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May 7, 2010 Leave a comment


It’s been FOREVER since I last blogged!!


4 months!!

Hahaha. Mainly because the internet connection was HORRENDOUS!! Gahh!! Now it is not so bad. Also, we decided to get Maxis Broadband, which would *hopefully* be better than P1. Hopefully. It’s behaving still. Who knows, once it gets used to my lappie, it might start throwing tantrums.

I hope not.

So, now, the only thing stopping me from blogging like I used to would be my laziness.

And my addiction to twitter.

There are times I feel silly blogging about something I’ve tweeted. I mean, kinda repetitive, right? Especially since I decided to put my tweet updates at the side bar. And it is so instantaneous; I don’t have to hit “new entry” or whatever. There is a space where I could type and click “tweet” and I’m done. A click less than WordPress, assuming I am using my favorites bar and that I am already logged in.

Dum dee dum. Who knows. We’ll see…

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Re K on Translation of Tweets

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Yes, I was very bored. Hahaha. But it was quite fun to translate it too!! And realized, heyy!!! my Malay’s not so bad!! Hahaha.

Well, “salam ayah dan ibu” wasn’t there mainly because when I wake up, I’ll be the only one at home still… And there’s only 8 verses; I already had 8!!

Hangat-hangat tahi ayam is the “heating up chicken shit”. Hahaha. Hangat actually means hot… But with complicated Malay grammar that I am not able to explain, saying it twice (there are a lot of instances where we repeat the words; usually makes it plural but not always) gives it another meaning. Tahi means shit. Ayam is chicken. By the way, we actually have a flower called bunga (flower) tahi ayam. Can’t remember the English name. I’m not joking!!

And I see your mind is still as dirty as it was when we were doing our LL.B. Sigh. America didn’t change you? Hahaha.

Like I tweeted you, it is not my current background!! It was this pinky and flowery background that I can’t stand even after a day. Hahaha. The ice cream is so cool la. Want to get one like that, but I’m sure gravity will not allow it.

And yes, all the games I mention are on facebook. Hahaha.

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Glasgow Green

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Dear Mary q Contrarie,

I am assuming you’re American (mainly due to the link you have provided me with; the company is based in the US), and following the stereotype, I am assuming that you don’t really know where the Glasgow I’m referring to is. If you do, I apologize. What I usually do is to follow the stereotype, because I believe it must have started somewhere somehow… Then I see how it goes. Might be insulting, but it does work. The thing with stereotypes are, I find, is that it is insulting to people who actually have them, instead of those that don’t. Funny, isn’t it?

Anyway, yes; Glasgow Green.

The Glasgow I meant is the one in Scotland. United Kingdom; north of England? Apparently, the max temperature there, even in summer, is 18 degrees centigrade. I was walking around the country in May, and I was in my winter coat. I used to live down south (somehow make it sound as if I was living in West Country. Hahaha) in the English Midlands, so it is quite a gap.

I can’t seem to find anywhere online that I could link this info to… Hmmm…

When I was in Glasgow, I visited one of their many museums, the People’s Palace, at the edge of Glasgow Green, where it tells somewhat the history of the city. There’s this portion about how the laundry was done. For some reason, I was most fascinated with that section of the whole museum. And it is said that previously, Glaswegians would come to Glasgow Green to do their laundry, what with it being near to the River Clyde. And I can’t remember the story and to make what I am sure is a long story short, it is still legal for Glaswegians to hang clothes to dry at Glasgow Green. They even have the drying racks there.

Part of the fascinations probably stems from the fact that I have never put my clothes out to dry when I was living in Britain. I stayed in a flat, so my clothes were strung out around the flat to dry, unlike my friends who lived in houses who could have done that.

Another is the fact that I can’t imagine how anyone could dry clothes outside the house in any part of Scotland except in summer. Hence the fact that I added the “in winter” part. Like I mentioned in my post, my clothes would likely freeze rather than dry.

