I don’t bloody care that I have twittered about this, but I have to announce it to everything that I have an account with.

Okay, I am not bothering with facebook, but what the hey.


Regardless of the fact that it is a pain in the arse, it is behaving right now. I am in love with my cousin’s friend. I don’t care if the guy’s her boyfriend; I’m not bothering to ask.

And anyway, I only “love” him because my laptop is behaving and it is reformated and bladiblabla. Not the first person I like because of something stupid, eh? And this one is more sane than the other.

God knows what he did, but I can also use Windows Media Player and install Windows Live Messenger without any problems!!


I know it is unbelievable that I am so ridiculously happy with getting my laptop back, but seriously, the netbook fucking sucks!! Urgh. Absolutely vile stuff. Seriously. Gahh. Bleurgh.

Gave me a terrible headache, it has horrible speakers, and considering it was made so that you could go online absolutely anywhere, it loads everything so bloody slowly.

And guess what? The RAM is the same as mine!!

The so-called mobility it offers is not bloody worth it!! Combined with the heat… Seriously. If you get it for free, sell it ASAP and get another proper sized laptop; at least 12 inches. It is not THAT much heavier anyway. And that extra weight will be so bloody worth it.

As of now, I am content with my Dell.

Of course I still want my 17 inch MacBook Pro. That is my ultimate dream. I want to be a white person. Bleeeeekkkk.

I’m going to be racist here somewhat; but really, are Greeks white? I mean, they’re so… tanned. At least, the ones I came across were. Or maybe they’re fair, underneath all the hair, though they were balding as well. Hmmm…

Was telling Amni; imagine, seeing your tutor’s name like so bloody ridiculously complicatedly Greek, and then you enter the tutorial room and get this blonde hair blue eyed person. I’ll soooo go “you’re really not my tutor. Seriously, where is he/she?”

I did something like that… though more along the lines of age; I couldn’t believe the supposedly “Dr” was in his early 30s/ late 20s. Lecturer, thank God. And my friends couldn’t stop laughing. Good thing he was giving out our lecture notes.

It was my first day of lectures.

Today, or more like yesterday, marks the 5 year aniversary of my knowing my offer and not following the bloody obvious omen of not doing a law degree. The sign? A big feckin C for my A-levels Law. Bleh.

A total eejit I was.

It was also the aniversary of my having only 33 teeth.

Oh, the normal amount is 32, but I used to have 39.

Weirdest thing is that I only knew about that fact for less than a week before I had to have them removed.

Okay not really had… Oh well. Forget it.

Regardless, I am using my own lappie!!

Though Firefox refused to be installed. Whatever. I’ll just use Chrome from now on.

Haven’t installed iTunes as I decided to rename the folders instead. Put the years and bladiblabla.

Will be using WMP or RealPlayer for now.

By choice, so not so bad.

But whatever; I have my laptop back!!! Yeay!!

Oh, it has only been, what, 2 days? I’m acting like I lost it for over a year.


But really, netbooks SUCK!! Don’t get them!!

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