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Hot stuff

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Reading as I am updating my “How white am I?” page…

And I was reading the article on Sweaters and Scarves…

It suddenly reminded me of a statement Sangee made of one of our profs. Something along the lines of “and he knows he’s hot stuff, what with his jumper and jeans that he wears everyday.”

The said prof also has this annoying habit of messing up his hair while he’s lecturing.

Since then, every time we see someone wearing the jeans and jumper combination, we’ll go “ooooo!! Hot stuff hot stuff!! like a bunch of idiots.

The ridiculously stupid thing is that most people actually turn up like that to lectures; student and lecturer alike.

Heck, if following that, half of my tutors are “hot stuff”.

But it is so ridiculously funny to do that. Hahaha.

I miss uni.



July 21, 2009 Leave a comment

After a year of graduating, I am going to another lecture.

Though it’ll be the first time I’m attending my mother’s lecture.

Sometimes it surprises me that I’ve never attended any of her lecture or seminar or whatever. Maybe a meeting, but never when she presents a paper or teach.

Kinda weird, thinking about it.

Oh well…

However, apparently her university makes quite a big deal of one’s inaugural lecture.

It is a far cry from all the inaugural lectures I’ve attended while I was doing my degree. Those were held in the evening with no dress code whatsoever. Like a normal lecture. And it definitely felt like a “normal” lecture for me since it was usually held at the law school lecture theatre.

So yeah.

This… has a dress code.

And it is held in a hall that would usually make the time I got out of the bus at Glencoe without my coat (but with a cardigan, but so thin it might have not been there) been nothing.

And my mother wanted me to wear this modern baju kurung, which is made out of chiffon!!!

“But everyone dresses up for inaugural lectures!!”

Well, I don’t think I would want to freeze do death just to fit in!! I would want to be comfortable!!

I told her I was going to wear the suit I wore for an interview. Initially I suggested wearing a traditional costume but a jacket over it; she rejected that idea. I don’t get it; because it wouldn’t match. So, when I suggested that I wear something matching, she says no, this is Malaysia.

But the temperature in that lecture hall would be comparable to Norway!!

Yeah, I did think of suggesting to her about wearing my turquoise coat, but it is a bit too dirty. Hehe. Haven’t sent it for dry cleaning.

I remember my friend saying why was I buying a new coat in my final year. Well, then I was supposed to be going to Belfast (which could be bloody cold; was freezing when I was there!!). Still, after spending 8 weeks almost in that coat… I think I did the price I paid justice. The lining is quite torn; I’m not sure whether I would bother mending it. Would be insane to unpick the whole thing and change the lining (especially when you still don’t know how to use the sewing machine; that is such an “amazing” story to my friends when they hear the reason why [especially since I never got less than 90 {over hundred} for sewing; I had a secret]) and sew it by hand.

Anyway, yes!! Gosh… I don’t know what will I be wearing. I don’t have many clothes that actually fit me well, regardless of the fact that it was specially tailored for me; the traditional costumes, I mean. Though my figure changed when I was in England… so yeah. I’m trying to imagine if I did get my hands on a deep fried Mars bar when I was in Glasgow. Good thing that when I actually did most of the walking, it was a Bank Holiday, and the next day I was too lazy to go to the east side of Glasgow (since I was spending time on the west. Haha). Still, it is a big regret that I didn’t get it. Maybe when my aunt makes banana fritters one day, I would get her to deep fry a Mars bar; though of course, it wouldn’t be like the fish batter. Hmmm… Maybe should ask a fish and chip shop to fry it. Would be so weird explaining it.

Oh why oh why didn’t I get it before I left for Durham? Sigh.

Still can’t believe the ticket when I was getting it would be more expensive from Edinburgh instead of Glasgow. I mean, seriously; the train actually stopped in Edinburgh from Glasgow!! So silly!!!!!!!

Still, an extra hour on the awesome free WiFi on NXEC.

All trains should have free WiFi on the train like NXEC; especially First trains. Oh, and Cross Country. You could actually take a train from Penzance all the way to Edinburgh and not need to switch trains!! Insane!!!!!!

I go out of topic so easily. Sigh. Still, yeah, sounds like I was repeating myself anyway.

