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Head scarves and fashion

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

As much as I bitch over leggings (though my bitching is more on indecency due to the fact that it is underwear, not pants/ trousers. Or if you want to insist that it is pants, well… it is the British pants, which means underwear anyway), I do believe there is no right or wrong in fashion. More the differing of tastes. I would still bitch and use phrases such as “oh, that is so wrong!!”, but really… Apart from what the fashion magazine editor’s view on what should be in her magazine, is there anyone else that will give you grades? And even if there are people, would it matter?

However, regardless of that view, I absolutely don’t understand people who wear head scarves but still wear tight fitting clothing or still expose a lot of skin on their arms or with very low neckline. I know plenty of them; I don’t tell them that I disagree. Like I said before, I consider it their choice and there is no right or wrong in fashion. Wait, let me emphasize that: there is no right or wrong in FASHION.

Seriously, I would frown and bitch over the fact that you wear plaid (I usually think of more sane and pastel-y colors when I think of plaid) tartan pants with a paisley shirt (omg what an eyesore!! And so much pattern!!), but really… short of purchasing saner clothes and stripping that fugly outfit off you and forcing you wear what I think should be worn, I really can’t do much, can I?

Fashion, to me, is about expressing yourself. For one big on freedom of expression (define as widely as possible but not absolute), it’s okay with me. Do continue wearing those tight fitting clothes with the scarves. Wear the mini skirts (yeah, believe it or not), and those shirts with just tights with those really long and elaborate twirling of the scarf around your face.

Fashion-wise, I wouldn’t judge.

However, I would judge your lack of understanding of the reason for wearing a headscarf, which is modesty.

Fashion is the anti-thesis of modesty; it is the art of showing off, may it be your creativity, your taste, your money… Whatever.

Funny how we’re not supposed to judge, but judge we do. And I would admit freely that I do judge. There are a lot of things that we’re not supposed to do that we do, and to not admit it is just being a hypocrite. Or in denial. Why bother mincing your words?

Yes, I judge. However, I’ll keep my judgment/opinion (basically the same thing anyway) away from the person it is aimed. Because, weirdly, those people actually know they’re not covering their aurah or being modest. Some of them even go out of the way avoiding places where people they know frequent when they’re wearing such outfits. Funny…

Religion, to me, is a private thing, which is why I keep to myself. Which is why my “human right” persona would usually be the one shown to the world, though sometimes I might not be able to control some of my facial expression.

But seriously, whose name are you slandering by your wearing hot pants (which is short enough you could see bits of their cheekbones) and tights and a headscarf?

You mock people who don’t wear head scarves, yet you’re less modest with your whole attire than most people that go without. Don’t feel too superior just because your head is covered.

Not to mention that you have no qualms suddenly exposing it; you’re not exactly a full-timer either.

So, don’t mock people who choose not to wear the headscarf at all because they’re not ready, as you yourself are not ready as well.

Yes, I know it is horrible to choose not to cover your aurah even when knowing the consequences, but it is my choice. God gave you brains to make choices; I’ve made a lot of them. Please do not just follow blindly.

And do try to make an informed a choice as possible.

Hate only things that you know. It is silly to hate things you do not know; you should just ignore it. Indifference is the actual opposite of love.

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Go Green!!

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I soooooooooooooo love Foamy the Squirrel!! Hahahaha.

This is a must watch if you are an environmentalist!!

And if you’re not, it is highly recommended!!

If you hate environmentalist, you will LOVE this video. 😉

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September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

This is taken from a friend’s (Graham Brown) Facebook status. Nick is his son.

The scene: On the tube with Nick, going past Highgate. Me: So, Nick, this is Highgate, where a very famous philosopher called Karl Marx is buried. Nick: What’s a philosopher? Me: It’s someone who tries to think about how we could make the world a better place. Nick: You mean like the man who opened Disney World?


If I’m not mistaken, Nick’s about 7.

The scene: On the tube with Nick, going past Highgate. Me: So, Nick, this is Highgate, where a very famous philosopher called Karl Marx is buried. Nick: What’s a philosopher? Me: It’s someone who tries to think about how we could make the world a better place. Nick: You mean like the man who opened Disney World
I do believe “the man who opened Disney World” did a much better job making the world a better place than Karl Marx did. Haha. 😛
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August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Sometimes it scares the hell out of me how I can separate the Muslim me and the lawyer me so completely.

