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September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Up at an ungodly hour to shower so that could be going to mother’s office after sahur.

How insane is that?


Trust her to make me do all sorts of things about the time I want to write a long, rather political entry.

Which is why I tweet a little bit too much, and the increase in short entries that doesn’t even have titles.


And Malaysians should try to achieve this:
see more Lolcats and funny pictures



July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

A post that is somewhat related to my training!! How exciting!! Bless my not blabbing about how Scotland should gain independence, eh? I know; how can anyone bother about some other country’s independence over the political situation in their own country? Though I am leaning towards the latter more and more now. Still; yes. No, not about prisons, though every time I see people wearing leggings, I wish that Robert Napier didn’t win his case, so that we could dump those criminals into some Scottish prison and make them suffer with all the slopping out and such. See, the complicated crap of having different legal system. Ladida, I know it was the agreement when they joined the UK; similar to Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia, eh? Okay fine; back to the actual topic.

I am currently reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides that is making me question my thinking that my EU tutor’s name would be the most complicated Greek name I would come across. Boy, was I wrong. Sigh.

Oh well.

That’s not the problem, though in a way it is, for me to understand the story. Sometimes I confuse the names. Gahh. Honestly, how did the 7 year old me read Oddyssey and Illiad. I know, what was my mother thinking???

No idea; not going to ask her now.

Thinking of the topics dealt there…

Maybe that’s why I’m a bit screwed up. Hmmm…

Oh well.

Anyway, yes. Middlesex. I am currently reading it, might I mention that again.

It is the winner of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. No, I didn’t decide to buy it because it was the Pulitzer Price winner; I only own one other Pulitzer Prize winner, which is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Nonetheless, I would like to purchase The Color Purple by Alice Walker. And that’s about it, I think. Hmmm…

To quote wikipedia, “The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction has been awarded since 1948 for distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life” (emphasis added). [I feel like I am writing a paper. Haha.]

I am only on page 110, so I am doubting it quite a bit that the book is about American life since I happen to keep stumbling around with weird and unpronounceable Greek names (forget about spelling them; how the heck did the school manager manage to make me memorize my tutor’s name in 15 mins tops? Gosh… That woman is insane. Well, obvious from her choice of husband, I guess…) and talking about the war between Greece and Turkey… like the only thing American is the location; Detroit, Michigan.

However, a few pages back, I stumbled upon something extremely American, in my view.

When Barrack Obama won his the US presidential elections, there was quite a number of people who said that there might be hope for Malaysia to have a non-Malay Prime Minister one day because Obama’s Black; or should I say, African American.

I snorted and laughed at those articles.

It is such a different situation in America and in Malaysia. The seperation of races by the British pre-independence has made every race still have their own identity. Unlike in the US, where immigrants would need to absorb the American culture.

There are other pages that would show how they impose these on the protagonist/ narrator’s grandparents, who came from Smyrna (modern day Izmir), when they just arrived. They cut his grandmother’s hair and changed her clothing. The grandfather was told to clean his teeth the “American” way (using what I am thinking is a toothbrush and paste instead of baking soda. God; I can’t even eat anything baked with too much baking soda[I’m crazy; I can tell. No, I wasn’t trained to be some fancy chef, though I’m thinking of ditching law for it], much less put it in my mouth to clean my teeth with it!! Would have to take out my tongue first!!) and the fact that they consume too much garlic in their food counts against him getting a proper job at Ford. Yes, the car company.

Anyway, they were required to learn English, and had some sort of graduation ceremony when they have finished; a pageant, actually, was how Mr Eugenides describes it, with the grandfather of the protagonist joining in… I own a British paperback edition, and I’m quoting pages 104-105.

