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Your LAST RM50

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The November issue of CLEO wrote an article… or more like published a “survey”, where the writer went around asking people what would they do with their last RM50.

The description included at the beginning of the articles says:

“The ATM says your account has RM50 left and for imagination’s sake, you don’t know when your next pay check will come in. What will you do? Elsa Samuel talks to 27 ladies and six guys on their hypothetical last RM50 days.” (emphasis added)

I wonder if the people whom she asked didn’t understand her question or just deluded or we Malaysians have became so dependent on our parents to bail us out that we don’t really care on saving our own money.

20 odd of them would actually splurge their last RM50 on nonsensical things instead of the essentials; food and petrol. There’s a guy who would use it for petrol so that he could get to his parents or girlfriend’s for food. Fair enough, you’re a guy, and it is quite practical but not too much, in my opinion. But, getting mood rings and binging on Krispy Kreme and having a posh dinner? You’re going to have a last good meal and not bother about food at all until you get your pay, which, could come only in 2 weeks time? After all, hypothetically, you don’t know when your pay would come in!

I wonder if they realize it is their last RM50, not that “you are given RM50; what would you do with it?” kinda thing. I strongly believe that the lady who plans to change it to 5 sen coins and go around donating it think so, but I might be wrong. Still, like I said, I believe strongly that she misheard the writer’s question.

I find it horrifying that only one person thought of investing it, and that less than 10 would think of survival, i.e. getting enough food to make sure you’re tied till your next pay.

Or maybe they think that, oh, after I spend this RM50, I would die, so I don’t have to deal with the mess of having to survive.

After all, it is your last RM50.

But, get real. Would you think people would ask you such thing?

This article made me think of two things; do we depend too much on our parents to bail us out and not start saving from the first day we start earning? And do we Malaysians have a big problem of listening things through and answering a question properly?

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