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I am currently using one. Couldn’t explain why the last post because got so frustrated. Fiddled with the screen resolution, and found something that allows me to see everything and allow me to click the full screen thingy.

So, when I finally manage to download all the drivers to be reinstalled once my laptop was reformated, I was estatic. Finally, I would be able to use iTunes to play my songs and have a Google toolbar on my Firefox (though it might be possible I would be sticking to Chrome. Not sure yet…).

However, that wasn’t the case.

We spent from 11pm till 2.30am, waiting for it to be done. When it wass “done”, my cousin was checking stuff and found that my things were still there. Not just in the D hardrive, but also C. The only thing it did was not recognize most of the hardware attached to the computer. WTF?

Tried again, and again, and again. The same thing happened.

Truly, if I wasn’t getting a Mac for my next computer, I wouldn’t think of getting a Dell ever again. Reformating is such a pain in the arse. No wonder my friends who get Dell usually just buy a new computer instead of bothering to reformat it. But it is so wasting, and what the hell am I going to do with the unusuable laptop now? Just let  it collect dust and worsen my allergies?

Even more annoying since they have changed most of the outsides of my laptop; it is just the insides that are giving me problems.

Only the first few months that that laptop was sane. For some annoying reason, IE, regardless of which laptop I’m using, would screw up on me. Which is why I made sure I downloaded Chrome when I realized I had to be using this stupid laptop.

Typing is such a pain in the arse. Typing words are easy. However, to make sure everything is properly capitalized and what not is not. The shift button is after the arrow buttons, and it is ridiculously short. Seriously, the lightness of the laptop is so not worth it!! You’re better off suffering just a teeny tiny  bit with a 12 inch than this crappy thing posing as a PC. And it gets hot bloody fast!!

I don’t think you should even think of using this in Scotland, and if you do in London, you’re insane. Acceptable in the Nordic countries, and maybe Eastern European… Or in Mids of the US and Canada, and even then only in winter.

It should not even be allowed to enter a tropic country such as Malaysia!!


And you know what? The biggest irony is that it is mostly the older people that uses this tiny crap!! Because a proper sized laptop is just too bloody heavy. These are the people who can actually afford to get a car to lug the oh-so-heavy laptops around the city (and wouldn’t even think of taking the public transport, ever, anyway) and have dwindling eyesights. Weird, huh?

I don’t even have the mood to rant because it is such a pain in the arse.


It is just so bloody frustrating to try and do research.

It is times like these that I feel most frustrated and stressful that I don’t have a job.


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