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December 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

What the hell???

I was gone for quite some time before this and I never said anything. I haven’t posted something for a few days, and now I am saying I’m taking a hiatus. Right…

Anyway, I’m going to be concentrating on putting together a blog of my trip to Syria and Jordan. The pictures can be horrendous at times. And I need to shrink it since I used 12MP size. Hehehe. Shrink it to 35% for the blog. Wahaha. Can’t be bothered to watermark it though. Would drive me insane then. And I wouldn’t get anything done!!

Soo…. Faliq, hope you enjoyed all the shopping you did yesterday and will be doing tomorrow!!!

I know I haven’t inserted the links of the last post. Shhhh. Will do it soon enough!!

Right now, to be honest, I’m just loading the pictures and putting them in draft form. Not blogging anything on the pictures yet. The internet’s been wonky, and since it is letting me load the pictures…

But, it’s probably a WP problem, before this. And maybe now people are too busy with shopping and Christmas still that they haven’t had time to jam the server? Who knows?

Tata for now!!

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