If  I was still in Glasgow, I wouldn’t be walking aimlessly everywhere trying to kill time; I would be thieving.

Current obsession is to go to Flickr, search for a performer’s picture… and try find pictures of their shoes.

There are quite a number of those based in Glasgow that I would love nicking their shoe collection.

Of course I do not know their shoe sizes. But sometimes it is nice to just own some shoes 😉

And I would always see when they drag me to court, I’ll see my criminal law tutor as the magistrate who tries me. I don’t know why. Oh yes, it is weird that your English criminal law tutor actually practices Scottish law.

Why does she have so many pairs of oxfords? Arrgggghhhhh!!

Good thing you’re not on the same bloody island. Man!!

On another note on Glasgow; my mother still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I went to Glasgow when there were swine flu cases there instead of staying in Edinburgh.

Actually, she was pissed a lot of time when I was in Scotland. Hahaha.

When she told me it was difficult to cross borders, I told her I just crossed the Scotland-England border. Not that there would have been any checks anyway.

I remember the first time I was going to Cardiff. I asked one of my friends, did she think I need to bring my passport.

Her response? “You do remember Wales uses English law, right?”


Well, I suppose when you’re from Malaysia and you have such states like Sabah and Sarawak which doesn’t welcome people from Peninsular and treat us like outsiders. 1Malaysia my ass…

Some various crap happened that made her quite pissed.

Though considering I left Glasgow 2 months ago… it is kinda weird that she’s pissed I still went to Glasgow anyway even though there were swine flu reports.

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