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Musical taste and Twilight saga

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The most amazing band ever (God, I couldn’t resist adding that. Hahaha), Muse, just posted on their official website the announcement of one of their songs will be appearing on the New Moon soundtrack, albeit a remix version. Yes, the remix version is inferior to the original one; I can’t help but notice it. I wouldn’t go far down as to say it sucks; nothing that comes from Muse could suck.

The comments of the Muse fans… Even though understandable, is so silly and ridiculous. That Muse has sunk so low because they’re in such a crappy movie’s OST… Yes, it is annoying when you hear people only knowing Muse because of Twilight, and saying you’re just like them, but really, shouldn’t it be up to them to decide?

Wouldn’t true fans support their decision instead of bashing it, even if it was extremely horrid?

Okay, that would be friends. Strike that.

Shouldn’t you just keep quiet and let Muse decide how they want to go about with their careers?

Most of the time, the most difficult thing for a musician to do is to reach an audience. And the Twilight phenomenon (it is a phenomenon; the saga, not the ones that happens twice a day 😛 ), I think, is a good platform to use. Oh, I know, the Twilight fans are insane, but their insanity has triggered quite a lot of attention and people–including me–got curious and went and checked it out. Although I do know Muse before the Twilight hoo haa. But really, being in a highly advertised, high anticipated, highly blablabla movie is like free publicity; it is not just the target audience that would be going to the movie; busy bodies would, too. And the curious. Basic economics; increase advertising equals to increase in demand.

Admittedly, I got curious over the hype over the book. I didn’t know anything about the movie before I decided to buy the book, even though I only got around buying the book after I knew the movie was coming out. I like rushing that way. And after I finished the book, I wondered how bad the movie would be, since the book was so bleh. However, if I had to pick one of the books in the series, I think the first book might be the best. Bella’s not too annoying yet. In New Moon, she’s so pathetic!!! As it is, she’s so weak, but New Moon… OMG!! And I so can’t stand Jacob Black.

What made me continue buying all 4 books–apart from reading the reviews of Breaking Dawn and getting horrified over the anti-abortion agenda put forward by the book there–was the fact that Meyer writes quite a long acknowledgement page. In comparison to the other fiction books I’ve read so far, then. Now I’m getting more and more. Oh, I’m the type of person who judges a textbook according to the preface included. Yeah; crazy, I know. It works, though. Haha.

The Twilight saga is not the only series or book (those I have tonnes) that I’ve purchased the book solely for the reason of the hype it generated and not because I’m a fan; Harry Potter is another. Oh yes; I find Harry Potter overrated. Oh, her imagination is amazing, bladiblabla, but, as a piece of literature? Nahh… Doubt it. I would be quite horrified if they start building something like the Scott Monument for JK Rowling. I like hating something I know about. It’s so stupid to hate something because of what you’ve heard about it; go to the original source and hate the original source!! Probably the only thing I hate passionately that I don’t really know about it Doctor Who. Though, to be honest with myself, I hate the branding/ advertising/ marketing team of Doctor Who more than anything else about the franchise. Imagine arriving to the UK for the first time ever, and having the 10th Doctor’s posters plastered everywhere, like Big Brother from 1984. Was torn between hating David Tennant or the whole Doctor Who thingy. Took a while to realize that those two are not the ones to blame but actually those who project the image; the marketing team. The show doesn’t really bother me; heck, I’m actually indifferent to it; not me genre (I do hate the genre though; can’t stand sci-fi).  Though, having lived in the UK for 3 years, I know bits and pieces of it. Like that girl I met in Glasgow said, you must be rather ignorant and live in your own hole to not know about it after a month of being in the UK. Admittedly, I know someone who didn’t know anything about it even after 2 years of living in the UK.

Hate the hype given to the Twilight thingy (can’t really call it phenomenon, because the phenomenon happens because of the hype), hate the fans’ reaction… but really, don’t hate the book if you haven’t read it. Reading the plot and summary of wikipedia is not enough to give you the whole picture. Maybe hate Meyer’s brand of vampires, but really, do not hate something you don’t know. It is stupid and you’re just showing how ignorant and lazy you are. Ironically, ignorant hate is the most powerful hate of all. You would think that the saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” is true. I mean, really, how are you going to convince people that you’re right–that people should hate/like what you hate/like–if you don’t know anything about it? “Because the fans are insane” is just so stupid; look at the fans of Twilight; they’re mostly female teenagers. I think you’re the craziest and most unreasonable when you’re a teenager And not forgetting, peer pressure and influences affects you most then.

