Regardless which shirt I decide to wear, I’ve decided which shoes I’m going to wear.

My silver heels.

Something that pops out ; don’t want to be dull and boring. After all, I’ll be wearing quite a somber suit.

Okay, if I ever wear suits, I would wear somber suits anyway. Wouldn’t wanna be wearing a pink colored one or something.

The “crazy” piece would be the shirt… or tights (hahaha; yeah right!! Not in this weather!!)… or shoes!!

I think would usually be the last. Hahaha.

And the silver is starting to peel from the shoes already!! So I might as well try to use it as often as possible.

Thought of wearing this baby pink pumps… With ribbons at the back… But haven’t worn them yet. Don’t wanna ruin it. Hehe.

Maybe I should let my mother go first… and then come later with the Vios with my cousin… I don’t know. So that she wouldn’t go “go wear one of your many new black leather pumps!!”

Which is so boring and working like. Sigh.

Oh well…

PS: In case anyone doesn’t realize, I do use “oh well” a lot. And “seriously” and “like”… Hehehe.

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