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June 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I went to a skin specialist today.

Was prescribed isotretinoin to control my oil production.

The same drug a friend was prescribed when she studied in Glasgow (prescription under NHS Scotland is free).  She complained how fed up she was with her doctor making her take pregnancy tests; why she absolutely refused to believe that she wasn’t sexually active.

My experience?

“Oh, you’re Malay-Muslim. So, are you married? Okay, then this is the best time to start on the medication. If you’re engaged, you would need to reschedule your wedding. Maybe one year later?”

Typical that they would assume Malays would get pregnant almost immediately. However, I gave a slightly different respond to her question. Oh, she didn’t even pause for a breath when she said that; she can run for the position of “Malaysian bullet train”. Somehow, I prefer Irish bullet train’s breathlessness. At least sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightly slower for me to be able to catch what she’s saying. Good thing Malaysian bullet train decided not to be a lecturer; wonder if her students will be able to catch anything.

My respond? “I could be sexually active either way, you know. I studied in an ang moh country.” (Yeah, like if I studied in, say, Japan or Singapore, or even at home, my local classmates would be prim and proper and not sleep around. Ah well. More likely, I suppose?)

She stopped her scribbling. “But but but… you’re Malay, right? Muslim???”

It made me wonder, doesn’t she read the newspapers? Being Muslim somehow never stopped quite a number of Malays engaging pre-marital sex. And, what is worse, is that Malays just can’t be bothered to use contraceptives. Or are too embarrassed to get them. Though doesn’t embarrass them that God see them throwing the unwanted baby away. Makes me wonder, if you’re that embarrassed to walk into a pharmacy and get a box of condoms, how could you even engage in sexual activity? And so irresponsible, to not use contraceptives, whether you’re married or not, when you don’t want kids. I am not saying you need to abstain, but, practice safe sex, will ya?

That is along the lines of my rant to the doctor. She was quite amused, and said, “ah, well, if you are sexually active, I have no problems as well. From the sound of it, you will be responsible about it. I generally ask my Chinese patients to abstain while on this treatment instead of depending on contraceptives.”

For some reason, I find that quite cruel. I mean, really? I know it is horrible if you get pregnant while on the medication for the baby… But, I don’t know. It is a bit weird for a skin specialist to be telling someone, “no, you can’t have sex for one year, or until you stop taking this medication.”

Ah well. She said I might have to get a stronger moisturizer while I’m on the meds. Damn. I’ve no idea what to use though. Hmmmm…

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The life of a driver…

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Is very boring. If I ever (haha; very much doubt it) get one, I’ll make sure there’s a library in the car for him to read while waiting for me. Our car resembles a library now. Hahaha. Or at least, the trunk is.

Why am I being a driver? Because my mother’s orthopedic has told her not to drive. Well, she hasn’t been driving apart from going to work anyway. However, since she twisted her knee one day, she totally hasn’t. And going to the orthopedic… Someone else’s doctor telling me not to work just yet. Huh.

There hasn’t been much. The internet has been wonky, so I haven’t even putting up the pictures from Syria and Jordan. I have been addicted to downloading stuff, and it is mostly for the sake of downloading instead of wanting the files already. Sigh. And for the past few days, there hasn’t been any successful download of a file. Yesterday, it was less than 1MB left to be downloaded when it stopped. Urgh!! So bloody annoying!!

Nonetheless, now I am at my mother’s office, and I might be the only joker who’s using the wireless… So the internet connection is awesome!! Download time babeh!! 😀

When will I be cured from this, seriously? Sigh…

Off to read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. No mood to finish Memoirs of a Geisha.

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December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Happy New Year!!

Off to my mother’s hometown for my cousin’s engagement!!

Welcoming New Year in our car!! Toodles!!

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December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

What the hell???

I was gone for quite some time before this and I never said anything. I haven’t posted something for a few days, and now I am saying I’m taking a hiatus. Right…

Anyway, I’m going to be concentrating on putting together a blog of my trip to Syria and Jordan. The pictures can be horrendous at times. And I need to shrink it since I used 12MP size. Hehehe. Shrink it to 35% for the blog. Wahaha. Can’t be bothered to watermark it though. Would drive me insane then. And I wouldn’t get anything done!!

Soo…. Faliq, hope you enjoyed all the shopping you did yesterday and will be doing tomorrow!!!

I know I haven’t inserted the links of the last post. Shhhh. Will do it soon enough!!

