After a year of graduating, I am going to another lecture.

Though it’ll be the first time I’m attending my mother’s lecture.

Sometimes it surprises me that I’ve never attended any of her lecture or seminar or whatever. Maybe a meeting, but never when she presents a paper or teach.

Kinda weird, thinking about it.

Oh well…

However, apparently her university makes quite a big deal of one’s inaugural lecture.

It is a far cry from all the inaugural lectures I’ve attended while I was doing my degree. Those were held in the evening with no dress code whatsoever. Like a normal lecture. And it definitely felt like a “normal” lecture for me since it was usually held at the law school lecture theatre.

So yeah.

This… has a dress code.

And it is held in a hall that would usually make the time I got out of the bus at Glencoe without my coat (but with a cardigan, but so thin it might have not been there) been nothing.

And my mother wanted me to wear this modern baju kurung, which is made out of chiffon!!!

“But everyone dresses up for inaugural lectures!!”

Well, I don’t think I would want to freeze do death just to fit in!! I would want to be comfortable!!

I told her I was going to wear the suit I wore for an interview. Initially I suggested wearing a traditional costume but a jacket over it; she rejected that idea. I don’t get it; because it wouldn’t match. So, when I suggested that I wear something matching, she says no, this is Malaysia.

But the temperature in that lecture hall would be comparable to Norway!!

Yeah, I did think of suggesting to her about wearing my turquoise coat, but it is a bit too dirty. Hehe. Haven’t sent it for dry cleaning.

I remember my friend saying why was I buying a new coat in my final year. Well, then I was supposed to be going to Belfast (which could be bloody cold; was freezing when I was there!!). Still, after spending 8 weeks almost in that coat… I think I did the price I paid justice. The lining is quite torn; I’m not sure whether I would bother mending it. Would be insane to unpick the whole thing and change the lining (especially when you still don’t know how to use the sewing machine; that is such an “amazing” story to my friends when they hear the reason why [especially since I never got less than 90 {over hundred} for sewing; I had a secret]) and sew it by hand.

Anyway, yes!! Gosh… I don’t know what will I be wearing. I don’t have many clothes that actually fit me well, regardless of the fact that it was specially tailored for me; the traditional costumes, I mean. Though my figure changed when I was in England… so yeah. I’m trying to imagine if I did get my hands on a deep fried Mars bar when I was in Glasgow. Good thing that when I actually did most of the walking, it was a Bank Holiday, and the next day I was too lazy to go to the east side of Glasgow (since I was spending time on the west. Haha). Still, it is a big regret that I didn’t get it. Maybe when my aunt makes banana fritters one day, I would get her to deep fry a Mars bar; though of course, it wouldn’t be like the fish batter. Hmmm… Maybe should ask a fish and chip shop to fry it. Would be so weird explaining it.

Oh why oh why didn’t I get it before I left for Durham? Sigh.

Still can’t believe the ticket when I was getting it would be more expensive from Edinburgh instead of Glasgow. I mean, seriously; the train actually stopped in Edinburgh from Glasgow!! So silly!!!!!!!

Still, an extra hour on the awesome free WiFi on NXEC.

All trains should have free WiFi on the train like NXEC; especially First trains. Oh, and Cross Country. You could actually take a train from Penzance all the way to Edinburgh and not need to switch trains!! Insane!!!!!!

I go out of topic so easily. Sigh. Still, yeah, sounds like I was repeating myself anyway.

I also feel like cutting my hair. Or at least, change my hairstyle. Or maybe just streak my hair.

I know!! So silly, right? But I feel like my hair is exceptionally flat right now. And the ends are not behaving; curling in and out. However, I fear if I cut my hair, it’ll take forever to grow it back. Trimming it so often. Still, from my experience, it would actually look longer instead of shorter once I cut my hair.

Short hair is so bloody odd. Though I am getting used to it; having short hair. Though it is more fun to have long hair, obviously. So no way will I be maintaining short hair. Hahaha. It is definitely more expensive since have to cut it more often to maintain the shape. It was a lie that my hair would stay in shape longer. Well, it did… since I cut my hair cut some time before I left for the British Isles. And I’ve been back for over a month.

Yeah… maybe I would do something with my hair. Hmmm…

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