Nonetheless, living in a tropical country, we do not own dryers… Kinda dumb to be wasting electricity to do that when you could have your clothes dried for free by the sun. Find that it smells much more fresh that way.

Along the lines… Nina mentioned how weird the new title is. And I mentioned it is a teaser of what kind of person I am.

I should have mentioned that it is legal to hang the clothes there.

There is no need for me to do things legally, I admit. I’ve done quite a number of things that could be considered illegal but I don’t think it is morally wrong, so I just do it. I do things not because I’m afraid of the law, but because I’m afraid for That Person Up In The Sky.

Still, when I want to do something stupid or for recreation, for some reason, I would like to do it legally. Like this; hanging clothes at Glasgow Green. Yes, if the City Council decides to make it illegal (why would you? It is your Glasgow heritage!! You shouldn’t throw it away!!!!! Glaswegian’s right to identity!! WTF. Okay, I’m being silly), I wouldn’t do it.

Until then, it will be one of my goals in life.

You would think someone with my list of goals in life would have a simple life. I wish.

Anyway, yes, to have it legal before I do such things makes me have absolutely no sympathy and find he was being such an idiot when this Frenchman decided to climb one of the KLCC twin towers. Why couldn’t he, say, try and apply for some special permit or ask if they can make an exception to it… And make it into some PR thing, with people around cheering him. And because he is willing to do it legally, governments of countries with sky scrapers might actually allow him to do so, legally. After all, in a way it is free press. A win-win situation. Why he needs to do it illegally is beyond me.

Just because there’s a risk of being rejected doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother trying.

I apologize if I sound condescending to you, Ms Contrairie.

Nina, we really should check in into some flash-games-aholic anonymous rehab thingy. You for RC, me for Farm Town. Hahahaha.

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The new title

August 27, 2009 2 comments

How very different from the previous title, huh?


Was talking to Mars about it when she told me her best friend studies in Glasgow uni.

Well, I practically tell everyone about it nowadays.

I don’t know why; it’s just so funny.

I am serious about doing it, though. Seriously serious.

It frustrates me that I found out about it on my last day in Glasgow.

I would have done it even though all 3 days I was there was raining.

After all, I want to do it in winter. 😛

My clothes would freeze instead of dry, I’m thinking. Haha.

It is also my Twitter bio. Haha. 😛

Anyway, apparently, according to Mars, I do have a plan:

Move to Glasgow, and on the first day, do laundry and drag it to Glasgow Green, hang the clothes and camp there to make sure no one takes them away.

Superbly simple plan.

Though who in the world does laundry on their first day after moving to a new city?

Haha. 😛

But yeah, this is my dearest ambition right now.

And since I feel about 2, or 4… actually, I don’t feel; I act as if I’m 2… or 4. Hahaha.

So, I can say… “when I grow up, I wanna hang clothes to dry at Glasgow Green.”

Amni asked, once I’ve achieved that, what will I do?

Next on the list is to convert to Greek Orthodox for one Easter… About the time after they have finished the mass or whatever they do (okay, I’m really not bothered about the finer things about the religion) and just slightly before they start breaking those red painted eggs.

After that, I’ll leave the religion.


Of course this blog will not just talk about that. Seriously; what else can I talk about my wanting to hang clothes at Glasgow Green apart from what I’ve said?

Oh, I emphasize on the fact I just want to hang my laundry there; not actually do my laundry there.


My idea of doing laundry is still dumping stuff into the machine.

Still, it is me more than Cameras, cookies and Cailean (the last is being hidden behind another but much more expensive Edinburgher sheep in a tartan dress).

And gives people a teaser, if you like, of how I am.

So ridiculously silly. Or like one of my friends said (I can’t remember who now), “so weird that you can’t really use “eccentric” to describe her.”


And since I’m deleting that thingy at the side now that it doesn’t explain the blog title, I’m copying it here. Just for memory’s sake. 😛 Light color so you won’t have to read it, really.