I very much doubt these “true” Muse fans know much about the storyline in the Twilight saga. Some of them point out that Meyer writes about a vampire love story instead of some conspiratorial theory or some political thingy or whatever else that Muse’s lyrics is all about. Yes, it is not the main topic, but if you do listen to the words of the lyrics carefully, and read the book, you will see, scattered here and there are ideas or stories of some songs. And it’s not just Muse that inspired or helped with her writing the series. On her website, Meyer provides a playlist–a soundtrack of sorts–that, I suppose, inspired her to write the way she did. Muse may appear on every list (I think; I’m too lazy to check), but it does not dominate the whole playlist. And c’mon!! Wouldn’t it be boring if someone just decided to write a book/ story based on the songs that a band has written? Remember Mamma Mia? It might be a hit, but plot wise… What the hell?

Not to say that Twilight‘s plot is so great. It’s okay, but it is a lot like a work of fanfiction, and the characters are heavily idealized (no surprise why teenagers are crazy over it; we’re often most unsatisfied with ourselves then), and Bella is such a Mary Sue (super obvious in Breaking Dawn). To get everything she wants is just ridiculous. People might say you’re just jealous, but really, it is just unrealistic!! And to suddenly change 180 degrees (I don’t get the changing 360 degrees thing; don’t you realize if you turn 360 degrees, you get back to square one?) when she turns into a vampire?

And I can’t quite shed the feeling that Edward is into Bella because of her looks, and the mystery and allure due to not being able to read her mind (on that note, I realize that quite a number of other vampire themed stories seem to have mind readers, whether it is the vampire or not. What’s up with that?). Reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun (oh yeah, I went all out; I want to know how far should I take this hatred of mine. Haha), it is a lot to do with the mystery, I think. Since Bella is actually just as bad and smitten over Edward as the rest of her high school is, and Edward doesn’t seem to fancy anyone because he knows they’re crazy over him, ladida. And the obsession over looks!! And how Bella thinks that if she turns into a vampire, she’ll be prettier and Edward would like him even more.

What the hell? What a wonderful thing to be telling your teenage audience. Oh, Bella’s just a horny virgin wanting to pop a cherry, in my opinion; never having a boyfriend and all.

Anyway!!! Stop criticizing Twilight now. This bashings seem to be rather seasonal. When the movie’s around the corner or in theaters… Hahaha. Oh well.

Fans would always be the same, just the different things they would go crazy over. You’re just as unreasonable/crazy as the fans of something you dislike. Those people would think you’re the crazy ones for liking what you like.

The “side effects” of being in the Twilight saga’s OSTs might be that those crazy Twitards go crazy over them for all the wrong reason, but it has helped them break into the US market. KT Tunstall broke into the US market through American Idol, and she hates those kind of reality TV. Like she said, it is crazy to turn down such an offer, especially if you don’t have the exposure there. You shouldn’t cut your nose just to spite your face just because the target audience of a movie is a bunch of crazy and horny girls.

When you see the Twilight OSTs songs, I don’t really imagine Twitards would listen to those songs if it wasn’t for the fact that it was in the OST; you’re reaching a new audience. Maybe they’re not as “true” as you are, and they’re pretentious (though you are that as well), but with an amazing band like Muse, they’re just too dumb to realize Muse’s awesomeness. But in that bunch, it is very possible that they would be interested and fascinated by them and get their album, and probably make it possible for Muse to come to your place to perform, since they would have a wide enough audience to make it worth performing there. All is not baaaddd, though it will be bad if the actual fans don’t actually get the ticket. But would you bother going to a band’s concert if you only knew two of their songs? Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to get their albums first before deciding to go to their concert?

And also, most of the times, those crazy girls drag their boyfriends to watch the movie. I don’t know why the boyfriends would subject themselves to seeing their girlfriends ogling someone else. Those boyfriends would probably like Supermassive Black Hole, try finding out which band that performed it, and tada!! New fan!! Just because you were there from the start doesn’t make you a better or more superior fan!! Yes, Johnny-come-latelies are annoying, but better late than never?

