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July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, my mother had this reaaaalllyyy worried face while we were eating dinner.

“Hanani,” she said, “Mommy’s worried about you.”

I continued eating, and asked her why, and wondered, why the hell is she addressing herself as “Mommy”; it’s been forever since she did that.

“Don’t you think it is rather disturbing when someone eats their spaghetti bolognese garnished with seaweed instead of cheese?”

I paused for a moment. “Yeah, I think it will be,” and takes another forkful and put it in my mouth.

“What is even more disturbing is when the person don’t even realize that she’s doing it,” my mother continued.

Huh? I thought. Where was she going on to.

“Please look at your plate, and what is in the bottle next to your plate.”

Sure enough, there was seaweed in my pasta. Goodness. What is wrong with me? No wonder my mother’s worried.

“Maybe you should go see your psychiatrist again?”

Whyyy??? Because I combined Italian and Japanese food? Some people might LIKE what I was eating, alright!! Though when I realized, I did wonder what in the world was I thinking. Goodness!!

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