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Merry Christmas!!!!

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

The odd people who reads my blog anyway; not much loyal readers apart from Faliq. Ah well. So what, eh?

Though he doesn’t celebrate Christmas…

Oh well!!

Who cares?

First Christmas the family didn’t call us up for Christmas dinner. Yeay!! No uncomfortable chit chat with the ooooold cousins (I’m the youngest in that generation) and the questioning of how come I haven’t had a job and the looks of disappointment of how can she be in the family when she’s so stupid? Sigh. What a way to celebrate Christmas, eh? Oh, I know when I’m there I try to look at the bright side, but, when I get back, I just get so pissed. Blah.

Oh!! This is what Faliq would definitely be celebrating!!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Gosh, yesterday was such a tiring day!! Didn’t sleep the night before because some things cropped up when I was just about to go to bed. So I didn’t sleep before I accompanied my mother to go to check on her EPF, and then off to have lunch with Amni (at her pantry!! Hahaha. Like I am willing to fight for the seats at KLCC. I think it was much more enjoyable eating at the pantry. True that it didn’t have a view, but OMG!! It was level 70-something!! Didn’t bring a camera so couldn’t kepoh-kepoh. Probably would do that the next time I’m there. Nyahaha!!), and then to drop off some Christmas cards. Though I was “stuck” in Kinokuniya for about 2 hours. Hahahaha. Quite surprised they brought some of the Japanese section down. Now I’m curious as to what is upstairs. Maybe my next trip there (since, really, there’s nothing in KLCC that is special except for Kinokuniya) I’ll go check it out. I don’t know why it is soooo much easier to find books in Kinokuniya than in MPH. Must be some Japanese feng shui. Though now I usually just choose the books there; I’ll still get it in MPH since I have the MPH card. But, yes, I would go all the way to KLCC just to pick the books. Am I insane? I think I am.

Though the odd, weird books, it is still better to try get them at Kinokuniya. I wonder why. Hmmm…

At least now their pricing is more consistent with the rest of the bookstores in Malaysia. I used to think that maybe they use the pricing in Japan for the books they sell in their shop. Seriously!! Some reaaalllyyyy weird prices. Can’t remember what, exactly, but it was XX.18. How the hell did they come up with 18 sens???

Went back, and went to find what was supposed to be the “best cake ever” according to my mother. For the life of me, right now, I can’t remember what it is. I’ll check with her later. But it is like layers upon layers upon layers of crêpe with cream in between. I don’t know why my mother likes it. She says it is less rich for her, but I found it is quite rich. I’m afraid I prefer old fashion cakes. Still, it was something different, so yeah. Oh, it costs RM8 for the vanilla ones and RM9 for the chocolate ones. However, looking at the layers and the thinnest of the crêpe, it’s worth it!! The taste… Well… to me it is okay. Maybe part of the reason is because of my mother over-hyped it to me? Who knows?

Had pizza for dinner. The one with the corn flakes at the crust (if you could call it a crust). Super cheesy and muak-ing but nice nonetheless. After that, rushed to Subang to meet up with Ku, Fatin, and Fatin’s friend, Sureen, and laughed quite a bit. Hahaha. Fatin insisted that I shouldn’t spend my birthday night alone. Sigh. Ah well.

Came back, scrubbed my face and put my Kiehl’s Rare Earth masque topically (thank goodness!!) and immediately fell asleep due to fatigued. And, actually, I somewhat just woke up. Hahaha. I would be asleep still if it wasn’t for the many texts. I thought someone was too stingy to call me but wanting to contact me. However, they came from different people. Sigh…

Such a descriptive account of my day. Oh well. I’m bored and I haven’t blogged much. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And Faliq, hope you wouldn’t bust your bank account tomorrow!!!

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