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Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Merry Christmas everyone!!

The odd people who reads my blog anyway; not much loyal readers apart from Faliq. Ah well. So what, eh?

Though he doesn’t celebrate Christmas…

Oh well!!

Who cares?

First Christmas the family didn’t call us up for Christmas dinner. Yeay!! No uncomfortable chit chat with the ooooold cousins (I’m the youngest in that generation) and the questioning of how come I haven’t had a job and the looks of disappointment of how can she be in the family when she’s so stupid? Sigh. What a way to celebrate Christmas, eh? Oh, I know when I’m there I try to look at the bright side, but, when I get back, I just get so pissed. Blah.

Oh!! This is what Faliq would definitely be celebrating!!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Gosh, yesterday was such a tiring day!! Didn’t sleep the night before because some things cropped up when I was just about to go to bed. So I didn’t sleep before I accompanied my mother to go to check on her EPF, and then off to have lunch with Amni (at her pantry!! Hahaha. Like I am willing to fight for the seats at KLCC. I think it was much more enjoyable eating at the pantry. True that it didn’t have a view, but OMG!! It was level 70-something!! Didn’t bring a camera so couldn’t kepoh-kepoh. Probably would do that the next time I’m there. Nyahaha!!), and then to drop off some Christmas cards. Though I was “stuck” in Kinokuniya for about 2 hours. Hahahaha. Quite surprised they brought some of the Japanese section down. Now I’m curious as to what is upstairs. Maybe my next trip there (since, really, there’s nothing in KLCC that is special except for Kinokuniya) I’ll go check it out. I don’t know why it is soooo much easier to find books in Kinokuniya than in MPH. Must be some Japanese feng shui. Though now I usually just choose the books there; I’ll still get it in MPH since I have the MPH card. But, yes, I would go all the way to KLCC just to pick the books. Am I insane? I think I am.

Though the odd, weird books, it is still better to try get them at Kinokuniya. I wonder why. Hmmm…

At least now their pricing is more consistent with the rest of the bookstores in Malaysia. I used to think that maybe they use the pricing in Japan for the books they sell in their shop. Seriously!! Some reaaalllyyyy weird prices. Can’t remember what, exactly, but it was XX.18. How the hell did they come up with 18 sens???

Went back, and went to find what was supposed to be the “best cake ever” according to my mother. For the life of me, right now, I can’t remember what it is. I’ll check with her later. But it is like layers upon layers upon layers of crêpe with cream in between. I don’t know why my mother likes it. She says it is less rich for her, but I found it is quite rich. I’m afraid I prefer old fashion cakes. Still, it was something different, so yeah. Oh, it costs RM8 for the vanilla ones and RM9 for the chocolate ones. However, looking at the layers and the thinnest of the crêpe, it’s worth it!! The taste… Well… to me it is okay. Maybe part of the reason is because of my mother over-hyped it to me? Who knows?

Had pizza for dinner. The one with the corn flakes at the crust (if you could call it a crust). Super cheesy and muak-ing but nice nonetheless. After that, rushed to Subang to meet up with Ku, Fatin, and Fatin’s friend, Sureen, and laughed quite a bit. Hahaha. Fatin insisted that I shouldn’t spend my birthday night alone. Sigh. Ah well.

Came back, scrubbed my face and put my Kiehl’s Rare Earth masque topically (thank goodness!!) and immediately fell asleep due to fatigued. And, actually, I somewhat just woke up. Hahaha. I would be asleep still if it wasn’t for the many texts. I thought someone was too stingy to call me but wanting to contact me. However, they came from different people. Sigh…

Such a descriptive account of my day. Oh well. I’m bored and I haven’t blogged much. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And Faliq, hope you wouldn’t bust your bank account tomorrow!!!


Apple products

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I wanted to get an iPod when Faliq came to KL… Partly because he could get this tourist thingy that would enable him to get 10% discount, though I didn’t know on what at first.

Went to KLCC and asked the shop what product could we get on discount. The response was the iPod classic and touch.

Sadly, both weren’t available.


Yes, I want a MacBook Pro. Yes, the reason I know about was because Faliq showed me the website, probably after getting so totally frickin’ fed up with my saying “I want a 17 inch MacBook Pro!!!” again and again.


Oh, I know even without making myself into a white person as per the website has described, I do like the things that have been listed out there.

Haha, yes, I am trying to be a white person.

I am so unique that I want to be amongst a stereotype. I want to be belonged.

By a bunch of people who is seperated from me by the biggest ocean we have; the Pacific.



So, you know how there’s the laser engraving for iPods?

And you know how iPods are the usual “entry” product before you become a crazy must-have-Apple-product kind of “creative” person?

