I am soooooooo silly!!

I moved my My Music folder instead of copying it to my external HDD!!

Didn’t help that I was passing it to Amni the next day (which was Friday), I didn’t realize it until I wanted to listen to The Ting Tings.

Before that I was listening to… I can’t remember. Above I, definitely, since I couldn’t transfer my iTunes folder. And Amy Macdonald’s Next Big Thing, but that is in the format of a video since she hasn’t recorded it.

Gosh… Good thing I realized that before Amni left for Miri!!

Imagine… Listening to the singers/groups/bands before the letter I only. It was about only 7GB…

Actually… I was listening to Franz Ferdinand before I decided to switch to The Ting Tings. Yeah, wouldn’t have been that bothered, I suppose… Since Amy Macdonald was there as well. Hmmm… Stilll!!!

Made me somewhat wanted to get an iPod. But it has passed… Yes, even though I accidentally stepped on the battery cover of my mp3 player. Regardless of the fact that I want a MacBook… I still think iPod is overrated.

Went to Amni’s place, and thought the best thing to do was finish moving everything to the external HDD, and then copy it back to my My Music folder on my laptop.

Sadly, the transfer wiped my iTunes clean. So there’s no more Play Count!!!!

The 700+ play count of McFly’s All About You!!
300+ of Amy Macdonald’s Wish For Something More!!
The Saturday’s Fall being played 230+ times.
No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand for 270+ times.

Err… what else. Oh!! Taylor Swift’s Love Story… about 350+. Kellie Pickler’s Best Days of Your Life 170+…

Yeah, that’s what’s bothering me most.

My play count on iTunes.

Oh, I did get back the same amount of folders and file size back. None missing, definitely.

I don’t know!!!

I was sooooo crazy over All About You!! Then Best Days of Your Life. And No You Girls somewhat “cured” the obsession since after that I did listen to other songs instead of continuously repeatingMcFly or Kellie Pickler’s songs.

Actually, mainly because when I downloaded Franz Ferdinand’s albums, I downloaded other albums too. Hahaha. So, I wanted to listen to what I downloaded.


I know; what a silly thing that is disappointing me now.

A friend was commenting that if my iTunes was a country, the majority race there would be the Scottish.

I honestly did not know just how many Scottish singers/bands I had in my iTunes.

I thought that Travis was American!! I don’t know why, but I just thought so!!

Next would be Irish, apparently.

And then Country Western American.

Oh, though if you combined all the Americans, might be slightly more than the Scots. Probably. I don’t know. I didn’t check. My no life friend checked (procrastinating on her dissertation; which is why I am not saying who it was… Good thing I have several of them) when I was listing them out to her.

Students would do anything in the name of procrastination.

And I probably have more rock bands than country music now.

I did listen to rock music before, but occassionally, and definitely wasn’t this into indie rock!! Must have developed it after going for my A-levels classes with two boys who would almost always play Muse. That was how I discovered them. I liked them when I first heard them, but it started to annoy me because it was as if they only had one bloody CD!! And the absolutely refuse to switch on the radio. No bloody idea why. So I got used to it, and liked it, and downloaded their albums… And listened often enough but can’t be proven right now. Sigh.

Oh, even though apparently there are a lot of Irish musicians in my My Music folder, trust me, I do not listen to Westlife. I think they’re a disappointment and an embarrassment to the Irish and those with Irish ancestry. Seriously. Gosh. What do people see in them? Gahh!!

Wonder if I didn’t do my A-levels in SJ, would I have discovered my love of rock music while I was studying in England? Or would I start listening to their pop songs only? Oh well. The older I got, the more I only occassionally listened to pop songs. Oh well…

Currently reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Wishing that I know Turkish and Greek history better than I do. Heck, the only Greek thing I dealt with since leaving the world of calculation, mathematics and economics (not that I could remember that alphabet well!! While I was in high school and had to copy formulas with those Greek letters, I confused sigmas and deltas; the small ones. Pretty similar, no? And some of it, I only knew how to write; no bloody idea what the name was. It was hell when the teacher was reading the formula; I didn’t know which squiggly thing to scribble on my notebook!!) is my Greek tutor whose name I struggled to remember how to spell and pronounce, but which the School Manager insisted I should know how to spell and pronounce before I went to my first EU tutorial with him. Oh, I had to change my tutorial slots because it was clashing with my seminars. I think I had an English sounding name initially. Oh well. So long not the Italian, eh? 😛

Wonder how different it would be if I went to an American uni with all the Greek letters for the name of sororities and fraternities. I would probably describe the shape of the letters instead.

To think, when I was younger, I did contemplate of learning Greek. I was such a nerd; reading the Greek myth… and Roman after that. Oh!! A fascinating retelling of it in the modern world is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Haven’t gotten it, but saw it. I wanna get it!!!!! Though a bit weird that Athena has a child. Like, didn’t she request to Zeus that she remained virgin? (I still find it hilarious that Hera is able to “regain” her virginity by washing at a lake or something. What… the… hell… People those days were rather insane, weren’t they? Not that we’re that much saner now anyway)

Now, I know that I would never be able to handle another alphabet again. The only one I use nowadays is the capital delta; a triangle, and that is because it means change. From calculus, I picked that up, I think (probably the only topic in additional mathematics I could do; and some people say it is the hardest. My brains works in very weird ways…), or from my mother’s many shorthands.

So, it is very unlikely that I would ever embrace my Chinese side full enough to learn any Chinese dialect.

To learn Greek, I would probably cry and instead of seeing words… I see formulas instead, and killed myself due to seeing to many maths.

How tragic.

Still, I am curious enough to understand Middlesex a little bit better.


Maybe I’ll read the wiki page before continuing reading it.

It is interesting, from what I’ve read.


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