However, the area of my interest requires me to do so, and I am glad that God gave me the ability.

And I frankly don’t think it means I’m contradict myself; it means that I am able to see the difference between my professional and personal life.

On religion, and I know this interview is old, but what the heck.

I know of John Barrowman through Broadway. And then when I watched that episode of Graham Norton where he was interviewing David Tennant and Jo Brand (could watch that episode again and again to see Jo Brand’s expression when she was talking about her friend who had “Delhi Belly. Hahaha), his name was mentioned. But I never actually connected that name to his face until I was on a tour of the Scottish Highlands and met that uber interesting Northern Irish girl who was reading his bio, Anything Goes.

“He’s the guy who sang Springtime for Hitler???????”


Do watch this clip. We may profess to different religion, but his views are pretty similar to mine. Religion-wise. Human rights wise; the fact that I am saying it makes it rather obvious it will be different, right?

God gave us brains; use it. Don’t just accept what one expert say. Find more experts’ views and make decision on your own. To me, Islam is about trusting yourself above everything else.

You are humans, not sheep. Don’t just follow the shepherd once you have decided who he is. In fact, don’t even bother choosing one, or if you have to choose, choose more than one. However, always always do what you think is right, not just blindly. Don’t waste God’s creation that make us unique amongst all His creations.

Of course something happened to make me think this way. It is because of this commentary by Koh Lay Chin in the NST that triggered it.

Admittedly I ignored stuff about Teoh Beng Hock apart from the headlines and not going into details.

However, I feel compelled to write an entry about it.

Nonetheless, not sleeping for almost 20 hours has scrambled my mind, and I would like to do the teachings of my brilliant tutors justice.

So I am going to bed now.

And putting Glasgow aside for now.

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August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

No; regardless of of my complains the last 2 post, I am not boycotting everything Scottish.

My economist mother would kill me if I ever even thought of such thing; Adam Smith, anyone?

See the illogical thing that would be?

Didn’t stop an Economics student from Carnegie-Mellon to say she’ll be boycotting everything Scottish.

Do quit your degree at your university, please.

Still, I am totally addicted to the hashtag on Twitter.

Just shows how stupid the Americans is (what big surprise) and soothe my need to have as much British humor in my life.

Oh, I still use American spelling; big deal. However, I can change. Just that one letter is just so difficult to type. 😛

Anyone who want to do it right, could you not check the website. Check this one instead. Tells you how to boycott it properly, though there’s a whole lot more.

It is absolutely amazing.

And the best thing is that the Americans think that the British are actually trying to help them boycott Scotland.


The website should have added American’s independence to the list as well.

Wouldn’t it be funny… they boycott their independence, and go back to the British… and guess what? The Prime Minister’s Scottish!! Hah!!

And Nina, suddenly for some reason you make me feel guilty of my music taste… 2 songs je come to mind… Both talk about female smokers; Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead (wait by the door and light a cigarette) and Franz Ferdinand’s No You Girls (flick your cigarette and kiss me).

But the latter… He probably smokes as well, being British, so no big deal la kan.

The former… Awesome awesome song if you are on a vengeance on a boyfriend. In fact, listen to her whole album; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Very crazy ex-gf indeed.

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July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

A post that is somewhat related to my training!! How exciting!! Bless my not blabbing about how Scotland should gain independence, eh? I know; how can anyone bother about some other country’s independence over the political situation in their own country? Though I am leaning towards the latter more and more now. Still; yes. No, not about prisons, though every time I see people wearing leggings, I wish that Robert Napier didn’t win his case, so that we could dump those criminals into some Scottish prison and make them suffer with all the slopping out and such. See, the complicated crap of having different legal system. Ladida, I know it was the agreement when they joined the UK; similar to Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia, eh? Okay fine; back to the actual topic.

I am currently reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides that is making me question my thinking that my EU tutor’s name would be the most complicated Greek name I would come across. Boy, was I wrong. Sigh.

Oh well.

That’s not the problem, though in a way it is, for me to understand the story. Sometimes I confuse the names. Gahh. Honestly, how did the 7 year old me read Oddyssey and Illiad. I know, what was my mother thinking???

No idea; not going to ask her now.

Thinking of the topics dealt there…

Maybe that’s why I’m a bit screwed up. Hmmm…

Oh well.

Anyway, yes. Middlesex. I am currently reading it, might I mention that again.