My iPod would have the engraving of “Nani is on her way to being a white person.”

Lets assume that they would engrave iPhones and MacBooks in the future… And even though I’m not keen on getting an iPhone anyway… My iPhone would have the words “Almost there” engraved.

The MacBook Pro?

Just one word.




Thought of rebranding the blog with what I plan to engrave on my future iPod… However, I doubt I would be blogging on how I am on my way to be a white person, ladida. Using it as my blog title would make it seem like I am presenting myself in an angle, you know? But I don’t want that. I want it to be open, not from an angle, could be from all sides, ladida…

However, I do realize that I no longer get excited over cameras, I haven’t been baking and I have absolutely no idea how Cailean is feeling on my sheep shelf.



August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m sorting out my wardrobe… And I realized that I’m missing a lot of socks.

Or more like, I know I didn’t bring them back, so I keep asking myself, why? Where are my colorful and cute socks which embarrass my mother regardless of the fact that they’re ankle socks, hence no one would be able to see it due to it being covered by my sneakers?

Why did I get socks that were mostly black and only had smiley faces and the names of the days on the soles of the sock?

What happened to the socks that when I show my mother, she’ll look at me and ask “would a 17/18/19/20/21 year old really wear those kind of socks?”

Duhh!! Of course they would!! Especially after 11 years of wearing boring plain white cotton, who wouldn’t want to wear silly socks?

Well, I would anyway.

However, like my cousin pointed out, the colorful socks has been replaced by colorful tights. Or at least, bright hued, one colored tights.

Tights, mind you. Not those pre-Napier Barlinnie prison deserving leggings.



July 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I find it weird that a friend of mine has no qualms about using designer make up, but frowns at the amount of money I spend on my shampoo and conditioner.

Seriously man.

Oh, and the amount I spend on my shampoo? Not that much since I use lugged John Frieda from England. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much; 5 quid a bottle!! Not as much as her makeup anyway!!

Urgh. Seriously!!

Looking down at drugstore brand makeup and all. Like it is so horrible. If it comes anywhere near you, you would suddenly break out or something.

I suppose it is dificult now that you have an expensive taste. I don’t envy you, but seriously, a lot of your money goes into paying for the advertisement than the greatness of the product. Fine, say that I sound like a sour grape; not that I care anyway, since I am bitching. Plenty of people get by with drugstore brands anyway, and have certain pieces of designer makeup. You’re not the only person who has a 9-5 job, you know.


Anyway, putting that ridiculous person aside, even without using designer brands and concentrating on drugstore brands…

Why are foundations just ridiculously expensive? And considering that it is the fastest finishing item!!

Find, it goes onto a larger surface ladida… And amountwise it is more…

However, my blusher is only about 5g less than my foundation, but it is aboyt RM15 less than the foundation on discounted price when the blusher is at normal price!!

Just how insane is that?

(A sick part of me thinks, “probably the price of all foundation increased thanks to the amount the cast of Twilight and New Moon used.” OMG, if this is true… it’ll be hell till they finish Breaking Dawn. The amount of vampires. Dieeee)

Especially considering there’s no glitter in it… Or complicated double color… I don’t know. It is just so annoying that it is so expensive!!

And I know I did get more tanned while I was in London. Damn the stronger sun there!! Arrgghhh!! Trust me to get darker when I go to a cooler climate country. Though my foundation doesn’t look gray; that’s superb news. Hahaha.

I find it weird that another friend prefers those powder mineral foundation when she doesn’t like the two-way cake because she feels like the cake is “too light”. I find the powder so… urgh, I’m not sure how to explain. But I have problems when it comes to the eye area. It’s like… suddenly, my skintone becomes more uneven because I can’t apply the foundation properly at the eye area.

I abhor liquid foundation. I really do!! I find it quite troublesome to apply, even with a foundation sponge. Using fingers is an absolute nightmare. It amazes me how some of my friends think they got away with it, not realizing that I can see clearly the finger streaks on their faces. The thing is, we’re not so close that I could point it out to them. And most of those that make this mistake are so big headed that they think their application is superb that they would feel absolutely insulted if I point it out. A big help is to not apply your foundation in yellow light; you can’t see yourself clearly. Seriously, yellow light makes gray look rosy, and you do not want to look gray and streaky.

And if you do use liquid foundation, please use powder to set the foundation, and so that you would have a more matte finish. With just liquid foundation, you look like you just had botox, with all that shine.

I absolutely adore two-way cakes. For a better coverage, wet the sponge before tapping it to the cake. I find the coverage equals to the liquid, but with less hassle. And if you choose not to powder, you could get away with it. However, sometimes even when applied with a dry sponge I would set it with loose powder. It just, stays better, you know?

