How can arts students think that drama students are more pretentious than them?


Tell me how!!!

Like I’m either; but I remember the times I wanted to be both.


But really… artists are like burdens to tax payers.

Especially modern artists.

I hate modern art.

On another note, if Lady GaGa and Franz Ferdinand ever collaborate, I imagine that they’ll just be a Duke of Wellington and a traffic cone short of being Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. And a so-called “human rights” exhib short.

Though maybe if one of them was gay… Or bi… Or whatever.

The sh[OUT] exhib was soooooooooooooooo not human rights!! Why can’t they call it gay rights or something instead of human rights? Like there’s only one human right ever. And they’re not really contemporary art. I hardly went “what the fuck” at most of the art. Well, maybe that tree thingy. I still can’t figure that out.

Oh man, I actually went into a modern art gallery!!


I still think the best form of art in Glasgow is when the Duke of Wellington is “crowned”.

Though I have a picture of the horse being crowned instead. Hahaha. And a pigeon shitting on Wellinton as well.

God knows how many times did I actually went and admire that form of art.


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