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Communal pens

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Nowadays I would carry either my Celtic cross pen or my Wacky Woolies pen in my handbag every single time I decide to go out, even when I am off to the night market. Sometimes I feel like bringing my leprechaun pen, but it is just too bulky.

Which pen I bring depends on which island I miss more. And since I spend much more time in Britain than Ireland… The Celtic cross pen is always in my handbag.

Also, it makes me look more serious than the the Wacky Woolies one. What with being made with pewter instead of plastic, and having the elegant Celtic decor instead of cartoon sheep…

Of course, sheep are just ridiculously cute, but, image is important, right?

Especially to snobbish sales assistance, which are in abundance in Malaysia.

I don’t get why they’re so snobbish; c’mon!! You’re just a SA, alright!! I can make more money than what you’re doing right now!! Plus, you’re at my mercy; if I decide not to buy, you might not get your commission.

Anyway, apparently, my using my own pens have awarded me with frowns from them. Like, “oh, fine, use that posh pen of yours instead.”

I have lost my Celtic bookmark, which I brought everywhere (since I always have a book with me in case I need to wait for anything; I hate wasting time that I could spend reading), and I very much doubt those that I got when I went back to Scotland last April ever (not that I blame Amni for it; it wasn’t her fault. And that is another topic I would like to talk about later), I feel the need to bring something with me that reminds me of Scotland. Sometimes I think I just like it because I didn’t study there. If I ever decide to study there, I might suddenly love Wales; who knows.

2 reasons now why I bring my Celtic cross pen.

Another because I hate using communal pens now.

Maybe it is because of the H1N1 scare (and my mother only finally getting over the fact that I still went to Glasgow even though they had one (much much emphasis here) confirmed case of swine flu. You would think the guy went around Glasgow spreading it instead of being strapped into some hospital bed. Admittedly, it was just starting; but still!!!).

Maybe it was the 10 week period where I had to battle acne on my face because I stupidly thought, hey, my face has been clear for over 2 months; it should be alright leaving my POM topical cream back home. I was sooooo wrong!! Got it first week I was there thanks to some very special pillow cases. Which means, now, I change my pillow case every single day. Even though I have 4 pillows on my bed, I actually only use one when I’m asleep. I change that pillow case when I wake up. Obsessive, I know. I no longer can stand them. And I set myself a relatively strict skincare regime. Relatively. 😛

Maybe it is because of my new hair style; with the bangs and the short hair. There was this period where I had horrible acne because of my hair; it resembled a beard. Clear for a day (thanks to the awesome topical cream), but it’ll come back again the next day. Whaaaaatttttt!!!!

Or maybe it is because, regardless of my skin care regime, I have this habit of putting my hands at the lower sides of my face when exclaiming things; whether in shock, or seeing something ridiculously cute or adorable, or any other relatively strong emotion, apart from anger. I find it easier to start a new habit that trying to shed a new one. And now that I am addicted to Lenka (so bloody cute!!) and watching Muse’s clips on youtube (I find them cute and adorable; it is beyond me how people see them as sex objects. Maybe because they seem small (with the exception of Chris, of course); so skinny. And add to Matt Bellamy’s height… Hahaha. So cute!!).

Communal whatever are riddled with bacteria. It’s like a history archive of what the people that have been using the pen did before they held the pen. And those things will be transfered to my hands when I pick up and use the pen provided.

And then, when I see something I would squeal over, I bring those bacteria ridden hands to my face???


Not to say that my pens would be less bacteria ridden, but at least it is just mine, you know?

Nowadays, I feel like I’m quite paranoid. I would swipe a cotton soaked with antiseptic germicide onto my mobile, wallet and the pen in question once I get back. Can’t do much with money, but you could do something about your hands.

I do hold onto railings when I walk down the stairs or take the escalator. I could be clumsy sometimes, so prevention is vital.

So, the best thing to do is to lug around a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer. Of course, with my blabbing about the prevention of H1N1’s responsibility is everyone’s… Of course I would bring my own! And it is beyond H1N1. I started more because of being eeeeked over the amount of sweat and weird people on the tube. Get out of the  tube station, first thing I do is use some hand sanitizers. Actually, some times I do that before I get my Oyster card out, even. So, those 2 weeks in London did help me cultivate this hand sanitizing habit.

After using a communal pen, I would use a hand sanitizer. It’s a must. There was once I forgot to bring both pen and hand sanitizer… I freaked out, like, totally. Gosh.

I know it might look crazy and paranoid, but, really, it is not so much as the H1N1. I am skeptical about quite a number of things about H1N1. It is more about vanity; about being absolutely fed up with acne. Maybe it is an urban myth that dirt causes acne, maybe it is not. However, how could you be sure that the person who used to pen didn’t just pick his/her pimple before using it?


And to look at me when I fumble in my bag for a pen to sign that credit card slip even though there’s a pen right beside it?


Oh, and never ever lend your pen to someone else, especially strangers!!

Ew ew ew ew ew!!!

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