neighbor’s bush at the village. Hehehe. I just had to put my mark on the car!! All my cousins, except for the one born the same year as me, who has Down syndrome, had (or have, since they still have the car and I have younger cousins. Just the last one, who is turning 7 this year, haven’t driven the car. Doubt she would ever though. Haha. Oh yes, it is the one that I don’t like driving now due to the mirrors. It wasn’t so bad back in 2005… No, not have; will and have since. Okay, I give up. I’m not sure now what should be used…). However, to my defence, it is not easy to get back to our house!! From the main road, you would have to slow down, and turn at the slope, and it is quite a sharp turn at that!! Didn’t help my steering was horrid, so I crashed into the bush in front of the house. Hahaha. Only one broken branch alright!! Not so bad!! Still, he wasn’t confident about it. Didn’t help I was so bloody impatient!! Haha.

My two instructors were saints. Seriously. I was the one scolding them instead of the other way round. I absolutely hated the sessions. They found it odd that a 17-18 year old hated driving so much; I should be excited over it!! They found it amusing that I was learning because my mother was forcing me to (it took me a year to actually learn the actual driving after passing my theory test. I used A-levels as an excuse, but it only worked for the first sem. However, there was a 6 months period between the first and second lesson 😛 ). Once, I almost burst into tears because I was so frustrated. And would be pissed with my mistakes. They were great men and great teachers, I have to say.  Oh, I had two instructors mainly because I did the bulk of my lessons after my A-levels finals; 3 months before I was going to England. And quite intensive after I had a minor-which-unintentionally-became-major surgery. Makes me wonder how I did it, and passed.

Sometimes, maybe because I had this “oh, fuck it, I don’t care if I passed this stupid test even though I will be going to the UK next week and not be able to resit for it” attitude on that day that I passed. I really couldn’t be bothered if I passed. I didn’t feel nervous. I remember while waiting for my turn for the tests I was actually reading a novel. I was the epitome of calm, and impatience. I just wanted it to be over and done with. And when the uncle who ran the branch of the driving school near my house told me I passed, I was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt???” Hahahaha. I didn’t even know I passed; I didn’t even check. Told my family, and they were like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt???” too. Hahaha. Especially my mother, after the car crashed into the bush.

It would amuse you to know that, after I got the physical licence in December 2005 (I came back for Christmas), I went back to our hometown. My aunt told me to drive to town with her, just to practice. I refused. She asked “so what is the licence for? Just to be framed and showed to all?” I told her, “yes”. When I got back to PJ, I went hunting for a nice frame, and told my mother I want to go back for a day trip (since I was back for only 3 weeks), taking the bus, but in the end we went back again on my last weekend back. And I put my licence in the frame and put it on the family display for guests to see. One of my cousins made sure that it was on the display when the guests came visiting at Eid. Hehehe. I only took the licence back when I came back for good.

So, one day before I left for the UK in March, she wanted to use the internet and used my laptop. My firefox was open to my amazon.co.uk page. One of the recommendations was a BBC show, Learners. Can’t remember why they recommended it to me that day. Apparently, one of the characters failed her test nine times. Being someone who passed on her first try, I was thinking, how daft can one be? I know; how snobbish. Hahaha. My mother’s so amused at that plot of the story that she wants to see it. Still does. Just too bad I was only left with 100 quid by the time I was going to Glasgow, and I had almost a month still before I went back to Malaysia.

She still wants to watch it. I’m too lazy to search for it online if it is available.

Sometimes I feel like it too; but really. Would I want to?

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