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Change: part 2

I might have been rash. Or crazy.

I went into the saloon, and told my usual stylist that I want a change in the way I look. What does she think I should do?

More like, what does she think she should do.

She looked at me and said that my face could now take bangs.


I’m still in shock.

She’s the same person who told me that if I ever cut my hair somewhere else, never allow them to cut my fringe shorter than my cheekbones.

She moved my face up and down, left and right, and declared, yes, I will have bangs this time. It could handle it.

And she’ll give me layers, and will highlight my hair.  She picked a copper blonde hue.

I just nod all the way; only made any actual decision when it comes to the cost.

Before the color went in, I thought I was going to end up looking like the Vicar of Dibley in the Christmas Incident episode.

Thank goodness it didn’t end up that way. Hahaha.

I quite like the results, though not too hot about the bangs, though I suppose it would take time to get used to it. After all, the last time I had these kind of bangs was when I was 12? 13? Might be younger. No idea why but the hair dresser used to love giving me bangs. So bloody annoying; always getting into my eyes.

Now everything about my face draws attention to my eyes. My glasses and my hair. Though good thing that I now quite like my eyes. Really, I know some whites with smaller eyes than I have. I might not have those round eyes that Indians do; my lashes wouldn’t be curly naturally… Still, there are tools to combat that; eyelash curler (Shu Uemura, of course), eye liner… Mascara, though why I need longer lashes is beyond a lot of people. Though I need more volume, I suppose. Hehehe.

Find it weird, that with my current glasses, I feel like it draws attention to my eyes more than my other glasses, but this is not the thickest frame I’ve got, or even the darkest. I’ve had black plastic ones, and I tried them on again, and it didn’t feel as intense. Hmmm. Oh well. My eyes do look softer now; not like when I first got the glasses. I felt that my eyes looked harsh and huge behind the lenses. You know, during that super power moment when you just got your new glasses/lenses, when you feel that you can see absolutely everything. Quite cool, that time. Hahaha.

Well, with this hairstyle, it would be sucky if you don’t like the shape of your eyes. Actually, I find with bangs, since it does draw people’s attention to your eyes, you would need to like them.

And do try not to wear eye makeup when you cut your hair; somehow the results do look different when your face is naked. Amazing. Though in my case, I still like the results. Muahaha.

Surprisingly, I also find it easier to make subtle changes to the style with my current cut.



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