How white am I?

Hahaha. This is according to the list from Realized I’m pretty "white". Hahaha.

I strike out what doesn’t apply to me. However, I would need to read the articles first; so it’ll be more like… I’ll unstrike it… Or more like, change the color of the font.

Alright; finalized: I’ll change the font color once I’ve finished reading the article dedicated to the object. I’ll comment a bit about it… And strike out those that doesn’t apply to me. 😀 Original font color is green; changed would be blue. Not sure how to proceed would be red.

Oh yes, I am aware that it is an American website, and does sound specifically white people in America. Still, it is funny. Hahaha.

#127 Where the Wild Things Are
#126 Vespa Scooters
#125 Bob Marley
#124 Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy
#123 Mad Men
#122 Moleskine Notebooks
#121 Funny or Ironic Tattoos
#120 Taking a Year Off
#119 Sea Salt
#118 Ugly Sweater Parties

#117 Political Prisoners

#116 Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore
#115 Promising to Learn a New Language
#114 America
#113 Halloween
#112 Hummus
#111 Pea Coats
#110 Frisbee Sports
#109 The Onion
#108 Appearing to Enjoy Classical Music
#107 Self Aware Hip Hop References
#106 Facebook
#105 Unpaid Internships

#104 Girls with Bangs
I have them!! Hahahaha. Mainly because I went to my stylist and told her I wanted a change, and she decided for me. Was quite surprised she told me she’ll be giving me bangs since she used to tell me never ever get a fringe shorter than my cheekbones.
However, to call it “the most efficient way to get hair out of their eyes” is bollocks. I have them in my eyes all the time!!!
And I made a promise to myself not to wear my tartan headband while I still have my bangs. They make me look about 10!! Neck up anyway, and if I don’t wear any makeup. If I did and looking at the whole picture? Err… Not going to answer that!

#103 Sweaters
Men below 50 should not ever wear cardigan sweater, especially those with the very low V-neck, in my opinion. They’re only for old men with pot bellies. Wearing them somehow make you look like you have a belly and that you hunch. Or maybe you have one already. Still!! Urgh!!
Still, when I was in England, I wear them. Call them jumpers; those without buttons that you look like an idiot when you try get them off. And I prefer those thin sweaters that white women would purchase, mainly because I would still wear a coat while walking outside, and would take it off and wouldn’t feel too warm in a thick jumper. I prefer layering over wearing just a thick sweater simply because if you’re warm, you could peel of one layer after the other, even though it’ll be so troublesome to put them on back. Also, having more layers keep you warmer than just having one thick layer. At least, that is the case for me. And I must have a coat on the outermost layer. Jumpers are just not outer layer to me. And the wind would still penetrate jumpers. So you would feel this very uncomfortable warm feeling but feel very chilly. Or feel extremely chilly because the wind’s evaporating your sweat.

#102 Children’s Games as Adults
#101 Being Offended
#100 Bumper Stickers
#99 Grammar
#98 The Ivy League
#97 Scarves
When I was in Glasgow, I accidentally left my scarf at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum… It rained all the time I was there by the way. Liked it that way, but not when I lost my scarf. Good thing I manage to find it, but it got me a cough. Didn’t help my mother was complaining why I didn’t stay in Edinburgh or went down straight to Durham or just went anywhere in Britain but Glasgow because there was a confirmed case of swine flu there. By the time I got to Blackpool, I had a horrid cough.
Scarves were an essential item when I was in the UK, even in the early summer. I had a drawer-full of scarves. Hahaha. Thick ones; not those wispy stuff that hardly protect you. Those you wear in tropic countries like Malaysia to hide your ugly neck. Okay fine, I do own some of those here. Hahaha 😛
Though when I just got back, there was this idiotic trend of wearing wool scarves in Malaysia. Favorite pattern was tartans, especially the Burberry ones. Probably because it didn’t require you to go all the way to Scotland to get them, and since the Scots are sane enough to know that Malaysians wouldn’t need them to export them to us. Still, quite a number manage to get their hands on wool scarves and wore them. With spaghetti straps, hot pants and flip flops. Yeah, how weird does that outfit look like? Like your whole body’s not cold, but your neck is absolutely freezing. Thank goodness this stupid trend was extremely short lived.

#96 New Balance Shoes
#95 Rugby
#94 Free Healthcare
#93 Music Piracy
Maybe my 26+GB could be considered a “ridiculously large music collection”, but there are quite a lot of music I haven’t listened to. Hahaha. I have a tendency to download the whole album instead of just the songs I’ve heard on the radio or youtube or wherever I heard it. Sometimes the gems are not the songs that become singles but one of the songs in the album.
Main reason why I download is that it is quite difficult to get the albums I want here in Malaysia. Also, the price is absolutely ridiculous that I don’t want to help the Malaysian music shop owners. Maybe when I go somewhere where they sell cheap albums.
I suppose you could buy it off… But why bother buying when you can get it for free? 😛 Even if it is a wee bit illegal… Okay, it is illegal, and the fine is not “a wee bit”. I don’t know… Hmmm… Hahaha.

