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Glasgow Green

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Dear Mary q Contrarie,

I am assuming you’re American (mainly due to the link you have provided me with; the company is based in the US), and following the stereotype, I am assuming that you don’t really know where the Glasgow I’m referring to is. If you do, I apologize. What I usually do is to follow the stereotype, because I believe it must have started somewhere somehow… Then I see how it goes. Might be insulting, but it does work. The thing with stereotypes are, I find, is that it is insulting to people who actually have them, instead of those that don’t. Funny, isn’t it?

Anyway, yes; Glasgow Green.

The Glasgow I meant is the one in Scotland. United Kingdom; north of England? Apparently, the max temperature there, even in summer, is 18 degrees centigrade. I was walking around the country in May, and I was in my winter coat. I used to live down south (somehow make it sound as if I was living in West Country. Hahaha) in the English Midlands, so it is quite a gap.

I can’t seem to find anywhere online that I could link this info to… Hmmm…

When I was in Glasgow, I visited one of their many museums, the People’s Palace, at the edge of Glasgow Green, where it tells somewhat the history of the city. There’s this portion about how the laundry was done. For some reason, I was most fascinated with that section of the whole museum. And it is said that previously, Glaswegians would come to Glasgow Green to do their laundry, what with it being near to the River Clyde. And I can’t remember the story and to make what I am sure is a long story short, it is still legal for Glaswegians to hang clothes to dry at Glasgow Green. They even have the drying racks there.

Part of the fascinations probably stems from the fact that I have never put my clothes out to dry when I was living in Britain. I stayed in a flat, so my clothes were strung out around the flat to dry, unlike my friends who lived in houses who could have done that.

Another is the fact that I can’t imagine how anyone could dry clothes outside the house in any part of Scotland except in summer. Hence the fact that I added the “in winter” part. Like I mentioned in my post, my clothes would likely freeze rather than dry.

Nonetheless, living in a tropical country, we do not own dryers… Kinda dumb to be wasting electricity to do that when you could have your clothes dried for free by the sun. Find that it smells much more fresh that way.

Along the lines… Nina mentioned how weird the new title is. And I mentioned it is a teaser of what kind of person I am.

I should have mentioned that it is legal to hang the clothes there.

There is no need for me to do things legally, I admit. I’ve done quite a number of things that could be considered illegal but I don’t think it is morally wrong, so I just do it. I do things not because I’m afraid of the law, but because I’m afraid for That Person Up In The Sky.

Still, when I want to do something stupid or for recreation, for some reason, I would like to do it legally. Like this; hanging clothes at Glasgow Green. Yes, if the City Council decides to make it illegal (why would you? It is your Glasgow heritage!! You shouldn’t throw it away!!!!! Glaswegian’s right to identity!! WTF. Okay, I’m being silly), I wouldn’t do it.

Until then, it will be one of my goals in life.

You would think someone with my list of goals in life would have a simple life. I wish.

Anyway, yes, to have it legal before I do such things makes me have absolutely no sympathy and find he was being such an idiot when this Frenchman decided to climb one of the KLCC twin towers. Why couldn’t he, say, try and apply for some special permit or ask if they can make an exception to it… And make it into some PR thing, with people around cheering him. And because he is willing to do it legally, governments of countries with sky scrapers might actually allow him to do so, legally. After all, in a way it is free press. A win-win situation. Why he needs to do it illegally is beyond me.

Just because there’s a risk of being rejected doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother trying.

I apologize if I sound condescending to you, Ms Contrairie.

Nina, we really should check in into some flash-games-aholic anonymous rehab thingy. You for RC, me for Farm Town. Hahahaha.

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