I also feel like cutting my hair. Or at least, change my hairstyle. Or maybe just streak my hair.

I know!! So silly, right? But I feel like my hair is exceptionally flat right now. And the ends are not behaving; curling in and out. However, I fear if I cut my hair, it’ll take forever to grow it back. Trimming it so often. Still, from my experience, it would actually look longer instead of shorter once I cut my hair.

Short hair is so bloody odd. Though I am getting used to it; having short hair. Though it is more fun to have long hair, obviously. So no way will I be maintaining short hair. Hahaha. It is definitely more expensive since have to cut it more often to maintain the shape. It was a lie that my hair would stay in shape longer. Well, it did… since I cut my hair cut some time before I left for the British Isles. And I’ve been back for over a month.

Yeah… maybe I would do something with my hair. Hmmm…

Office party kitteh

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Just can’t stop laughing. Hahahaha.

And such an innocent look on his face!! Hahahahahahaha.


March 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Initially, I thought of giving this post the title of “office”… However, I thought that might be a little too posh for someone who hasn’t even applied for a job, right?

So, I thought, cubicle should do the trick.

When I was younger, I wanted to be in the performing arts industry. I don’t know why. Theatre, those kind, you know? Weirdly, I cannot stand Shakespeare. Sonnet 18 remains the only work of Shakespeare that I’ve read. And good thing too; it came out in my year for SPM. 

I didn’t do literature, which is how I avoided reading MacBeth.

I didn’t bother reading Merchant of Venice for one of my Understanding Law seminars. Not really because it was Shakespeare but more because I don’t really care about the module. Hahaha.

I was curious about Romeo and Juliet after listening to Taylor Swift’s Love Story, but now I can’t be bothered. Hahaha.

Difficult, I suppose, to hate Shakespeare and to want to be in the performing arts?

Though probably if you want to be in the classical theatre type things.

My Law School hoodie’s “name” is “Wanted to do a BFA.” Bachelor of Fine Arts, not whatever else you can come up with.

I wanted to go to an American college though; not a drama school in Britain.

Probably because I hate Shakespeare. Hahaha.

However, my mother absolutely refuse to allow me to do anything other than a professional degree, with the exception of Economics.

I picked the only one in the list that didn’t require mathematics; law. Initially, I was planning to practice and all… but after some time and after doing an attachment in a corporate law firm (and after being bored to death by Company Law), I decided that practicing corporate law is not the way for me.

Nonetheless, by that time, I didn’t think that I would be content with going to performing arts anymore.

Why? The reason is the title of this post.

I want a permanent place where I would come and sit and do my work. Regardless of the fact that I currently don’t have a study table in my room (though I really want one now), I love having one. And to decorate it and personalize my personal space…

I really can’t wait!!

It would really be me doing the decorating. I mean, surely there is not that much furniture the office would give, considering that I am expecting more of just a desk, a desktop and a chair, and that’s it. Maybe some drawers, but really, nothing much.

Unlike my room, which my mother was the one that picked the bed (which I hate very very much) and most of everything else. I feel like it’s not really my personal space.

And somehow, I feel like my bedsheets are no longer that comfortable. Like it has formed these balls that you get when they are already well used? Yeah, those.

I honestly wouldn’t know what I would put on my table/cubicle when I do get a job though. Hmmm… Maybe bring Cailean and put him there. Hahaha. Poor dear; get left in the office all alone. Still, I look forward to it very much. 😀

And I very much look forward to using my laptop again… Hmph. With the falling screen and all. Much nicer keyboard. Bleh…

UK trip

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I think I better just say it out loud; it looks very very unlikely for me to be coming up to the UK at the end of March for two months.

I didn’t want the world to know that I was coming mainly for the sake of the people in Cardiff.

Hahaha. Somehow after typing that, it’s as if everyone in Cardiff are just waiting for me to come and bless their city once more.

Hehe. I meant my friends there.

I don’t know… I don’t really like Cardiff. I’m sorry; really, I don’t.

Probably the reason why when I do go there, I spend most of my time in the house instead of out.

I was planning to visit England (well, duhh), Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland… All except for Wales. Hahaha. I even made sure I would take the ferry from Belfast to that Scottish town with too many Rs in my opinion instead of from Dublin to Holyhead. Hahaha. I know; so horrible.

