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Tiffani Wood

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Funnily, today, suddenly I’m listening to only Australian singers. Hmmmm…

After a binge of Travis yesterday.

About midnight, suddenly things changed. Australia Australia Australia.

We’ll see if I’ll last a whole day. Hahaha. Then it’ll be weird.

I’m currently hooked on Tiffani Wood. Manage to download the album (yeah, like it’ll be available in Malaysia anyway). And, by God, I’m loving the whole thing, but especially “Devil In Your Soul”.

However, for some extremely weird reason, I see Amy Macdonald’s band when I listen to it. Well, not see, really. More like they’re in my head when I listen to it.

Yeah, weird.

So maybe my tweet is not so true; maybe I haven’t let go.


Still, Nani, there’s nothing in the UK left for you!!!

Except for hanging clothes in Glasgow Green, of course.

Plenty of things for you in Galway, however. Like, living there. Hahaha.


Yes, still very much obsessed with Galway.

It’s my memorable place as I put on my Oyster card. Hahaha.

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