Hot stuff

Reading as I am updating my “How white am I?” page…

And I was reading the article on Sweaters and Scarves…

It suddenly reminded me of a statement Sangee made of one of our profs. Something along the lines of “and he knows he’s hot stuff, what with his jumper and jeans that he wears everyday.”

The said prof also has this annoying habit of messing up his hair while he’s lecturing.

Since then, every time we see someone wearing the jeans and jumper combination, we’ll go “ooooo!! Hot stuff hot stuff!! like a bunch of idiots.

The ridiculously stupid thing is that most people actually turn up like that to lectures; student and lecturer alike.

Heck, if following that, half of my tutors are “hot stuff”.

But it is so ridiculously funny to do that. Hahaha.

I miss uni.

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