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May 7, 2010 Leave a comment


It’s been FOREVER since I last blogged!!


4 months!!

Hahaha. Mainly because the internet connection was HORRENDOUS!! Gahh!! Now it is not so bad. Also, we decided to get Maxis Broadband, which would *hopefully* be better than P1. Hopefully. It’s behaving still. Who knows, once it gets used to my lappie, it might start throwing tantrums.

I hope not.

So, now, the only thing stopping me from blogging like I used to would be my laziness.

And my addiction to twitter.

There are times I feel silly blogging about something I’ve tweeted. I mean, kinda repetitive, right? Especially since I decided to put my tweet updates at the side bar. And it is so instantaneous; I don’t have to hit “new entry” or whatever. There is a space where I could type and click “tweet” and I’m done. A click less than WordPress, assuming I am using my favorites bar and that I am already logged in.

Dum dee dum. Who knows. We’ll see…

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