Sometimes it scares the hell out of me how I can separate the Muslim me and the lawyer me so completely.

However, the area of my interest requires me to do so, and I am glad that God gave me the ability.

And I frankly don’t think it means I’m contradict myself; it means that I am able to see the difference between my professional and personal life.

On religion, and I know this interview is old, but what the heck.

I know of John Barrowman through Broadway. And then when I watched that episode of Graham Norton where he was interviewing David Tennant and Jo Brand (could watch that episode again and again to see Jo Brand’s expression when she was talking about her friend who had “Delhi Belly. Hahaha), his name was mentioned. But I never actually connected that name to his face until I was on a tour of the Scottish Highlands and met that uber interesting Northern Irish girl who was reading his bio, Anything Goes.

“He’s the guy who sang Springtime for Hitler???????”


Do watch this clip. We may profess to different religion, but his views are pretty similar to mine. Religion-wise. Human rights wise; the fact that I am saying it makes it rather obvious it will be different, right?

God gave us brains; use it. Don’t just accept what one expert say. Find more experts’ views and make decision on your own. To me, Islam is about trusting yourself above everything else.

You are humans, not sheep. Don’t just follow the shepherd once you have decided who he is. In fact, don’t even bother choosing one, or if you have to choose, choose more than one. However, always always do what you think is right, not just blindly. Don’t waste God’s creation that make us unique amongst all His creations.

Of course something happened to make me think this way. It is because of this commentary by Koh Lay Chin in the NST that triggered it.

Admittedly I ignored stuff about Teoh Beng Hock apart from the headlines and not going into details.

However, I feel compelled to write an entry about it.

Nonetheless, not sleeping for almost 20 hours has scrambled my mind, and I would like to do the teachings of my brilliant tutors justice.

So I am going to bed now.

And putting Glasgow aside for now.

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