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Robin Hood

I was arranging my many many books and I came across this book on Robin Hood.

Of course, studying in that city where he supposedly committed his crime but never actually knowing the actual facts apart from where is Maid Marian Way and Friar Lane, I was intrigued. I never knew that there was a book on Robin Hood. I do have a retelling of the story by Theresa Tomlinson; the Forest Wife trilogy, but I haven’t finished reading it.

Bought the book early of the year and forgot about it till today.

And remembered about this story one of the tour guides told when I was in Scotland.

About William Wallace and how similar his life story was with Robin Hood.

He wears green… He was supposed to marry a lady called Marion… Bladiblabla. I can’t remember. That particular guy was a bit too optimistic for me. The only reason I didn’t feel like bashing him up was that he played three of Amy Macdonald’s songs, and a song from KT Tunstall that I liked. And that he has a “wee lad” that he has to support.

Got me thinking though…

How did a Lowlander’s life story became an East Midlander folklore?

Rather far, don’t you think?

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