I’m sorting out my wardrobe… And I realized that I’m missing a lot of socks.

Or more like, I know I didn’t bring them back, so I keep asking myself, why? Where are my colorful and cute socks which embarrass my mother regardless of the fact that they’re ankle socks, hence no one would be able to see it due to it being covered by my sneakers?

Why did I get socks that were mostly black and only had smiley faces and the names of the days on the soles of the sock?

What happened to the socks that when I show my mother, she’ll look at me and ask “would a 17/18/19/20/21 year old really wear those kind of socks?”

Duhh!! Of course they would!! Especially after 11 years of wearing boring plain white cotton, who wouldn’t want to wear silly socks?

Well, I would anyway.

However, like my cousin pointed out, the colorful socks has been replaced by colorful tights. Or at least, bright hued, one colored tights.

Tights, mind you. Not those pre-Napier Barlinnie prison deserving leggings.


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