Why hello again.

Seems that using Maxis Broadband didn’t make me “hardworking” enough to update my blog.


I guess, the novelty has worn off? I don’t know… I am still very much addicted to twitter. Hahaha 😛

Hmmmm… Updates. Well, I am now eying an iMac instead of a MacBook Pro. Bigger screen, higher specs… And I wasn’t planning to bring the MacBook around anyway… So what the hey; might as well get a bigger screen, eh?

Ahhh. Don’t know what to blog about. Kinda sleepy, actually. Didn’t sleep in the end yesterday. Was supposed to sleep for an hour but didn’t. Started reading a book when I was feeling sleepy… and in the end I continued reading.

Reading EH Gombrich’s A Little History of the World.

It is unbelievable that I find history fascinating nowadays. My 16 year old self would be shocked.

Ahhh… maybe I’ll go disturb those at the API office again. And finish all the food there. And have coffee. Too bad they don’t have green tea. I wouldn’t want to drink the tea the Japs bring tho. The high class ones just taste like drinking leaves to me.


Ahhh… gonna continue bertapa dalam API. 😛

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