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The post with too many videos (but really to mock guitar players)

I’m going to start with how much I hate The Big Bang Theory as a show because of how in your face its humor is. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand such in your face stupidity. I don’t know. Nowadays, give me British humor any day.

Still, I absolutely love the theme song by Barenaked Ladies. Here’s a full version of it:

Don’t know why; I find it so cute. Hahaha.

Anyway, yes. To the topic. I used to make fun of my friends who thought they looked so cool with a guitar. It is silly, to me. I don’t know why, but repeating the same movement on one hand… I don’t know. Bless the other hand that doesn’t pick the string.

However, after seeing this clip, I think you just have to agree with me; guitar players do look stupid.

Observe the guitarist in the salmon pink (it looks this color to me anyway) shirt; the darker haired one. The one who also plays the keyboard. Too lazy to check his name; wikipedia giving me a lil bit of a problem.
Even if I did name him, like it would tell which one anyway.

Silly, right? Just so weird looking. I don’t know… like trying a wee bit too hard.  Like, hey, I can play the guitar regardless where it is and however uncomfortable looking it looks at that position.

That guy looks like my friends when they were jamming at 13. Yeah; that young. For all likelyhood, he’s 20 years older than that age.

After that, I somehow see people playing guitar funnily; would usually laugh or at the very least smirk.

Like… When they’re playing enthusiastically, like KT Tunstall while playing Black Horse and the Cherry Tree at T in the Park…

Or playing on a Make Poverty History concert like McFly:

Or when you’re feeling extremely bored like KT Tunstall’s guitarist, Sam Lewis, here while performing Little Favours…

Or you have a hairstyle/color that I haven’t seen before to distract me, like Amy Macdonald while playing This is the Life quite recently…

Oh yes… Even someone I adore so bloody much I think look silly… And I can’t find her in this tartan shirt; I remember quite clearly that she wore one once. Very proud Scot, I have to say. Still, here she plays in a checked dress. I love this song; Youth of Today.

Just for fun… I like Lets Start a Band so much, I am including it. Fascinating song. Though, OMG!! She’s wearing leggings and something somewhat like gladiator sandals!! Criss cross design but still!!

(continuing from the list… but somewhat flows topicwise still…) Or when they cameraman decides to show a lot of the crowd that came to watch you perform in suits at T in the Park (SERIOUSLY??? Not exactly what you would imagine anyone wearing to a music festival) like Franz Ferdinand did, performing Do You Want To (that guy doesn’t fail me…)

Or even when you’re only pretending to play it and that quite a number of people think you’re playing the coolest character ever created by the BBC or that I have had a misguided less than a week crush on you (for the silliest reason; but that’s always the case with me) before I remember my traumatizing first year… Sorry, yet another Franz Ferdinand clip and again No You Girls, which is the title of the second clip that triggered this post…

Or even when you’re Taylor Swift 😉

Yeah, very Scottish post, I have to say. KT Tunstall and Amy Macdonald being Scottish, Franz Ferdinand being based in Glasgow, and McFly performing in Edinburgh. So, to somewhat help dilute the concentration, I’m adding this silly song by Sutton Foster, Christian Borle and Megan McGinnis; they’re Americans!! Though please don’t complain if they have Scottish ancestry. You really can’t hold me against that and I am too lazy to check.

And yes, this post is rather pointless. Hahaha.

Oh yes, I might have a crush (man… don’t know what word to use for this; sound like a teenager instead of a 22 year old. Still, might be the best word to describe it) on Alex Kapranos, who’s one of the guitarist in Franz Ferdinand even, but I only “decided” on it because I found out he was a pastry chef and alters his own clothes!!


Yeah, what a great reason to have a crush on someone, eh?

However, it confirms Jo Brand’s view that women see men differently as men see women as she stated in this clip:

Of course, there are women who see men as sex object.

If anyone’s too lazy to check the clip, or that I have slowed down your computer somewhat… Lucky it is in my facebook profile amongst my favorite quotes… The quote is as follows:

“…men view women differently from the way women view men. A lot of men view women as sex object, whereas women view men as useful objects. The other night, I left my husband bent over, like this, with a burnt back. Well, the ironing board was broken, what can I do?”

Objects in question? Mixer and sewing machine.


Though probably more the latter, since I don’t know how to operate one.

Simplified version: my grandmother forbids me from using it, so I haven’t had any practice beyond school… My mother has no time to teach me, and my aunt who has the time follows what my grandmother told her to do; never to teach me how to sew.

To think I was so enthusiastic over sewing when I was 4… Sigh…

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