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Personal Hygiene

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I find that the article written by Tan Sri Lee Lan Thye in the New Straits Times on the 9th of September quite a typically Malaysian thing to do; depending on others to provide for them.

The Tan Sri tells you of how Malaysian public toilets have no soaps or have their soap-dispensers refilled, and says that it is difficult for the public to comply with the Health Ministry’s urges to wash their hands with soaps and handwash and maintaining their hygiene. He also urges “all those responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of public toilets, either in government or private sector buildings and those in all public facilities, to ensure that soap or hand wash are placed and frequently checked for public use,” as providing “soap and handwash does not cost much” and that it goes a long way in preventing the spread of swine flu.

Yes, I do believe that providing soaps and handwash would help preventing the spread of H1N1. However, why must it be the responsible of “those involved”?

Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of everyone to prevent the spread of this pandemic; not just the government or those providing toilet fascilities? Why is the urge for personal hygiene aimed to those people?

Shouldn’t it be for everyone? Why didn’t he, instead, ask people to bring around  anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, which could kill bacterias without water?

And why not we bring around soaps in our bags? I do that; I have a small bottle of liquid soap with me in my bag, because more often than not, like the Tan Sri has shown, that the public toilet fascilities doesn’t provide soap or handwash. Bring your own soaps, everyone; it is not heavy or too troublesome. Even those men who doesn’t bring around a bag should do so; put it in your pocket. If it is too big, cut it into half.

I wouldn’t recommend people putting soap bars in toilets though. There’s something utterly disgusting about sharing bar soaps. And letting it just stay there, and passing hands that has touched God-knows-what… Might help it spread faster instead.

Having your own personal small bottle of hand sanitisiers/ liquid soaps or bar of soaps should be what people should prize above all nowadays to prevent to spread of H1N1.

Don’t depend on other people to provide things for you.

Like the Tan Sri said, soaps don’t cost much. Buy a bar or a bottle and lug it with you at all times.

The bonus? You could actually pick one that has a scent that you like, or you could get one that is ultra-moisturizing and suit your hands better… We have different types of skin and needs and preferences; who would know better than yourself?

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