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Err… but it is not in English…

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My mother decided that I should read more poems.

Regardless my saying “but Maaa!!! I’m a prose person!!”

And I’ve read Iliad and Odyssey doesn’t change her opinion either.

So what did she decide to give me?

A book of selected poems by Robert Burns.

Majority of it in Scots, by the way.

I looked at her and asked “how the heck will I understand it, anyway?”

She just said “you’ll figure it out. It’s close enough to English anyway.”

Hmph. But Scots to English is like Indonesian to Malay!! Though I admit I have better luck figuring out the meaning of a sentence in Scots than I do a sentence in Indonesian. Their use of the words… I don’t know. It’s easier to try fill in the blanks than trying to figure out the other meaning of a word.

Now, Rabbie Burns’s work is next to Dante’s Divine Comedy, which is in English. Translated, of course. Looks so tiny next to that book.

I also decided to put John Milton’s Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained on the other side of it.

Mocking it, in a way.

Maybe it’s because it is the 250th anniversary of his birth this year, but I had a bit too many people quoting him when I was in Scotland that I doubt I’ll bother reading it.

Oh, the actual actual reason why it was Burns’s poems that I got?

Because it is just lying around in her room; her friend who owned it didn’t want it anymore.

So now, it is for show.

Pity that it is a paperback; not a grand hardcover copy. Sigh…

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