It is the winner of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. No, I didn’t decide to buy it because it was the Pulitzer Price winner; I only own one other Pulitzer Prize winner, which is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Nonetheless, I would like to purchase The Color Purple by Alice Walker. And that’s about it, I think. Hmmm…

To quote wikipedia, “The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction has been awarded since 1948 for distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life” (emphasis added). [I feel like I am writing a paper. Haha.]

I am only on page 110, so I am doubting it quite a bit that the book is about American life since I happen to keep stumbling around with weird and unpronounceable Greek names (forget about spelling them; how the heck did the school manager manage to make me memorize my tutor’s name in 15 mins tops? Gosh… That woman is insane. Well, obvious from her choice of husband, I guess…) and talking about the war between Greece and Turkey… like the only thing American is the location; Detroit, Michigan.

However, a few pages back, I stumbled upon something extremely American, in my view.

When Barrack Obama won his the US presidential elections, there was quite a number of people who said that there might be hope for Malaysia to have a non-Malay Prime Minister one day because Obama’s Black; or should I say, African American.

I snorted and laughed at those articles.

It is such a different situation in America and in Malaysia. The seperation of races by the British pre-independence has made every race still have their own identity. Unlike in the US, where immigrants would need to absorb the American culture.

There are other pages that would show how they impose these on the protagonist/ narrator’s grandparents, who came from Smyrna (modern day Izmir), when they just arrived. They cut his grandmother’s hair and changed her clothing. The grandfather was told to clean his teeth the “American” way (using what I am thinking is a toothbrush and paste instead of baking soda. God; I can’t even eat anything baked with too much baking soda[I’m crazy; I can tell. No, I wasn’t trained to be some fancy chef, though I’m thinking of ditching law for it], much less put it in my mouth to clean my teeth with it!! Would have to take out my tongue first!!) and the fact that they consume too much garlic in their food counts against him getting a proper job at Ford. Yes, the car company.

Anyway, they were required to learn English, and had some sort of graduation ceremony when they have finished; a pageant, actually, was how Mr Eugenides describes it, with the grandfather of the protagonist joining in… I own a British paperback edition, and I’m quoting pages 104-105.

The curitain parts to gaps and scattered applause. A painted flat shows a steamship, two huge smokestacks, and a swath of deck and railing. A gangway extends into the stage’s other focal point: a giant gray cauldron emblazoned with the words FORD ENGLISH SCHOOL MELTING POT. A European folk melody begins to play. Suddenly a lone figure appears on the gangway. Dressed in a Balkan costume of vest, ballooning trousers, and high leather boots, the immigrant carries his possessions bundled on a stick. He looks around with apprehension and the descends into the melting pot.
“What propaganda,” Zismo murmurs in his seat. (Author’s note: I so have to agree with this)
Lina shushes him.
Now SYRIA descends into the pot. Then ITALY. POLAND. NORWAY. PALESTINE. And finally: GREECE.
“Look, it’s Lefty (the grandfather)!”
Wearing embroidered palikari vest, puffy-sleeved poukamiso, and pleated foustanella skirt, my grandfatehr bestrides the gangway. He pauses a moment to look out at the audience, but the bright lights blind him. He can’t see my grandmother looking back, bursting with her secret. GERMANY taps him on the back. “Macht schnell. Excuse me. Go fastly.”
In the front row, Henry Ford nhods with approval, enjoying the show. Mrs. Ford tries to whisper in his ear, but he waves her off. His blue seagull’s eyes dart from face to face as the English instructors appear onstage next. They carry long spoons, which they insert into the pot. The lights turn red and flicker as the instructors stir. Steams rises over the stage.
Inside the cauldron, men are packed together, throwing off immigrayion costumes, putting on suits. Limbs are tangling up, feet stepping on feet. Lefty says, “Pradon me, excuse me,” feeling thoroughly American as he pulls on his blue wool trousers and jacket. In his mouth: thirty-two teeth brushed in the American manner. His underarms: liberally sprinkled with American deodorant. And now spoons are descending from above, men are churning around and around…
… as two men, short and tall, stand in the wings, holding a piece of paper…
… and out in the audience my grandmother has a stunned look on her face…
… and the melting pot boils over. Red lights brighten. The orchestra launches into “Yankee Doodle.” One by one, the Ford English School graduates rise from the cauldron. Dressed in blue and gray suits, they climb out, waving American flags, to thunderous applause.