Still… arrggghhhh!!! Why so expensive?????? I’m down to my last refill. And I got rid of all my other types of foundation. Heck, I don’t even have concealer. Dumped most things since I realize I had them since my first year of university.


So now, being extremely broke, I need to stock up on essential make up; foundation and concealer.

How frinkin’ perfect. Thank goodness I still have base and loose powder.

Since I started using a brush to apply powder, I can’t imagine using compact powder anymore. I’m thinking it is likely I’ll be lugging around that pot of loose powder around once I start working.

And my facial masque is also finishing. Oh, not everything, thank God. I think that might be about it. Still, I don’t know what brand of masque would I use next!! I’m currently using Crabtree & Evelyn which I got when they were discontinuing a line, so I very much doubt that I would be able to get it. Anyway, it is not as fantastic as their La Source masque, so I doubt I would be getting it anyway. I just can’t think what masque would I be getting next…


Delighted =D

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

After so long… Finally my screen is in an upright position and doesn’t fall down easily.


It’s been… goodness!! Almost a year!!

March the 16th would make it a year because I opened it up the night before I went to Ireland.

OMG so happy!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Ahh… so easily pleased; me. Heh heh.

Happy happy day.

*smiles like a smelly cockle*


Nonetheless, I would still want a MacBook Pro. Hahahaha. 😛

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UK trip

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I think I better just say it out loud; it looks very very unlikely for me to be coming up to the UK at the end of March for two months.

I didn’t want the world to know that I was coming mainly for the sake of the people in Cardiff.

Hahaha. Somehow after typing that, it’s as if everyone in Cardiff are just waiting for me to come and bless their city once more.

Hehe. I meant my friends there.

I don’t know… I don’t really like Cardiff. I’m sorry; really, I don’t.

Probably the reason why when I do go there, I spend most of my time in the house instead of out.

I was planning to visit England (well, duhh), Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland… All except for Wales. Hahaha. I even made sure I would take the ferry from Belfast to that Scottish town with too many Rs in my opinion instead of from Dublin to Holyhead. Hahaha. I know; so horrible.

It is very embarrassing, really, the reason I’m not coming.

It’s not because of some ridiculously horrible fight with my mother.

No; it was just me getting moody and responding to her with one word answers to her querries. I got fed up explaining my route is not exactly where I am dropping by but more to show the direction as to where I am going. So I kept quiet and I haven’t asked her about it since.

The first time was hard enough; to ask twice would be cutting the wound bigger and dumping a whole kilo of seasalt on it and rubbing it on.

Will sting that bad.

Or maybe like when wasps sting you. The horrid thing is that I am allergic to wasps.

I feel bad, really, because I’ve told quite a number of my friends that I trust.

It was really going to be a hush hush thing; not many people would know. I mean, look at the dates; it’s near peoples’ exams and going back before most people are done. It’s really so that I would be with myself. Say goodbye properly to the UK (and find a Scottish hubby without Amni luring the guy away from me. Hahaha) and all.

It’s really somewhat like a Celtic pilgrimage. Somewhat. Hahaha.

I don’t know; it feels like I have not let go of England properly yet.

Probably because I thought that I will for sure be able to come to England for the last time without begging for it.

Still, I wouldn’t be coming.

And I no longer want to travel. Anywhere. It’s just me dragging my feet and humoring my mother now.

Now, I feel materialistic; I want lots of things.

I want a new phone, suddenly. Oh, I suppose reformating my Sony-Ericsson would mean somewhat a new phone, but I don’t know… But I don’t like most phones nowadays. I hate touchpads. Bleurgh.

And I need new shirts; plain ones and lots of it. I have too many patterned shirts and skirts. I can hardly match things!! Imagine wearing butterly printed skirt and a stripped shirt. Ewww!!!

I want a pair of Oxford heels. I don’t know, just for fun. The booties type. Oh, stiletoes, of course. And not open toed though. Preferably one similar to Blair when she went shopping with Serena. Can’t find the picture now. I remember it was black and white. Hehehe.

Handbags. Somehow I realize I’m lacking handbags. But at the same time, I’ve been looking around and there’s not much I like. I don’t like patent leather stuff, and it’s like everything’s patented nowadays. Sigh. Maybe I should adjust that rule of mine. I don’t know… I find patent tacky. *shrugs*

A MacBook Pro, obviously…

And I need a new bloody study table. I now find it is a pain in the arse to use my laptop on my bed. Seriously…

I don’t feel like buying much books anymore though. Now my book wishlist consists of mostly classics. My mother suggested I make a list of books I’ve read. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to do that because some of the books I’ve read are quite embarrassing for me to admit that I’ve read. Yeah, beyond embarrassment me is embarrassed of those books. Oh, it’s not the Twilight saga. Surprising, huh? Hehe.

