I find it weird that a friend of mine has no qualms about using designer make up, but frowns at the amount of money I spend on my shampoo and conditioner.

Seriously man.

Oh, and the amount I spend on my shampoo? Not that much since I use lugged John Frieda from England. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much; 5 quid a bottle!! Not as much as her makeup anyway!!

Urgh. Seriously!!

Looking down at drugstore brand makeup and all. Like it is so horrible. If it comes anywhere near you, you would suddenly break out or something.

I suppose it is dificult now that you have an expensive taste. I don’t envy you, but seriously, a lot of your money goes into paying for the advertisement than the greatness of the product. Fine, say that I sound like a sour grape; not that I care anyway, since I am bitching. Plenty of people get by with drugstore brands anyway, and have certain pieces of designer makeup. You’re not the only person who has a 9-5 job, you know.


Anyway, putting that ridiculous person aside, even without using designer brands and concentrating on drugstore brands…

Why are foundations just ridiculously expensive? And considering that it is the fastest finishing item!!

Find, it goes onto a larger surface ladida… And amountwise it is more…

However, my blusher is only about 5g less than my foundation, but it is aboyt RM15 less than the foundation on discounted price when the blusher is at normal price!!

Just how insane is that?

(A sick part of me thinks, “probably the price of all foundation increased thanks to the amount the cast of Twilight and New Moon used.” OMG, if this is true… it’ll be hell till they finish Breaking Dawn. The amount of vampires. Dieeee)

Especially considering there’s no glitter in it… Or complicated double color… I don’t know. It is just so annoying that it is so expensive!!

And I know I did get more tanned while I was in London. Damn the stronger sun there!! Arrgghhh!! Trust me to get darker when I go to a cooler climate country. Though my foundation doesn’t look gray; that’s superb news. Hahaha.

I find it weird that another friend prefers those powder mineral foundation when she doesn’t like the two-way cake because she feels like the cake is “too light”. I find the powder so… urgh, I’m not sure how to explain. But I have problems when it comes to the eye area. It’s like… suddenly, my skintone becomes more uneven because I can’t apply the foundation properly at the eye area.

I abhor liquid foundation. I really do!! I find it quite troublesome to apply, even with a foundation sponge. Using fingers is an absolute nightmare. It amazes me how some of my friends think they got away with it, not realizing that I can see clearly the finger streaks on their faces. The thing is, we’re not so close that I could point it out to them. And most of those that make this mistake are so big headed that they think their application is superb that they would feel absolutely insulted if I point it out. A big help is to not apply your foundation in yellow light; you can’t see yourself clearly. Seriously, yellow light makes gray look rosy, and you do not want to look gray and streaky.

And if you do use liquid foundation, please use powder to set the foundation, and so that you would have a more matte finish. With just liquid foundation, you look like you just had botox, with all that shine.

I absolutely adore two-way cakes. For a better coverage, wet the sponge before tapping it to the cake. I find the coverage equals to the liquid, but with less hassle. And if you choose not to powder, you could get away with it. However, sometimes even when applied with a dry sponge I would set it with loose powder. It just, stays better, you know?

Still… arrggghhhh!!! Why so expensive?????? I’m down to my last refill. And I got rid of all my other types of foundation. Heck, I don’t even have concealer. Dumped most things since I realize I had them since my first year of university.


So now, being extremely broke, I need to stock up on essential make up; foundation and concealer.

How frinkin’ perfect. Thank goodness I still have base and loose powder.

Since I started using a brush to apply powder, I can’t imagine using compact powder anymore. I’m thinking it is likely I’ll be lugging around that pot of loose powder around once I start working.

And my facial masque is also finishing. Oh, not everything, thank God. I think that might be about it. Still, I don’t know what brand of masque would I use next!! I’m currently using Crabtree & Evelyn which I got when they were discontinuing a line, so I very much doubt that I would be able to get it. Anyway, it is not as fantastic as their La Source masque, so I doubt I would be getting it anyway. I just can’t think what masque would I be getting next…


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