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Today’s the first day of my fasting after 2 years. Well, in my final year I partly fasted… Before I left for the UK, which got me a sound scolding from my doctorS. Yes, plural. My psychiatrist joined the surgery clinic with scolding me.


I haven’t recovered; I’m still burping “happily”.

However, I know it is my own fault that I haven’t recovered; I’m the one who’s too lazy to make another appointment after I missed the last one (yet again) when I lost my appointment book.

I don’t know why I go to a hospital which loves to change their phone number. So weird.

Part of the reason why I don’t want to go is because the appointment is to make another appointment… for endoscopy.

Several of my friends ask me why I don’t want to go for endoscopy. Their sibling/friend/cousin have gone through it and they like it; you can get high!!

For someone who gets high on OTC drugs, which means one could get high just about any time and legally, going to hospital to get high is too much trouble.

Also, to have someone ram your throat before you can get high is also bloody stupid, you might as well get high illegally.

Anyway, so because it is, in a way (or probably in every way), my fault that I am not yet “healed”, I decided that this year I will fast.

And I overdid the drinking part.

Drank a bottle of 800ml bottle before I went down to eat, and when I was eating, I drank 3 mugs of water.

I know. So overdid it.

I’m amazed that I didn’t get water poisoning.

I promise I would drink gradually tomorrow.

Seriously man, drinking too much would just make me more thirsty at the end since I pee so often.

Really record breaking peeing. The frequency, I mean.

Hahaha. 😛

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