Right now, to be honest, I’m just loading the pictures and putting them in draft form. Not blogging anything on the pictures yet. The internet’s been wonky, and since it is letting me load the pictures…

But, it’s probably a WP problem, before this. And maybe now people are too busy with shopping and Christmas still that they haven’t had time to jam the server? Who knows?

Tata for now!!

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Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Merry Christmas everyone!!

The odd people who reads my blog anyway; not much loyal readers apart from Faliq. Ah well. So what, eh?

Though he doesn’t celebrate Christmas…

Oh well!!

Who cares?

First Christmas the family didn’t call us up for Christmas dinner. Yeay!! No uncomfortable chit chat with the ooooold cousins (I’m the youngest in that generation) and the questioning of how come I haven’t had a job and the looks of disappointment of how can she be in the family when she’s so stupid? Sigh. What a way to celebrate Christmas, eh? Oh, I know when I’m there I try to look at the bright side, but, when I get back, I just get so pissed. Blah.

Oh!! This is what Faliq would definitely be celebrating!!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Gosh, yesterday was such a tiring day!! Didn’t sleep the night before because some things cropped up when I was just about to go to bed. So I didn’t sleep before I accompanied my mother to go to check on her EPF, and then off to have lunch with Amni (at her pantry!! Hahaha. Like I am willing to fight for the seats at KLCC. I think it was much more enjoyable eating at the pantry. True that it didn’t have a view, but OMG!! It was level 70-something!! Didn’t bring a camera so couldn’t kepoh-kepoh. Probably would do that the next time I’m there. Nyahaha!!), and then to drop off some Christmas cards. Though I was “stuck” in Kinokuniya for about 2 hours. Hahahaha. Quite surprised they brought some of the Japanese section down. Now I’m curious as to what is upstairs. Maybe my next trip there (since, really, there’s nothing in KLCC that is special except for Kinokuniya) I’ll go check it out. I don’t know why it is soooo much easier to find books in Kinokuniya than in MPH. Must be some Japanese feng shui. Though now I usually just choose the books there; I’ll still get it in MPH since I have the MPH card. But, yes, I would go all the way to KLCC just to pick the books. Am I insane? I think I am.

Though the odd, weird books, it is still better to try get them at Kinokuniya. I wonder why. Hmmm…

At least now their pricing is more consistent with the rest of the bookstores in Malaysia. I used to think that maybe they use the pricing in Japan for the books they sell in their shop. Seriously!! Some reaaalllyyyy weird prices. Can’t remember what, exactly, but it was XX.18. How the hell did they come up with 18 sens???

Went back, and went to find what was supposed to be the “best cake ever” according to my mother. For the life of me, right now, I can’t remember what it is. I’ll check with her later. But it is like layers upon layers upon layers of crêpe with cream in between. I don’t know why my mother likes it. She says it is less rich for her, but I found it is quite rich. I’m afraid I prefer old fashion cakes. Still, it was something different, so yeah. Oh, it costs RM8 for the vanilla ones and RM9 for the chocolate ones. However, looking at the layers and the thinnest of the crêpe, it’s worth it!! The taste… Well… to me it is okay. Maybe part of the reason is because of my mother over-hyped it to me? Who knows?

Had pizza for dinner. The one with the corn flakes at the crust (if you could call it a crust). Super cheesy and muak-ing but nice nonetheless. After that, rushed to Subang to meet up with Ku, Fatin, and Fatin’s friend, Sureen, and laughed quite a bit. Hahaha. Fatin insisted that I shouldn’t spend my birthday night alone. Sigh. Ah well.

Came back, scrubbed my face and put my Kiehl’s Rare Earth masque topically (thank goodness!!) and immediately fell asleep due to fatigued. And, actually, I somewhat just woke up. Hahaha. I would be asleep still if it wasn’t for the many texts. I thought someone was too stingy to call me but wanting to contact me. However, they came from different people. Sigh…

Such a descriptive account of my day. Oh well. I’m bored and I haven’t blogged much. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And Faliq, hope you wouldn’t bust your bank account tomorrow!!!

Misc updates

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I typed this out on a Words file because my internet got cut. Ladida. I’ll add the URL later. Going out now!!

20th Dec 2009 @ 19:20

OMG!!!! I got a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!

Was so excited yesterday that I could hardly sleep!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Got the LG KF350 a.k.a. Ice Cream 😉 Got the baby blue-green/ pistachio color. Shooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!!