Makes me wonder what would have been worse for them… staying on at what is now called Izmir, to be part of secular Turkey… or to go to the US. Though since they had other secrets which I am not going to spill here… Maybe it would have been better to go to the US. Of course, taking into account the war and all… Yes yes.

Still… Do Malaysians want that? What happens in the US and in secular Turkey? That you would have to be assimilated into the majority’s culture? Since the minorities are assimilated into the majority, the clashes are much less. The result in both the US and Turkey is the same. However, the former, the minority would need to be like the majority whereas Turkey adopted something from the outside that their first president champions.

Either way, I think it strips off your right to identity… Which would be quite a number of human rights that’ll be stripped off; privacy, conscience and religion, association… maybe also even expression…

I see turning everyone into just one race violates more human rights than protect; it is something artificial that the government could impose. Might work “officially”, but unlikely would change the thinking and prejudice of the people.

And what the Americans have done to the immigrants… Especially since they didn’t have much choice; stay in your own country and die, or go find new hope in a new country.

Multiculturalism in America? Pretty much bullshit to me.

With a winner of the Pulitzer Prize doing it so well in describing it… Why doubt it?

Alma Mater

February 12, 2009 Leave a comment

To be honest, I’ve never been proud of my alma mater. Actually, if I’m being truly honest, I’m actually embarrassed by my alma mater.

Probably why I don’t mention it much. Just refer to the area as the region it is called. Though I’m sure it is likely that those who read my blog could figure it out. However, I do not want to make it easier for those graduating from that university who are proud of it come bombarding my blog, criticizing my feelings.

Because, to be honest, I can’t defend my feelings towards it. I myself don’t know why I feel that way.

How weird is it that I am proud of my 2.2 but not for the fact that I graduated with an LL.B. I am proud of the academics that taught me in my three years there but not the university, when in fact, if I was not in that university, I wouldn’t have gotten such amazing tutors.

Though, to be honest, not all of them were. Hahaha.

That might explain why I don’t mention my tutors’ names here. No point anyway.

The situation in Perak is definitely not helping matters. Everytime people say “what in the world was the Sultan thinking?”, I’ll be like, “and this is how graduates from my alma mater decide things? And after all the experience he has in the legal world, before he became the Sultan?”

I really don’t know why I’m embarrassed by it. Especially when it was a very good Law School. Consistently in the top 10 every year and all.

My mother got quite angry after I explained why I was sighing while I was reading the paper; that there was even more reason for me to be embarrassed by my doing law at my alma mater.

She asked, “so, what would you do if you could turn back time then? You think you’ll go so far with, I don’t know, a “useless degree”, like a BA in English from some crappy university in Utah?”

Oh, I should tell you that she does listen to me listening to Avenue Q… Might explain why she said “useless degree” and her choice of saying BA in English. Though frankly I don’t really understand what she has against Utah. You would think all the worst universities are in Utah if she’s right.

To which, I replied… “you might be a best-selling writer!! You described Stephenie Meyer’s education there, you know. Don’t look down at universities in Utah so much.”

So it is no surprise… that my mother currently hates Stephenie Meyer.

She did say, “I thought you hate that woman!!”

I don’t hate her; I don’t even know the person, just her books!!

I can’t even say I hate her books; I just don’t like it. And I’m not terribly impressed; like I said, it’s like Harry Potter to me. No stoning me for that comment, please. It is my opinion.

Really, couldn’t she use words like, I don’t know, magnificent, superb… Or open the thesaurus to find words that mean the same as perfect that might be suitable to describe Edward’s looks… It gets boring and repetitive…

And you really can’t say Bella’s lost for words, could you? I mean, the books are thick and it is mostly written from her point of view, after all!

I have also decided I’m too lazy to criticize the book on my blog. I could just copy and paste my conversations that I have on MSN here, I suppose… Still, too lazy to even find them. 😛

Maybe I would, one day. Who knows.

I do feel like counting how many times she uses the word perfect. Circle them with pink highlighters.

Who cares; they’re my books after all!!

I mean, my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is not furiously highlighted… The areas where Hermione was going on about house elves rights. It’s really funny. And, I suppose, it’s like America trying to shove the idea of democracy down people who don’t agree with the idea’s throats. You really can’t force people to accept the right that you think they should have when they don’t want it, right?

I mean, you have a choice whether you want to exercise the rights or not, surely?

And surely I have the right to color my books, even if there are only words in it instead of pictures?