My blog used to be named Camera, cartoons and cakes; then, I thought I preferred cakes. Then I changed cakes with cookies and took out cartoon from the list because I realized my new obsession was sheep, so I used the Malay word for goat, kambing, for my blog, as the word for sheep, kambing biri-biri, was just too long; it became Camera, cookies and kambing. Some time after that, the camera became cameras because I now like several camera models; not just my Nikon p5100. And just three days ago (today’s the 29th of Nov 2008), I decided on the name of one of my sheep plushie, Cailean, pronounced ka-len. It’s a male Scottish name; the sheep is dressed in a kilt and I got it when I was in Edinburgh. It is not my favorite sheep plushie though; my favorite is Gemuk McGrumpy (named because it is fat [gemuk means fat in Malay] and it looks grumpy. The combination makes it so cute. And I got it in Scotland; that’s why the Mc. I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan). Still, its name starts with C, so it suits the theme of the title of my blog. 😀

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August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

No; regardless of of my complains the last 2 post, I am not boycotting everything Scottish.

My economist mother would kill me if I ever even thought of such thing; Adam Smith, anyone?

See the illogical thing that would be?

Didn’t stop an Economics student from Carnegie-Mellon to say she’ll be boycotting everything Scottish.

Do quit your degree at your university, please.

Still, I am totally addicted to the hashtag on Twitter.

Just shows how stupid the Americans is (what big surprise) and soothe my need to have as much British humor in my life.

Oh, I still use American spelling; big deal. However, I can change. Just that one letter is just so difficult to type. 😛

Anyone who want to do it right, could you not check the website. Check this one instead. Tells you how to boycott it properly, though there’s a whole lot more.

It is absolutely amazing.

And the best thing is that the Americans think that the British are actually trying to help them boycott Scotland.


The website should have added American’s independence to the list as well.

Wouldn’t it be funny… they boycott their independence, and go back to the British… and guess what? The Prime Minister’s Scottish!! Hah!!

And Nina, suddenly for some reason you make me feel guilty of my music taste… 2 songs je come to mind… Both talk about female smokers; Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead (wait by the door and light a cigarette) and Franz Ferdinand’s No You Girls (flick your cigarette and kiss me).

But the latter… He probably smokes as well, being British, so no big deal la kan.

The former… Awesome awesome song if you are on a vengeance on a boyfriend. In fact, listen to her whole album; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Very crazy ex-gf indeed.

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July 26, 2009 2 comments

I would like to rebrand my blog. Not a big overhaul; probably just the title. And being a wordpress blog, I can’t change the URL, though I spent a lot of time deciding for the URL to be something quite essentially me, though for the life of me, I can’t remember what it means now. Hahaha. Something to do with night.

Oh, right; Moon, amongst other things. Hehehe. Wonders of Google. 😀

I still like those things, but somehow I find I like cameras less and less… and I definitely ignore Cailean quite a bit, especially since he leans to the wall and gets blocked by quite a few other sheep.

I also find that I don’t really like baking cookies.

Camera… I hardly fiddle with my Nikon p5100 anymore. I use it only to take picture; no more experimental shots whatsoever.

This is difficult. Hmmm…

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July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve mentioned how much I love looking at the Blog Stats when I see my Dashboard… It is fascinating; seeing the search terms that shows my blog.

I haven’t had anybody searching for Wacky Woolies anymore. So sad. Sniff sniff.

I found the runner up for the fascinating “is there any sheep in malaysia or just kambing” quote… Blogged it here.

Apparently, today, someone asked “does driving in semi automatic transmission ruin your car?”

I have no idea why I find it so funny.

Probably because you don’t actually have a choice about it; now all new cars that have automatic transmission are semi-automatic, unless you include hybrids, which operates differently.

So if one is worried that a semi-automatic would ruin your car… I suppose you get a manual transmission one?

I do hope you don’t live in Glasgow or Edinburgh…

Urgh I think I’ll start a new post on this. Too random.

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