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Head scarves and fashion

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As much as I bitch over leggings (though my bitching is more on indecency due to the fact that it is underwear, not pants/ trousers. Or if you want to insist that it is pants, well… it is the British pants, which means underwear anyway), I do believe there is no right or wrong in fashion. More the differing of tastes. I would still bitch and use phrases such as “oh, that is so wrong!!”, but really… Apart from what the fashion magazine editor’s view on what should be in her magazine, is there anyone else that will give you grades? And even if there are people, would it matter?

However, regardless of that view, I absolutely don’t understand people who wear head scarves but still wear tight fitting clothing or still expose a lot of skin on their arms or with very low neckline. I know plenty of them; I don’t tell them that I disagree. Like I said before, I consider it their choice and there is no right or wrong in fashion. Wait, let me emphasize that: there is no right or wrong in FASHION.

Seriously, I would frown and bitch over the fact that you wear plaid (I usually think of more sane and pastel-y colors when I think of plaid) tartan pants with a paisley shirt (omg what an eyesore!! And so much pattern!!), but really… short of purchasing saner clothes and stripping that fugly outfit off you and forcing you wear what I think should be worn, I really can’t do much, can I?

Fashion, to me, is about expressing yourself. For one big on freedom of expression (define as widely as possible but not absolute), it’s okay with me. Do continue wearing those tight fitting clothes with the scarves. Wear the mini skirts (yeah, believe it or not), and those shirts with just tights with those really long and elaborate twirling of the scarf around your face.

Fashion-wise, I wouldn’t judge.

However, I would judge your lack of understanding of the reason for wearing a headscarf, which is modesty.

Fashion is the anti-thesis of modesty; it is the art of showing off, may it be your creativity, your taste, your money… Whatever.

Funny how we’re not supposed to judge, but judge we do. And I would admit freely that I do judge. There are a lot of things that we’re not supposed to do that we do, and to not admit it is just being a hypocrite. Or in denial. Why bother mincing your words?

Yes, I judge. However, I’ll keep my judgment/opinion (basically the same thing anyway) away from the person it is aimed. Because, weirdly, those people actually know they’re not covering their aurah or being modest. Some of them even go out of the way avoiding places where people they know frequent when they’re wearing such outfits. Funny…

Religion, to me, is a private thing, which is why I keep to myself. Which is why my “human right” persona would usually be the one shown to the world, though sometimes I might not be able to control some of my facial expression.

But seriously, whose name are you slandering by your wearing hot pants (which is short enough you could see bits of their cheekbones) and tights and a headscarf?

You mock people who don’t wear head scarves, yet you’re less modest with your whole attire than most people that go without. Don’t feel too superior just because your head is covered.

Not to mention that you have no qualms suddenly exposing it; you’re not exactly a full-timer either.

So, don’t mock people who choose not to wear the headscarf at all because they’re not ready, as you yourself are not ready as well.

Yes, I know it is horrible to choose not to cover your aurah even when knowing the consequences, but it is my choice. God gave you brains to make choices; I’ve made a lot of them. Please do not just follow blindly.

And do try to make an informed a choice as possible.

Hate only things that you know. It is silly to hate things you do not know; you should just ignore it. Indifference is the actual opposite of love.

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