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No; regardless of of my complains the last 2 post, I am not boycotting everything Scottish.

My economist mother would kill me if I ever even thought of such thing; Adam Smith, anyone?

See the illogical thing that would be?

Didn’t stop an Economics student from Carnegie-Mellon to say she’ll be boycotting everything Scottish.

Do quit your degree at your university, please.

Still, I am totally addicted to the hashtag on Twitter.

Just shows how stupid the Americans is (what big surprise) and soothe my need to have as much British humor in my life.

Oh, I still use American spelling; big deal. However, I can change. Just that one letter is just so difficult to type. 😛

Anyone who want to do it right, could you not check the boycottscotland.com website. Check this one instead. Tells you how to boycott it properly, though there’s a whole lot more.

It is absolutely amazing.

And the best thing is that the Americans think that the British are actually trying to help them boycott Scotland.


The website should have added American’s independence to the list as well.

Wouldn’t it be funny… they boycott their independence, and go back to the British… and guess what? The Prime Minister’s Scottish!! Hah!!

And Nina, suddenly for some reason you make me feel guilty of my music taste… 2 songs je come to mind… Both talk about female smokers; Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead (wait by the door and light a cigarette) and Franz Ferdinand’s No You Girls (flick your cigarette and kiss me).

But the latter… He probably smokes as well, being British, so no big deal la kan.

The former… Awesome awesome song if you are on a vengeance on a boyfriend. In fact, listen to her whole album; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Very crazy ex-gf indeed.

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