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*stares* *stares some more*

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

*stares at dashboard*

*scratch head*

*opens link to blog*

*thinks to self* “It really has been a long time, eh? The copyright year is two years ago; i.e. 2008-2009 only.”

*click to dashboard*


*scratch chin* *wonder where should she click to change that widget thing (very surprised at self to remember it is called a “widget”)*

*click random links*

*realize have a comment to moderate* *read comment* *decided it is an awesome one; approve*

*continue clicking random links on the left side of screen*

*finally found it (but for the life of me, I don’t think I can do it again; have forgotten)*

*edits “2009” to “2011”*

*goes to blog*

*gets amused with Human Calendar (this is still awesome!! XD )*

*stares at weird categories* *thinks* “what the hell was I thinking then??? I don’t get it already!! Do recognize quite a number of them are songs though…”

*tries links*

*realize most of them are no longer good links*

*wonder if should bother deleting them*

*stares at title of blog*

*realize she still very much want to hang clothes on a winter’s day in Glasgow Green*

*wonders when can I go to Glasgow next*

*realize it’s been too long since I last blog*

*wonder if it is worth continuing with this… thing*

*realize why came back to wordpress.com and decides to get cracking!!*

PS: Reason being, twitter is just too short for me to rant on this thing on Kamus Dewan and musical instruments.

*off to click publish and then click add new for the “actual” post*

*realize did a bit too much staring on the screen. But it is fine since the staring was done into a MacBook Pro screen instead of a PC, regardless what brand =P*

(yes!! I finally announced on my blog that I finally got a Mac… More than a year after I got it!! Hahahaha)

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