The curitain parts to gaps and scattered applause. A painted flat shows a steamship, two huge smokestacks, and a swath of deck and railing. A gangway extends into the stage’s other focal point: a giant gray cauldron emblazoned with the words FORD ENGLISH SCHOOL MELTING POT. A European folk melody begins to play. Suddenly a lone figure appears on the gangway. Dressed in a Balkan costume of vest, ballooning trousers, and high leather boots, the immigrant carries his possessions bundled on a stick. He looks around with apprehension and the descends into the melting pot.
“What propaganda,” Zismo murmurs in his seat. (Author’s note: I so have to agree with this)
Lina shushes him.
Now SYRIA descends into the pot. Then ITALY. POLAND. NORWAY. PALESTINE. And finally: GREECE.
“Look, it’s Lefty (the grandfather)!”
Wearing embroidered palikari vest, puffy-sleeved poukamiso, and pleated foustanella skirt, my grandfatehr bestrides the gangway. He pauses a moment to look out at the audience, but the bright lights blind him. He can’t see my grandmother looking back, bursting with her secret. GERMANY taps him on the back. “Macht schnell. Excuse me. Go fastly.”
In the front row, Henry Ford nhods with approval, enjoying the show. Mrs. Ford tries to whisper in his ear, but he waves her off. His blue seagull’s eyes dart from face to face as the English instructors appear onstage next. They carry long spoons, which they insert into the pot. The lights turn red and flicker as the instructors stir. Steams rises over the stage.
Inside the cauldron, men are packed together, throwing off immigrayion costumes, putting on suits. Limbs are tangling up, feet stepping on feet. Lefty says, “Pradon me, excuse me,” feeling thoroughly American as he pulls on his blue wool trousers and jacket. In his mouth: thirty-two teeth brushed in the American manner. His underarms: liberally sprinkled with American deodorant. And now spoons are descending from above, men are churning around and around…
… as two men, short and tall, stand in the wings, holding a piece of paper…
… and out in the audience my grandmother has a stunned look on her face…
… and the melting pot boils over. Red lights brighten. The orchestra launches into “Yankee Doodle.” One by one, the Ford English School graduates rise from the cauldron. Dressed in blue and gray suits, they climb out, waving American flags, to thunderous applause.

Makes me wonder what would have been worse for them… staying on at what is now called Izmir, to be part of secular Turkey… or to go to the US. Though since they had other secrets which I am not going to spill here… Maybe it would have been better to go to the US. Of course, taking into account the war and all… Yes yes.

Still… Do Malaysians want that? What happens in the US and in secular Turkey? That you would have to be assimilated into the majority’s culture? Since the minorities are assimilated into the majority, the clashes are much less. The result in both the US and Turkey is the same. However, the former, the minority would need to be like the majority whereas Turkey adopted something from the outside that their first president champions.

Either way, I think it strips off your right to identity… Which would be quite a number of human rights that’ll be stripped off; privacy, conscience and religion, association… maybe also even expression…

I see turning everyone into just one race violates more human rights than protect; it is something artificial that the government could impose. Might work “officially”, but unlikely would change the thinking and prejudice of the people.

And what the Americans have done to the immigrants… Especially since they didn’t have much choice; stay in your own country and die, or go find new hope in a new country.

Multiculturalism in America? Pretty much bullshit to me.

With a winner of the Pulitzer Prize doing it so well in describing it… Why doubt it?


December 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m too lazy to think of a title before I actually come up with the post.

I have several “entries” typed on Words files… However, I feel too lazy to open My Documents folder; it has waaayyyyy too many files in it and I know it is high time that I arrange them neatly into folders… Especially my essays!!!!!

It almost drove me crazy, having only New Moon to read without any books padding it in between.

Bella’s obsession really drives me nuts. How perfect Edward’s whatever is. Goodness!! Like… bleargh!!

Do you people really want such obsessive kind of love? I mean, seriously?

Well, count me out then. I still need my space.

I mean, for the love of God, spending practically every second together… Good thing that Edward can’t read Bella’s mind man.

For someone who has a private mind, she really doesn’t care about her privacy; or at least, not when it is exposed to Edward.

Why do I read the book then, you would ask?

