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Re K on Translation of Tweets

Yes, I was very bored. Hahaha. But it was quite fun to translate it too!! And realized, heyy!!! my Malay’s not so bad!! Hahaha.

Well, “salam ayah dan ibu” wasn’t there mainly because when I wake up, I’ll be the only one at home still… And there’s only 8 verses; I already had 8!!

Hangat-hangat tahi ayam is the “heating up chicken shit”. Hahaha. Hangat actually means hot… But with complicated Malay grammar that I am not able to explain, saying it twice (there are a lot of instances where we repeat the words; usually makes it plural but not always) gives it another meaning. Tahi means shit. Ayam is chicken. By the way, we actually have a flower called bunga (flower) tahi ayam. Can’t remember the English name. I’m not joking!!

And I see your mind is still as dirty as it was when we were doing our LL.B. Sigh. America didn’t change you? Hahaha.

Like I tweeted you, it is not my current background!! It was this pinky and flowery background that I can’t stand even after a day. Hahaha. The ice cream is so cool la. Want to get one like that, but I’m sure gravity will not allow it.

And yes, all the games I mention are on facebook. Hahaha.

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