Been eyeing the phone the moment I saw Jolene Lai reviewed it on her blog. However, I just got back and was fuming with my choice of getting the Sony Ericsson K850i. I got the phone because of the camera. Yeah, what a choice. And then, few months after that I got my Nikon P5100. Hahaha. Just couldn’t stand such mediocre cameras. Ironically, I hate Sony cameras. Sorry, Dee!! Still, the snow pictures you took were wonderful 😀

I used my Samsung E-900 most of the time. Only time I used the Sony again was when I was in the UK, since I was using the Samsung for my Malaysian number. People were still texting me using my Maxis number; much cheaper for them. Came back and my mother complained that she wanted a new phone. Ranged from my Samsung to an iPhone. Funny that she didn’t once mention the Sony. However, I said, why should I give up a phone that I am comfortable with that is older than a phone that I am so-so with? Gave her the phone and she kept it in her underwear drawer!!!! What the hell, right? I didn’t know she was still using her oooooooooooold Nokia, till one day, my battery died and I needed to make a call pronto (funny I didn’t think of calling from the house phone. Hahaha). Asked for her phone and she gave me that old gray one. Got so angry and started yelling at her. Added anger because I could have given the phone to one of my cousin who is in dire need of a new phone!! Plus, he wanted a Sony-Ericsson camera phone and was once eyeing my phone. Even more so when I told him I don’t really like it. I was slow on the uptake that he wanted the phone. Only when his sister—who lives with me—said that he wants a new phone for his birthday did I actually get all the hints he’s been dropping. Hahaha. Told my mother, and she panicked and said, fine, she’ll use the phone.

She went somewhere and when she came back, she lost her camera. Absolutely no idea how. She lost her 14MP Lumix camera!!!!!! I knooooowww!!! Breaks my heart!! Gosh!! Such a superb camera!! Funny thing is that it got lost at home. (Edit: the maid has found it! Yeay!!)  Hmmmm… So, she started learning how to use the camera on the Sony phone properly, and now she’s loving the phone.

So, there’s absolutely no way will I get that phone back even if I wanted it. She’s so in love with the phone that she made me use her old Nokia in the mean time.

Sniff sniff.

Bless the aunties and uncles who said that I should actually get a new phone. They say that it is admirable for a young adult to have been using the same phone for three and a half years. I really hardly ever did use the Sony when I was still in the UK. I only used it when my mother used my Samsung when she was there because I gave her a number just in case.

Actually, I was going to buy it with my own money. However, she gave me the cash… So… yeah. Hehehe.

Gosh. Yesterday my chest got so tight as I spent soooooooooooooooooo much money. I paid RM640 for the phone; got a 2GB microSD card with it. And then… and then… I bought my stock for the year of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (which is currently failing me since my face is feeling dry and I’m having so much acne. What the hell???); two bottles, and their eye gel so that I could qualify to get the Cleansing Oil (funny that I find their facial wash too drying. My skin is destined for cheapo cleansers, me thinks. Every time I nick someone’s expensive cleanser, I find it too drying too). Spent about 1k there. Die. And bought make-up base, which I use for facial sun-block nowadays. Thank goodness it was half price. All in all, I spent almost 2k yesterday. Aaaaakkkkk!!!!! Die.

I actually need a new eye lash curler… 😛

Anyway, I know I’ve been quite quiet on this blog. That is because the internet connection has been crap. I think I’ve blabbed about this already and told people not to change to P1. However, I don’t know how Streamyx is now. When I was using it 4 or 5 years ago (pre-degree period), it was good. However, for my friends in Shah Alam, they said it was crap. I guess it really depends on your area. Best way to keep up to date with me is through twitter. You don’t have to even have a twitter account; you can see my twitter page, here. 😀 Find it sooooo much easier saying things on twitter since you just type it and hit share or post or whatever it is; I can’t remember. I’m actually typing this on a Words file because P1 cut the internet connection (that’s another thing; they just tell you that your bill is due, and at the day of your bill, they just cut it without any warning. What happens if you went overseas for about two weeks, and when you return on a weekend, you need to use it immediately? If you click the self pay online, it will take 3 days for them to process it, i.e. 3 days before you could use the internet again. Seriously, P1 suck quite bad. I’m definitely complaining even though the account is my cousin’s. I’m still a user!! *puts on tough lawyer cap*). Unlike wordpress, where you would have to click “New Post” and then click “post” when you’re done; you need to click twice!! And you have to wait for the “new post” page to load before you could start typing. You might have lost your flow by the time it finish loading.

Still, I would come here from time to time. When I came back, the internet was quite good. Except for the cutting part. Well, the speed was good anyway.

