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Last… Thursday, I went shopping with Amni for shirts.

Plain shirts; without patterns or line or whatever. Just, solid colored shirts.

Because I have a lot of patterned skirts. Can’t wear that with my stripey shirts, now, could I?

I might only have 2 plain shirts in my wardrobe, excluding the one I left in London. Beda, please please make sure Syat brings it back for me.

I bought 4 shirts; one is peach with very thin lines and a white collar. I love those kind of shirts, no idea why. A white shirt, and a purple and a pink.

My mother was surprised with the purple and pink.


It is on the bright side. Very intense hue of the colors.

She said “that doesn’t seem like you…”

I looked at her with such shock on my face, it got her scratching her head. Not exactly her habit.

Dragged her to my wardrobe, and started pulling out stuff from it. Various tops, and even my other shirts. Even though they’re stripey and that they’re on a white base, they are on the bright side.

And don’t forget my prized turquoise coat.

And my tights!! Gosh. Hahaha.

And my pajamas!! The type when I tried to hide from the lecturer, who was also my tutor, he saw anyway. I would have thought I might have blended with the background. Boy, was I wrong. My friend said I forgot my tastes in colors were like.

A friend who lives in Glasgow thinks I wear even brighter colors than the Glaswegians. Hrmph. All because of my coat. And maybe my tights. I was trying to blend in!! Well, I suppose I would have stood out at merchant city… Like the corporate sector is any different in any parts of the world.

Another friend, who can’t really see, says that I like to pick colors which people could detect me from a mile away. Coming from here, it means something.

True that when it comes to accessories, I tend to pick black. Simply because the main things are so colorful… I can’t really wear more colors, right? Also, it means less shopping. 😉 And less thinking when it comes to putting the outfit together.

At least now I feel less naked when I wear just one layer of clothing. Just got used to wearing layers upon layers that when I got back, I felt so awkward wearing just a T-shirt with jeans instead of a jacket over it and whatever.

On another note, a little bit random, but what the heck. I wanna join Greek Orthodox next Easter and go around breaking eggs painted in red. However, since I fell down while I was thinking about this, maybe it is an omen to not do it. So, I decided I would be breaking eggs painted in green on St Patrick’s Day instead. 😉

I don’t need a Greek grandmother like Cal Stephanides to grow up being superstitious. A Malay one would do just fine. Though I wonder if he is superstitious; his father didn’t seem to be.

Me? Well, there’s nothing to lose following them, right?

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