Shouldn’t you be supportive of your favorite band having reached a wider audience? Or do you think that Muse should be kept a secret that only a selected few with “superior” musical taste would listen to? Sheesh!!

And did you read the NME article on why they’re letting “I Belong to You” appear on the soundtrack? The frontman, Matt Bellamy, says “[It’s] one of the ‘can’t believe we got away with it’ kind of tracks. I think it might be worth giving it a go because it’s a track that might not get played live very often… one of the obscure tracks off the album so it might give that track some life that it wouldn’t have otherwise.” Full article could be found here.

Though, reading through all the comments, one of them said that the fact that Bellamy thought that Twilight was going to be an indie film makes him/her feel better… White person!!

Maybe explains why they’re so pissed off that Muse is using some “big corporation” to break into a market.

On a somewhat related note… On the topic of Muse and Twilight as well…

On Sept 11th, I tweeted “How DARE you say that I only liked Muse after Twilight. Excuse me; I only bothered downloading the OST BECAUSE OF THEM!!! Will bitch on blog” but I didn’t due to time constrains (the cookies to bake and the things to shop for Eid) and the insinuation that I would do it once I get back from my kampungSyawal is almost over and I still have yet to bitch over it. Hahaha. And since I am talking about those topics already… what the hell. I am still pissed off about it.

I am quite sensitive when people accuse me of liking Muse only because of Twilight. I don’t mind people liking them because of the movie, but to accuse me of doing the same? Urgh!!!

I don’t really announce to the whole world that I like Muse before that. I tell the whole world about new discoveries, not so much the old stuff. I don’t go around telling the whole world about Travis, or Taylor Swift, or Rascal Flatts, or Lucie Silvas, or just whoever, after some time I’ve discovered them, until there’s something else to trigger it. A new album, maybe.

Like, for me to mention and go about Muse was because of the Twilight OST. When I discovered that Muse was going to be in the OST, I knew I just have to get the OST!! I even went as far as saying that I love the OST just because there’s one Muse song. And after listening to it, I didn’t bother gushing over Muse’s song–I knew the song already, so rather gone case that I would like it. Still, I like all the songs in the OST; well picked. Oh, wait, I’m ambivalent over both Rob Pattinson’s songs.

I “discovered” Muse while I was doing my A-levels; 2004. I went to college with these guys… Went as in literally get from my house to college. Fine fine; hitched a ride with these guys; sons of my mother’s friends. They played Absolution, the album, over and over and over again. It remains my favorite album from the band.

Initially, I hated them. I hated them with a passion. But typical me, I wondered why the heck do I hate them; I haven’t been listening to their lyrics, or their songs, properly. I was just refusing to listen to it. I was always sitting at the back seat, and they blasted the songs sooooo loud!! Truth be told, I basically hated the fact that those boys didn’t bother being considerate in playing less loudly. Maybe they wanted to turn me deaf. They always said that I can never go to a gig. Hrmph. So it remains my dearest ambition to actually attend a Muse gig, just to shock the hell out of them.

After about 2 months of constantly playing that album (like it’s the only album they have), I decided, fine, if you can’t beat them, join them. I might as well try to enjoy the music… and the end result? I love them. Hahaha. That was also about the time when I started sometimes sitting in the front seat and realized, and didn’t have the heart to tell them, that the front speakers were not doing too well. Explains why they play the song so loudly and not realize it was hurting my eardrums.

I tried to download as many of their songs as possible, but it was not easy; the internet connection was shite (still is, actually. Hahaha). Only when I went to England did I manage to get all of their songs. Yes, all. And I love them all. 😀 Though, admittedly, sometimes I keep it quiet that I like certain bands, because it used to be that I listen to mostly country and pop music, with the exception of Travis and sometimes U2. And I became a closeted (now out of it) T in the Park watcher; TV of course. I still can’t imagine subjecting myself to 3 days of not showering and be surrounded by those who might have came without showering for more than a day. In the summer at that!! I was starting to dabble with indie and the various rock genres. Hahaha. I don’t really like Glastonbury; too diverse for me. Hahaha.

So I would consider myself a Muse fan about 2005? End of 2005 though.

Funny, the same year Twilight was published. However, I was still blissfully unaware about it. Hahaha.