Oh, I just got back—about 4 days ago now—from a trip to Syria and Jordan. Was initially frustrating but fun after got to know people whose age and professional ranking (i.e. their job description) is nearer than me, i.e. people leading towards/ in the middle of their career instead of those ending or ended their career, which was the biggest bunch amongst all. After all, the group that I knew was going was mostly my mother’s friends. I don’t know why I subjected myself to it. Must be my being fed up with my mother asking me God knows how many times “are you sure you don’t want to join me to Syria and Jordan? It might end up like the trip to Japan; you regret it till today, and all because of a first term exam that you mostly failed.” Yes, what a mouthful, but she said it almost consistently. Amazing. I absolutely hate it when she mentions that Japan trip which I said I didn’t want to go, and didn’t tell her why. Yes, it was because it was held on my first term exam. I didn’t tell my mother when my exams were held then. And yes, I failed most of it. Urgh. Annoying.

Didn’t help that the amount she paid for the trip… I could add all my savings and could have gotten a 17 inch MacBook Pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Explains why I resented it so much, eh?

However, I did enjoy myself. Got three new sisters and a father that I decide to leave in Syria. Hahaha. I also met an Aladdin who lost his Jasmine; how very careless. 😛 Came back with 6GB worth of pictures, and have started a blog dedicated to the trip and the pictures. Will be like my Norway trip.

I regret not doing for my UK trip, so I might do it anyway even though it is late.

Though from the amount I deleted for the first two days, it might not be THAT many. Quite crap, some of it. What the hell was I thinking? Oh, yeah, I couldn’t control the driver and tell them to drive slower or stop or what not. Hehehe. Also, there were 30 of us. Yes, thirty of us. I tried to be in front most of the time, but sometimes… Well…

And there were times when I forgot to change the function of my camera even though it was just to turn the knob. Seriously. Blah. I know I’ve been neglecting my camera since I came back. And I want to get an SLR. Yeah right!!

Amagad I love my new phoooooone!!!! Akkk!!!

I’m actually having flu. Had fever for two days, but it went away after I ordered the phone. HAHAHA. My mother is still set on my missing Syria too much. However, if it was Syria, I would have fallen sick in Jordan already. Funny that it was Syria that she thought of. No surprise since most of the oldies disliked Jordan because of the guide. In my opinion, it was probably partly the guide’s fault for being angry for a bit. However, the main culprit was one of us; if he didn’t ask sooooo many question and to interrupt the guide. To be expecting all guides to be the same is just silly. And after he got angry, everyone just ignored him and just talked amongst themselves when he was explaining on the bus. True that he was horrid in Petra, but at the Dead Sea… he actually did point out the Pillar of Salt. I saw him pointing out, but most people were more interested at the fact that on the other side was the West Bank. I’m not even sure if it is true even, but I just humored them when they asked me to take a picture of them against the background of West Bank. Ah well…

Kept these quiet, of course, from them, since they think I’m this desperate female whose biological clock is ticking (hello??? I’m only 22. I could understand if I was 32, but twenty two???) who didn’t care if the guy was double or triple my age or even that he’s living halfway across the world and already have a wife. Seriously, man!! 60 year olds acting like 16; one track mind with only sex is the reason people act the way they do. No wonder Freud’s theories became so popular.

And to not believe when the tour leader said she’s happily married with four kids and think she’s after the Syrian guide too… Oh my God!!

I was thinking, am I with a bunch of high schoolers instead of majority high government officers?

OMG. The high government officers… Really the reason I broke down the second day. Funny that the more educated ones—even though they were the older ones—treated me like equals, and I had no problems respecting them, and teasing them. They took it as it is—jokingly—instead of an insult. The amount of times I criticize their camera… Hehehe. They did become my best models. 😀 And so loving!!!! Amazing!!

Hopefully I’ll be alright soon. I can’t stand this itchy throat. However, I haven’t been taking pholcodine consistently. Yikes!! My fault, I know. Oh well…

I love my new phone!!!!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

And it is my kind of phone. When it is fully charged, it will have a sign saying “Battery full. Please unplug power supply to save energy”.


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October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Was a celebrity just now at the dental clinic.

And since I am not bound by Hippocratic oath and no one will be suing me on ethics (since I should be the one suing), I’ll blab later.

Now I suddenly feel sleepy.

Probably because the LA is finally receding, and I am in pain, and I woke up at 4.30 this morning.


Oh, had a student extract my teeth.



I love students. Just not when they’re tailing their consultants; those are bloody annoying.

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