It is very embarrassing, really, the reason I’m not coming.

It’s not because of some ridiculously horrible fight with my mother.

No; it was just me getting moody and responding to her with one word answers to her querries. I got fed up explaining my route is not exactly where I am dropping by but more to show the direction as to where I am going. So I kept quiet and I haven’t asked her about it since.

The first time was hard enough; to ask twice would be cutting the wound bigger and dumping a whole kilo of seasalt on it and rubbing it on.

Will sting that bad.

Or maybe like when wasps sting you. The horrid thing is that I am allergic to wasps.

I feel bad, really, because I’ve told quite a number of my friends that I trust.

It was really going to be a hush hush thing; not many people would know. I mean, look at the dates; it’s near peoples’ exams and going back before most people are done. It’s really so that I would be with myself. Say goodbye properly to the UK (and find a Scottish hubby without Amni luring the guy away from me. Hahaha) and all.

It’s really somewhat like a Celtic pilgrimage. Somewhat. Hahaha.

I don’t know; it feels like I have not let go of England properly yet.

Probably because I thought that I will for sure be able to come to England for the last time without begging for it.

Still, I wouldn’t be coming.

And I no longer want to travel. Anywhere. It’s just me dragging my feet and humoring my mother now.

Now, I feel materialistic; I want lots of things.

I want a new phone, suddenly. Oh, I suppose reformating my Sony-Ericsson would mean somewhat a new phone, but I don’t know… But I don’t like most phones nowadays. I hate touchpads. Bleurgh.

And I need new shirts; plain ones and lots of it. I have too many patterned shirts and skirts. I can hardly match things!! Imagine wearing butterly printed skirt and a stripped shirt. Ewww!!!

I want a pair of Oxford heels. I don’t know, just for fun. The booties type. Oh, stiletoes, of course. And not open toed though. Preferably one similar to Blair when she went shopping with Serena. Can’t find the picture now. I remember it was black and white. Hehehe.

Handbags. Somehow I realize I’m lacking handbags. But at the same time, I’ve been looking around and there’s not much I like. I don’t like patent leather stuff, and it’s like everything’s patented nowadays. Sigh. Maybe I should adjust that rule of mine. I don’t know… I find patent tacky. *shrugs*

A MacBook Pro, obviously…

And I need a new bloody study table. I now find it is a pain in the arse to use my laptop on my bed. Seriously…

I don’t feel like buying much books anymore though. Now my book wishlist consists of mostly classics. My mother suggested I make a list of books I’ve read. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to do that because some of the books I’ve read are quite embarrassing for me to admit that I’ve read. Yeah, beyond embarrassment me is embarrassed of those books. Oh, it’s not the Twilight saga. Surprising, huh? Hehe.

I want a new hair color. Well, not whole head. And highlights instead. Man, having a bob is so ridiculously boring. Blah.

And I would like more headbands. Hahaha. Like I don’t have enough already. My mother gets quite angry with my leaving my headbands everywhere!! Hahaha. It’s like the only thing I feel my bobbed hair would be able to take without drowning it. Sigh. How I wish my hair was longer again…

Oooooo!!! A full length mirror. Just for fun. Hahahaha.

Of course more sheep!!!!!!

A printer. Those 3 or 4 in one type. Because my laptop refuses to recognize my mother’s printer. And I want a scanner; hence the 3 or 4 in one type.

More shoes. Of course. Haha. Though I think I would need to get a job before I start buying shoes again. I don’t really have much space above my wardrobe anymore…

Oh, I don’t know what else… 😛

McCall Smith

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I don’t think I’ve published this in my blog, but there have been times that I say I would love to study in University of Edinburgh and do an LL.M in medical law just so that I could have Alexander McCall Smith as one of my tutors. I mean, how cool would it be that you have a best selling author as your tutor? And a best seller for fiction books, not textbooks of your course.

Though now that I have read one of his books–44 Scotland Street–I am grateful I didn’t do something silly. Also, to specialize in medical law… Nahhh…

I doubt I would be concentrating on his classes. I would be wondering how in the world does he find the time being an emeritus professor and write so many stories.