By the end of my degree, I was firmly a rock music fan. Hahaha. Though, of course, to like every single rock band is crazy. Could you keep track, anyway?

Anyway, so, when the Twilight OST came out, I was raving over it. When I watched the movie, I loved the score, and raved about it when I finally got it. You have to give credit when credit is due. Kinda dumb to be enjoying something secretly but publicly hate that thing. So hypocritical.

Muse performed during the VMAs. And the next day, their latest album, The Resistance came out. Went a wee bit crazy over trying to get the album and the performance at the VMA. And this idiot just started blabbing as if I’m such a Johnny-come-lately who only liked Muse because of Twilight but pretends to like them before.

Excuse me!!!

I almost lost my hearing senses because of them!!! It was worth it, to drum into me that they are the best band ever.

And to be arguing with me why is it so… God!!

And to think that you are a Johnny-come-lately yourself!! Not over Muse, obviously, but to a lot of things.

The list is just too bloody long to list out.

With you, it is either you discover the band/singer/actor/show/musical/etc or like it. If not, you’ll use that ridiculously condescending tone, asking, oh, you like that band/singer/actor/show/musical/etc eh? How could you like it? I don’t, or I have never heard of it. Are you sure you’ve heard of that band? Maybe you’re imagining things.


Seriously, if everyone would have the same taste as you, life would be extremely boring and dull and we would never advance because we’re so content with what we like, because that is what people will produce.

Initially, after reading the book, I wasn’t going to go watch the movie; it’ll be horrid, I thought. However, I found out about Muse being in the OST so I downloaded it. I listened to the OST and thought, I can see how the songs would fall into place, though it turned out quite different from how I imagined it, but it was good nonetheless, except for some spaces where it was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

Basically, it was more because of Muse I watched Twilight, not the other way round!!

Stupid git!! Urgh!!

PS: Hahahaha. I’m browsing through my old entries, and I said that I wanna watch New Moon to see how the actor playing Aro laughs the comma-ed laugh. Hahahahahaha. Maybe I will go watch it. Hahahahahaha.



August 25, 2009 1 comment

An acquaintance whom I assume smokes cigarettes posted this article on shishas up on facebook.

I am rather surprised people don’t think smoking shisha is bad; think that it is not as bad as smoking cigarettes.

I mean, hello!! It is still tobacco!! Why is it less bad?

Is it because the smoke is cooled down by the water?

I don’t know why, but for some reason I’ve always thought between cigarette and shisha, cigarette would pose less harm since you don’t share.

I’m not big with sharing things, so I suppose the bias is there.

Oh, I absolutely can’t stand people smoking. I would go even as far as to ignore friends when they’re smoking sometimes.

I can’t believe some people who smoke shisha actually look down at cigarette smokers!!

C’mon!! You guys are the same, man!!

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I am currently using one. Couldn’t explain why the last post because got so frustrated. Fiddled with the screen resolution, and found something that allows me to see everything and allow me to click the full screen thingy.

So, when I finally manage to download all the drivers to be reinstalled once my laptop was reformated, I was estatic. Finally, I would be able to use iTunes to play my songs and have a Google toolbar on my Firefox (though it might be possible I would be sticking to Chrome. Not sure yet…).

However, that wasn’t the case.

We spent from 11pm till 2.30am, waiting for it to be done. When it wass “done”, my cousin was checking stuff and found that my things were still there. Not just in the D hardrive, but also C. The only thing it did was not recognize most of the hardware attached to the computer. WTF?

Tried again, and again, and again. The same thing happened.

Truly, if I wasn’t getting a Mac for my next computer, I wouldn’t think of getting a Dell ever again. Reformating is such a pain in the arse. No wonder my friends who get Dell usually just buy a new computer instead of bothering to reformat it. But it is so wasting, and what the hell am I going to do with the unusuable laptop now? Just let  it collect dust and worsen my allergies?

Even more annoying since they have changed most of the outsides of my laptop; it is just the insides that are giving me problems.

Only the first few months that that laptop was sane. For some annoying reason, IE, regardless of which laptop I’m using, would screw up on me. Which is why I made sure I downloaded Chrome when I realized I had to be using this stupid laptop.

