About me

I sound too bitter in the previous “edition” of this page. Haha. So, I’m changing it… Or maybe I should merge it with random info? I don’t know. Hmmm…

I love bullet points. You see, I miss making notes. Hahaha. 😛

  • Born on the 24th of Dec 1986; having a birthday on Christmas Eve doesn’t equal to having 2 presents. In fact, it equals to having just one present a year. Seriously. Don’t envy me.
  • Has oily facial skin but dry skin every where else. Isn’t it so bloody annoying? Gahh.
  • Has an interest in human rights; doesn’t support it. Can’t support something that you think should differ from one culture to another anyway.
  • I’m cultured enough for modern arts, but not the Catcher in the Rye. Could someone please explain why is it so great to me?

Okay… sounds like random stuff but it is more personal, don’t you think? Haha. Okay, I’ll pick what is more personal, and what is more random will be left there.

Actually, I’ll think about this later. Dum dee dum… Lalala.

Oh, a random info but I wanna put it here anyway. I will be celebrating the day the Doctor regenerates to his 11th… self? Whatever; the day they change the actor for Doctor Who. I would probably not feel this way if I started my degree on any other year but 2005. The marketing theme for the show did “too” good a job.

I take that back. Saw the dude that’ll be playing the 11th doctor and he looks like a retard; has a face that’s begging to be punched kinda thing. I am grateful I started my degree in 2005, not 2010. No way will I start a Masters, if I want to, in 2010. No thanks man.

So no, I am not celebrating when they change to the 11th doctor.


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