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I’ve mentioned how much I love looking at the Blog Stats when I see my Dashboard… It is fascinating; seeing the search terms that shows my blog.

I haven’t had anybody searching for Wacky Woolies anymore. So sad. Sniff sniff.

I found the runner up for the fascinating “is there any sheep in malaysia or just kambing” quote… Blogged it here.

Apparently, today, someone asked “does driving in semi automatic transmission ruin your car?”

I have no idea why I find it so funny.

Probably because you don’t actually have a choice about it; now all new cars that have automatic transmission are semi-automatic, unless you include hybrids, which operates differently.

So if one is worried that a semi-automatic would ruin your car… I suppose you get a manual transmission one?

I do hope you don’t live in Glasgow or Edinburgh…

Urgh I think I’ll start a new post on this. Too random.

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