Typing is such a pain in the arse. Typing words are easy. However, to make sure everything is properly capitalized and what not is not. The shift button is after the arrow buttons, and it is ridiculously short. Seriously, the lightness of the laptop is so not worth it!! You’re better off suffering just a teeny tiny  bit with a 12 inch than this crappy thing posing as a PC. And it gets hot bloody fast!!

I don’t think you should even think of using this in Scotland, and if you do in London, you’re insane. Acceptable in the Nordic countries, and maybe Eastern European… Or in Mids of the US and Canada, and even then only in winter.

It should not even be allowed to enter a tropic country such as Malaysia!!


And you know what? The biggest irony is that it is mostly the older people that uses this tiny crap!! Because a proper sized laptop is just too bloody heavy. These are the people who can actually afford to get a car to lug the oh-so-heavy laptops around the city (and wouldn’t even think of taking the public transport, ever, anyway) and have dwindling eyesights. Weird, huh?

I don’t even have the mood to rant because it is such a pain in the arse.


It is just so bloody frustrating to try and do research.

It is times like these that I feel most frustrated and stressful that I don’t have a job.


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August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

OMG!! I thought my need to grumble would overcome my typing problems…  But now I see I have a bigger problem when it comes to wanting to blog.

The small screen has forced everything to be push together… So I might be typing gibberish on one end for all I know. Arrggghhhh!!!!!!

I hate tiny screens.

Want my 17 inch MacBook Pro NOW!!!!!!!

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I fucking hate eejits who fold books.

Especially my books.

And even if that person is my own mother.



Of course I would feel that way; I’ve used a 20 quid note as a bloody bookmark because that was the only thing I could slip into a book.

Wouldn’t you just love having that book eh?

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How can arts students think that drama students are more pretentious than them?


Tell me how!!!

Like I’m either; but I remember the times I wanted to be both.


But really… artists are like burdens to tax payers.

Especially modern artists.

I hate modern art.

On another note, if Lady GaGa and Franz Ferdinand ever collaborate, I imagine that they’ll just be a Duke of Wellington and a traffic cone short of being Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. And a so-called “human rights” exhib short.

Though maybe if one of them was gay… Or bi… Or whatever.

The sh[OUT] exhib was soooooooooooooooo not human rights!! Why can’t they call it gay rights or something instead of human rights? Like there’s only one human right ever. And they’re not really contemporary art. I hardly went “what the fuck” at most of the art. Well, maybe that tree thingy. I still can’t figure that out.

Oh man, I actually went into a modern art gallery!!


I still think the best form of art in Glasgow is when the Duke of Wellington is “crowned”.

Though I have a picture of the horse being crowned instead. Hahaha. And a pigeon shitting on Wellinton as well.

God knows how many times did I actually went and admire that form of art.


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August 8, 2009 Leave a comment

If  I was still in Glasgow, I wouldn’t be walking aimlessly everywhere trying to kill time; I would be thieving.

Current obsession is to go to Flickr, search for a performer’s picture… and try find pictures of their shoes.

There are quite a number of those based in Glasgow that I would love nicking their shoe collection.

Of course I do not know their shoe sizes. But sometimes it is nice to just own some shoes 😉

And I would always see when they drag me to court, I’ll see my criminal law tutor as the magistrate who tries me. I don’t know why. Oh yes, it is weird that your English criminal law tutor actually practices Scottish law.

Why does she have so many pairs of oxfords? Arrgggghhhhh!!

Good thing you’re not on the same bloody island. Man!!

On another note on Glasgow; my mother still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I went to Glasgow when there were swine flu cases there instead of staying in Edinburgh.

Actually, she was pissed a lot of time when I was in Scotland. Hahaha.

When she told me it was difficult to cross borders, I told her I just crossed the Scotland-England border. Not that there would have been any checks anyway.

I remember the first time I was going to Cardiff. I asked one of my friends, did she think I need to bring my passport.

Her response? “You do remember Wales uses English law, right?”


Well, I suppose when you’re from Malaysia and you have such states like Sabah and Sarawak which doesn’t welcome people from Peninsular and treat us like outsiders. 1Malaysia my ass…

Some various crap happened that made her quite pissed.

Though considering I left Glasgow 2 months ago… it is kinda weird that she’s pissed I still went to Glasgow anyway even though there were swine flu reports.

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