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Why is it when I feel like being Towlie and get high, I can’t find my sleeping pills, but when I am in bloody pain, I can’t seem to find my painkillers?

Seriously, I feel like my drugs have a mind of their own.

Or when I do manage to find my NSAID, I can’t find the antasids that I take with them. Which reminds me, the surgery clinic would have me for breakfast; I still haven’t called them.


Next psych appointment, I’m going to beg to be put on pain management meds again. God, can’t take it when it is so bloody painful anymore. Drug free existence my ass. I feel like Pete Doherty, but minus the getting high part. Not so fun.

How the heck will I go to work when I get my menses? God!! Medicate myself so much till I get high and can’t do my work properly, probably.

I still regret not trying to make an appointment when I was in Scotland; try to be a Scottish NHS patient even though I wasn’t an English NHS patient for over a year. Or less than a year. Hmmmm.

I miss my GP in England. She was so nice… and so patient…

Lets hope I wouldn’t get gastric after I take ponstan. If not, it’ll just be extra pain.


And I’m bleeding everywhere. Gosh!! I fell down, and now my knees and elbows look like their 8 year old self. Gahh!!

Haven’t been this clumsy since I left uni.

Actually no, since entered 2009. Sigh. I thought I was going to turn graceful this year. Yeah right. Blah.

Though good thing my blood is not so thin that I would be bleeding non-stop. Less than 10 minutes and it stopped!! Yeay!!

Though I wonder, if I continue with the meds, what would happen… Maybe I’ll ask for a different one. Hmmm…

What is weird is that my neck hurts more than my knees.

Why do I only have 2 pain killers??? Why am I allergic to iburpofen??? And God knows what else OTC drugs?


So annoying!! Urgh!!

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