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Apple products

I wanted to get an iPod when Faliq came to KL… Partly because he could get this tourist thingy that would enable him to get 10% discount, though I didn’t know on what at first.

Went to KLCC and asked the shop what product could we get on discount. The response was the iPod classic and touch.

Sadly, both weren’t available.


Yes, I want a MacBook Pro. Yes, the reason I know about stuffwhitepeoplelike.com was because Faliq showed me the website, probably after getting so totally frickin’ fed up with my saying “I want a 17 inch MacBook Pro!!!” again and again.


Oh, I know even without making myself into a white person as per the website has described, I do like the things that have been listed out there.

Haha, yes, I am trying to be a white person.

I am so unique that I want to be amongst a stereotype. I want to be belonged.

By a bunch of people who is seperated from me by the biggest ocean we have; the Pacific.



So, you know how there’s the laser engraving for iPods?

And you know how iPods are the usual “entry” product before you become a crazy must-have-Apple-product kind of “creative” person?

My iPod would have the engraving of “Nani is on her way to being a white person.”

Lets assume that they would engrave iPhones and MacBooks in the future… And even though I’m not keen on getting an iPhone anyway… My iPhone would have the words “Almost there” engraved.

The MacBook Pro?

Just one word.




Thought of rebranding the blog with what I plan to engrave on my future iPod… However, I doubt I would be blogging on how I am on my way to be a white person, ladida. Using it as my blog title would make it seem like I am presenting myself in an angle, you know? But I don’t want that. I want it to be open, not from an angle, could be from all sides, ladida…

However, I do realize that I no longer get excited over cameras, I haven’t been baking and I have absolutely no idea how Cailean is feeling on my sheep shelf.


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