I am currently reading just about anything that is popular. I have read a “how to write wonderfully” type book, which I have dumped somewhere else that I wouldn’t be able to see it so I wouldn’t be annoyed with it, so I can’t actually tell which exactly was it. Seems that the way I write pretty much is the opposite of what a good writer write. Huh, why am I surprised, since my logic seem to be most unconventional?

I am quite surprised that she is a bestseller, to be honest. Her writing is like a typical Mary Sue fanfiction. I suppose people do like Mary Sue fanfiction. Though hers is not really “fanfiction”, I guess.

Still, I want to keep an open mind. So I’ll research on how people actually do go about telling their stories instead of reading failed writers telling how one should actually write. You know what they say; those that can’t, teach.

Though I do need another book to stop my eyes from popping out or my optic nerves being squished due to all the eyerolling I would do, reading Bella’s obsession over Edward.

I mean, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really my cup of tea, seriously. I don’t like obsessive love or hate; obsessive whatever, really.

Nonetheless, I admit that I am obsessive of my obsessive-whatever hatred.

The irony; the obsessive-hater is obsessive herself.

Well, life is full of irony.

It wasn’t much of a choice, to be honest. I didn’t really feel like using my laptop, though I felt like I was revising for some Harry Potter exam thanks to my cousin, who insisted on watching all 5 movies with me. I have no idea why she wants to watch it, considering she doesn’t actually understand English!! This is my youngest cousin, who would only be starting school next year.

Even when I am soooo sleepy and want to go to bed, she insists that we continue with the 5th film.

I was soooo greatful that they haven’t showed the 6th movie. If not I’ll just konk out at the verandah for everyone to see. It was the night before Eid.

I still can’t believe that Cho and Harry made out in front of Cedric’s picture. Mistletoe schmistle toe.

And she’s been crying over Cedric’s death?

Wow… she’s coping really well… Being able to make out with another person in front of your dead boyfriend’s picture.

And isn’t it like more eerie in Harry Potter’s world? Where the pictures are able to move and talk?

I kept expecting the picture to yell out “HOI!! SLUT!!” or something.

Or yell “THEFT!!” with a thick Scottish accent instead of Pattinson’s usual accent that they used in the movie.

That would be funny. Heee.


I miss England.

I forgot to bring back butter, so no baking for me to do once we arrived.

And my family didn’t allow me to enter the kitchen.

They’re paranoid.

They’re scared that I would really turn into a vegetarian. So it was a full scale campaign to prevent me from being one. They brought in religion as well; how it would be wrong since God made animals that we could eat to be eaten, ladida.

I told my mother I was thinking about it, 2 weeks ago.

I suppose she told the family.

It is quite scary, I think, for Malays… when a Malay wants to turn vegetarian.

My mother just can’t accept it. No way. Her vegetables always have meat in it without fail. Seriously.

Here I am, someone whom she finds so hard to buy vegetables for, wanting to turn vegetarian.

Someone who doesn’t like to eat aubergine, by the way.

Me no likey aubergine.

Amni says that she refuses to eat anything green.

Me, my vegetables must be green. Which is why I don’t eat carrots, aubergine, cauliflower, etc.

I think my mother put two and two together and got seven; I told her that I wanted to be a vegetarian about the same time I started getting paranoid about my psych wanting to take my blood every other month to make sure my blood isn’t too thin or whatever not.

Don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnttttt!!!!!

My blood is precious!! No taking it just to make silly experiments like checking whether my blood is too thin or whatever. Shouldn’t they be relieved; I wouldn’t have blood clots or whatever?

Or maybe they’re paranoid I would bleed to death. I wouldn’t!!

Okay fine; with my record, it is possible, I suppose.


And few days ago I told my mother that I don’t want another sacrifice made for me; I think we have done more than enough…

I also said that I don’t want any more blood be spilled under my name…

Yeah, a bit taking the blood thing further.

Maybe I was a Jehovah Witness in my past life; just a very selective one since I’ve no problem with blood transfusion. I need the blood!! Now give it to me!!