I want a new hair color. Well, not whole head. And highlights instead. Man, having a bob is so ridiculously boring. Blah.

And I would like more headbands. Hahaha. Like I don’t have enough already. My mother gets quite angry with my leaving my headbands everywhere!! Hahaha. It’s like the only thing I feel my bobbed hair would be able to take without drowning it. Sigh. How I wish my hair was longer again…

Oooooo!!! A full length mirror. Just for fun. Hahahaha.

Of course more sheep!!!!!!

A printer. Those 3 or 4 in one type. Because my laptop refuses to recognize my mother’s printer. And I want a scanner; hence the 3 or 4 in one type.

More shoes. Of course. Haha. Though I think I would need to get a job before I start buying shoes again. I don’t really have much space above my wardrobe anymore…

Oh, I don’t know what else… 😛


February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I am ow in Seremban… accompanied my mother here for some workshop crap. She insisted that I come as she doesn’t know the way to the hotel. Sigh. So my laptop at home is unrepaired till Tuesday, as I would need to go to the hospital on Monday. Which reminds me, I need to get my supply of meds then.

So now I am using her laptop. An old 12 inch one… with the somewhat square screen; not those widescreens… So there is not much space for the keyboard. I don’t know; I feel it is quite cramped. And since it is not a Dell, some of the keys are located differently, though not the main ones. Just the arrow buttons and such. I still hate the British/European querty keyboards with the inverted commas (“) being at no2 and the @ at where the inverted comma is supposed to be and all. What logic did you all use there? Seriously!!

But it remains, this keyboard sucks. I keep hitting the up arrow key when I want to hit “shift” on my right.  Sigh. I hate small laptops; which is why my dream laptop is the 17 inch wonder of MacBook Pro. *dreams* Hahaha.

I was showing this clip of Jo Brand’s standup to Amni… talking about marriages. What I really love about it is when she was talking about women and men; how we see each other differently. She said “…men view women differently from the way women view men. A lot of men view women as sex object, whereas women view men as useful objects. The other night, I left my husband bent over, like this, with a burnt back. Well, the ironing board was broken, what can I do?”

Hahaha. Somehow quite true.

And it’s like, true, no? That we women prefer things over sex, no?

Well, at least it is with me anyway.

Oh, here’s the clip:

I just love her.

Anyway, yes; me. I told a friend that “I want a Mac as bad as you want to shag David Tennant.” The said friend is rather horny right now; probably ovulating. I’m just counting the days till she announces that she wants to watch Doctor Who. I would definitely mark the date on my calender.

I also got more and more descriptive in describing how bad I want a Mac and how satisfied I would feel when I do get the MacBook…

Definitely would be better than an orgasm, I think.

And my preferences of things over sex also is in the academic field.

How, you might ask?

I prefer studying theft over sexual offences.


I am one consistent person.



But yeah, I do hate this laptop; the fact that it doesn’t have firefox (I can’t install it because the Admin account for the laptop is password protected and I’ve no idea what the password is), it uses old version of most things, I need to use Windows Messanger… There’s not much songs in it… The complains goes on and on.

However, at least it is a laptop and I can connect onto the internet through it. And that it emits light that enable me to read or at the very least see what I could be seeing, unlike a book.

I brought 4 books along with me. However, my mother can’t sleep without the lights on (total opposite of me), so the only place I could read the book would be in the bathroom.

Even though I’m in a hotel, I don’t fancy reading in toilets/bathroom unless I’m pooping. Hahaha. And even that I would only read magazines. You know… To pass the time. 😛

Oh I would never use the laptop while I’m the washroom though. Crazy!! Would be worried sick if water might touch it.

Someone once told me that you could actually pour water on a Mac and it wouldn’t affect it at all; it’s waterproof. Wow. I wonder… Must ask them!! 😀

Though I banned myself from entering an Apple shop for fear of wiping out my credit card and purchasing one.

Kinda sucks, sometimes, that my mother didn’t put a limit to the card.

Need to be soooo strong not to tempt myself. Sigh.

So, no going into an Apple Store.

Heck, I usally try to make sure I don’t even pass it directly… like go to the other corridor. Look from afar; that kind, you know?

My mother would just slaughter me and turn me into haggis if I got a MacBook. Especially after paying RM600 to extend the guarantee for my laptop.

Sigh… I miss it so much.

Oh well…