My God…

The first time I knew of his existence was because of 44 Scotland Street. I found the title amusing, since when I first saw the book, I just got back from Penang. In Penang, there’s this road call Jalan Scotland; jalan means road in Malay.

And our house number is number 44.


I was curious about it, but I never got round buying the book.

However, when I did Health Care Law, one of the recommended texts was Mason & McCall Smith’s Law and Medical Ethics, though my tutor made snide comments on it on how McCall Smith left from writing the book for more lucrative writing projects…


The first and only sign of jealousy that came from that guy. In my first year, I thought jealousy is a foreign concept to that guy. Now, I know better. Hehehe.

It’s amazing how he can find time to balance the academic and the fiction writing. And it’s like, he produces a lot of fiiction stories. It’s just amazing.

And there’s so many wacky characters in 44 Scotland Street. Goodness, where does he find the ideas?

Good thing that I wasn’t crazy enough.


Alma Mater

February 12, 2009 Leave a comment

To be honest, I’ve never been proud of my alma mater. Actually, if I’m being truly honest, I’m actually embarrassed by my alma mater.

Probably why I don’t mention it much. Just refer to the area as the region it is called. Though I’m sure it is likely that those who read my blog could figure it out. However, I do not want to make it easier for those graduating from that university who are proud of it come bombarding my blog, criticizing my feelings.

Because, to be honest, I can’t defend my feelings towards it. I myself don’t know why I feel that way.

How weird is it that I am proud of my 2.2 but not for the fact that I graduated with an LL.B. I am proud of the academics that taught me in my three years there but not the university, when in fact, if I was not in that university, I wouldn’t have gotten such amazing tutors.

Though, to be honest, not all of them were. Hahaha.

That might explain why I don’t mention my tutors’ names here. No point anyway.

The situation in Perak is definitely not helping matters. Everytime people say “what in the world was the Sultan thinking?”, I’ll be like, “and this is how graduates from my alma mater decide things? And after all the experience he has in the legal world, before he became the Sultan?”

I really don’t know why I’m embarrassed by it. Especially when it was a very good Law School. Consistently in the top 10 every year and all.

My mother got quite angry after I explained why I was sighing while I was reading the paper; that there was even more reason for me to be embarrassed by my doing law at my alma mater.

She asked, “so, what would you do if you could turn back time then? You think you’ll go so far with, I don’t know, a “useless degree”, like a BA in English from some crappy university in Utah?”

Oh, I should tell you that she does listen to me listening to Avenue Q… Might explain why she said “useless degree” and her choice of saying BA in English. Though frankly I don’t really understand what she has against Utah. You would think all the worst universities are in Utah if she’s right.

To which, I replied… “you might be a best-selling writer!! You described Stephenie Meyer’s education there, you know. Don’t look down at universities in Utah so much.”

So it is no surprise… that my mother currently hates Stephenie Meyer.

She did say, “I thought you hate that woman!!”

I don’t hate her; I don’t even know the person, just her books!!

I can’t even say I hate her books; I just don’t like it. And I’m not terribly impressed; like I said, it’s like Harry Potter to me. No stoning me for that comment, please. It is my opinion.

Really, couldn’t she use words like, I don’t know, magnificent, superb… Or open the thesaurus to find words that mean the same as perfect that might be suitable to describe Edward’s looks… It gets boring and repetitive…

And you really can’t say Bella’s lost for words, could you? I mean, the books are thick and it is mostly written from her point of view, after all!

I have also decided I’m too lazy to criticize the book on my blog. I could just copy and paste my conversations that I have on MSN here, I suppose… Still, too lazy to even find them. 😛

Maybe I would, one day. Who knows.

I do feel like counting how many times she uses the word perfect. Circle them with pink highlighters.

Who cares; they’re my books after all!!

I mean, my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is not furiously highlighted… The areas where Hermione was going on about house elves rights. It’s really funny. And, I suppose, it’s like America trying to shove the idea of democracy down people who don’t agree with the idea’s throats. You really can’t force people to accept the right that you think they should have when they don’t want it, right?

I mean, you have a choice whether you want to exercise the rights or not, surely?

And surely I have the right to color my books, even if there are only words in it instead of pictures?