Too bad that the blood supply is always much lower than its demand. No thank you; I am stingy with my blood.

Unless I cut myself “naturally”, where I would usually try to bleed myself as much as possible.

I know; I’m quite retarded.

So my family actually locked me in the house before they went to the sacrifice spot to watch the blood fest. 5 cows. Man. Damn alot of blood. And the bloody meat… Eeeeee!!! And this with all the flowing blood already out!!

Good thing I was born a Muslim. Urgh, after helping Shan with her non-halal chickens… Makes me reluctant to eat non-halal meat. Bleurgh.

They stuffed me with so much meat. Man… I don’t think I can face red meat anytime soon. Just… bleurgh. No thanks.

Somehow their stuffing me with meat is making me really consider turning into a vegetarian. Not really long term, I think. But who knows? I love tofu. Weeee!!!

I don’t mind eating tofu all the time though. My mother would. Hahaha.

I love Japanese tofu. Yum!!

Nani being a vegetarian. Surely my family wouldn’t be able to accept it.

I was the latest amongst my first cousins to start eating vegetable. However, I see that my record might be broken by my youngest cousin; she still refuses to eat vegetable and wouldn’t accept all the coercian by the rest of the family.

Strong kid; okay more like very stubborn.

Still, it is not difficult being a vegetarian, to be honest. Just don’t eat meat.

And being a vegetarian doesn’t always mean one eats healthily either.

Someone who is a vegetarian might be surviving on cereal, or bread and peanut butter.

Not very healthy, right?

I, of course, had “work” to do.

I have 2 projects.

One is to write on “alternative sexuality in Malaysia.” The second is come up with something for the MPH fiction writing competition.

I don’t know if I would be able to do either.

The MPH fiction writing competition “strongly encourages” contestants to write something Malaysian related.

I am quite lousy when it comes to writing about my own culture. I don’t know… That’s just me.

I prefer to get swayed by fantasy than turning real life into fiction. I don’t know.


Still, I got the permission of one of my friends for the alternative sexuality part.

Considering I have so many experience with “queers”, I still have problems writing about them.

I suppose to me, it is not really my place to tell their story.

Oh I don’t know.


Oh well.


December 3, 2008 1 comment

God. Will this ever stop haunting me?

The absolute worst fashion crime one could ever commit is wearing leggings!!

Those things are disgusting. It is utterly unacceptable to be wearing them in public!!

Don’t you know how stupid you look in those?

They’re a piece of underwear. Not part of the outer clothing!!

You should not show the footless ends to the world; wearing leggings with boots is acceptable.

God; Malaysians just follow fads from colder countries, don’t they? Without knowing the reasons?

I thought I would be free of legging wearers when I left England. But noooo!!!!

The reason why people in colder countries wear leggings is because it is cold. Not to make themselves look decent, because that would be the anti-thesis of decent since LEGGINGS IS A PIECE OF UNDERWEAR!!!

To wear leggings to work makes them look utterly unprofessional. Like you want to show off your underwear. Or you’re too poor to afford actual pants/trousers!!

And it is utterly daft to be wearing them with skirts!! Just because you’re wearing them, doesn’t actually allow you to wear ridiculously short skirts!!

And to be wearing them with skirts longer than midthigh is even more horrendous!!!

I absolutely can’t believe that they made Kristen Stewart wear leggings to the bloody prom!!!!!!!!!!

And the cardigan. Goodness!!

Fine, it is pretty; on its own. But the combination…


And to wear tennis shoes to prom??? Even though you have a cast on your other leg?

God bless Stephenie Meyer for “making” Bella wear strappy stileto heels in the book!!

The prom was an utter disappointment, to me. Because that scene was the main reason why I wanted to watch the movie.  And that Alice and Rosalie not even being there… I mean, seriously!!!!!!!!!

The place was beautiful; much better than having a prom in the gym, I suppose. However, it make sense to have the prom in the gym when the population of the town is only 3200 people.

And the overrepresentation (in my opinion) of minority races in the movie!!!

Yeah, can’t win with me, I suppose. Hate the conservatives, but hate the politically-correct-minded-liberals as well. Gahh!!

Seriously, would a small town such as Forks be so multiracial?



November 7, 2008 Leave a comment


Someone from Tralee dropped by my blog!!


What are the odds?


Oh, I knew the existence of Tralee, Co Kerry, from, of course, Round Ireland with a fridge.

On page 167…

“Tom delivered building supplies and pearls of wisdom.
‘I could drop you at Killimer where you can get the ferry across the River Shannon to Kerry’ he adviced me
The ferry to Kerry. It had a nice ring to it. I got out my map.
‘Yes, and then I could head down to Tralee.’
‘Exactly,’ said Tom, ‘find yourself a rose in Tralee.’
Yup, sounds good to me.'”


Surprise surprise!!

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

I thought I knew him.

However, I only knew him for less than one semester anyway. The next semester he practically ignored me, calling me a traitor.

Oh well, you can’t really know such person, right?

Nonetheless, I thought one thing I would always know about him was his political stand.

I was really really surprised when he was cursing the fact that Obama won the presidential election yesterday.

“McCain should have won! The United States of America is a white man’s land!!”

My eyes would have came out of their socket if they could.

He’s a liberal. Or supposedly anyway.

He supports women’s rights, and LGBT rights, being a gay man himself.

Seems that he is liberal when it comes to sexuality but not race, I see.

When I pointed out I’m not white and why did he tolerate being friends with me initially, he said “because you’re on the fair side and you’re ridiculously funny.”

I suspected he meant those as compliments, I suppose.

I have always wanted to be on “the fair side”, and with my skin sensitivity to the sun and being born yellow (not fair; yellow. I’m part chinese after all) makes it on the simple side for me. However, I have never felt more insulted having that said to me.


Maybe it is not race per se that he is against, but more of skin color.

Man, to think that he calls himself a liberal.

He was a supporter of Hilary Clinton before Obama was chosen to be the Democratic representative, which I also pointed out as well. However, I pointed that out the same time as my not being white.

I suppose I know the answer now.

And I have to say, I am extremely shocked.

Thank God very likely our paths would never meet again.

To those who know me in real life, please don’t mention this again. I feel like I have to let it out. I might not ever be ready to discuss this again. Don’t even ask me who is it. I just feel so bloody hurt.

Obama’s Presidency acceptance speech

November 5, 2008 1 comment

For those who would like to actually read Barack Obama’s acceptance speech instead of listening to it (those few includes myself, of course, even without youtube taking forever to load; I’m a reader, after all), it is available at Makes me wonder if the author listened to the speech again and again to type it out. Nonetheless, my heartfelt thanks to the author.

Yeay for Obama!! 😀

Screw Malaysian politics man. Hahaha.

Yes we can!!

Oh, John McCain’s concession speech is available here.

Erm, this is said with a great reluctance; however, it needs to be admitted.

I found McCain’s speech more inspirational.

Can’t blame me alright!! Or call me crazy!!

However, he touched on something that is dear to me; look at our similarities instead of our differences.

He urged Americans, Republican and Democrats alike, to concentrate on their similarities–American citizenship–rather than their different political ideology.

And that… Well… Something I believe in, albeit about another country altogether, of course.

And why so cynical? Why think that it is impossible that McCain was sincere in his speech?

Both he and Obama ran for office because of their love for the country; if they didn’t have it, they wouldn’t bother running for the President post. It’s just that the decided to show their love for their country differently.

Just because you have different ideology from someone, doesn’t mean that person cannot be sincere to you.

I hate Republicans; I’ve always thought they’re a bunch of idiots. Their simplified economics thinking manage to lure the uneducated to think they could be rich and be lazy at the same time.

Nonetheless, regardless how bitter the pill is, I have to swallow it. McCain concession speech did inspire me.

And how childish of the Republicans to boo when Obama’s name was mentioned. Tsk tsk.