#92 Book Deals
#91 San Francisco
#90 Dinner Parties
#89 St. Patrick’s Day
#88 Having Gay Friends
#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes
#86 Shorts
#85 The Wire
#84 T-Shirts
#83 Bad Memories of High School
I have them; plenty of them. However, I don’t like them. I hate them. No way am I selecting that as red. No way!!

#82 Hating Corporations
#81 Graduate School
I did, after all, wanted to do a Masters. Shit happened and I decided to withdraw my application few days before the due date to submit my results to the university. Rather did not know I didn’t make it. And took the 2.2 for my ECHR as an omen. I’ve ignored the C that I got for my A-Levels law… Okay, I wasn’t really given a choice, and the time-frame… blablabla. But no way am I ignoring it again!!

#80 The Idea of Soccer

#79 Modern Furniture
Those that are easy to clean, with no stupid carvings and decorations and no modern art hidden meaning; utilitarian stuff. I’m a minimalist when it comes to furniture. Because I rather add the decorations on my own instead of having it imposed on me. And also because of my allergy to dust.

#78 Multilingual Children
In a way, I am one; I am bi-lingual. At least, I hope I still am. Well, I can still talk Malay, just not the proper one. However, I am definitely “multi-accented”, if there’s such a term. Hahaha. Annoys the hell out of my cousin when I speak with a different accent. Oh, and I can understand if not speak various dialects of Malay. However, I don’t understand Indonesian. But then, Malay and Indonesian is like English to Scots; they’re different even if it seems the same.
Though any language that I’ll ever learn in my life time would be those using the Roman alphabets. No bloody way am I learning a new set. So, forget Japanese or Chinese or whatever else. My physics teacher thought it’ll be easy to teach us the Greek alphabet since we see them so often in formulas. Yeah right!! We may recognize them in the various ridiculous formulas… but the names? Seriously. That triangle is not delta, it is “change”.
Though don’t you think pi “π” looks like a pie with a missing dish? Well, it does take some stretching, but it does!! It totally does!! Hahahahaha. Okay, maybe from the way I write it; someone who gets sigma and delta confused all the time. No wonder I usually fail my maths.

#77 Musical Comedy
#76 Bottles of Water

#75 Threatening to Move to Canada
#74 Oscar Parties
#73 Gentrification
#72 Study Abroad
#71 Being the only white person around

#70 Difficult Breakups
#69 Mos Def
#68 Michel Gondry
#67 Standing Still at Concerts

#66 Divorce

#65 Co-Ed Sports
#64 Recycling
#63 Expensive Sandwiches
#62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People
Got this from my mother, who specializes in poverty and income distribution. Hahaha. Okay, so I don’t get what the hell is Gini-coefficient and how to calculate it, but I get the gist of the policy that should be used, or what my mother advocates anyway. Still, I think I know better than most people in the civil servants and the politicians anyway.

#61 Bicycles
#60 Toyota Prius
I would like to get the car, for practically only one reason only; so that I could paste an Apple sticker and reach the “pinnacle of whiteness.” Hahahahaha. 😛
Though the new Prius look horrible, and the 1.5 engine combined with the electric engine makes it essentially a 2.0 car. The absolute maximum I would go would be a 1.8. I don’t want a powerful car; would make my driving even more insane. I.e. I would be speeding even more. I speed to shorten the amount of time spent in the car, not because I enjoy it, by the way. I absolutely abhor driving, but it needs to be done in this country. Sigh.
Probably would get a Honda Civic Hybrid instead. Though it’ll be so frustrating that you can’t be snobbish and a show off that you’re driving an instantly recognizable hybrid. Oh, the Civic hybrid looks exactly like the normal Civic. Probably the reason why they don’t do as well as Prius.

#59 Natural Medicine
#58 Japan
#57 Juno
I don’t know why I like it, but I just do. 😀

#56 Lawyers
I don’t like them, but since I am one of them… It’s a red. I can accept lawyers more than the bad memories in high school. I mean, I found some awesome people while I was doing my not-really-law degree, after all.

#55 Apologies
#54 Kitchen Gadgets
#53 Dogs

#52 Sarah Silverman
God, I can’t stand this bitch. Bleurgh.

#51 Living by the Water
#50 Irony
#49 Vintage
My mother decided to dump her old clothes into my wardrobe a few weeks back. Very vintage stuff. Some could be even called antique, like some of the French lace stuff. Vintage freaks might kill for half my wardrobe.
Me? I very much doubt I’ll even touch those things. They’re rather elaborate and fragile and I wished I brought it to England and opened a car boot sale and overcharge for them. I might just dump them into my cousin’s wardrobe instead. Hahaha.
And don’t you find that people who wear vintage look a wee bit silly? How the clothes don’t look as if it fits them? Explains why most of them actually know how to operate a sewing machine–whether male or female–but sometimes they just can’t resist getting something too short or absolutely too small for them, eh?
I don’t like vintage. Actually, it’s bordering to hatred. However, I’m surrounded by them. My mother’s crazy over antiques. The IKEA pieces are the ones that stand out like crazy in our house; they’re only ever found in my room. The antiques in the living room would murder anything modern put there as well.

#48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops
#47 Arts Degrees
Explains why I decided to tell the banks I was in GSA even though I would never even apply there if I got my way of being an arts student (would continuously refuse to actually make art because I can’t). Oh yes, I can’t produce anything artistic myself, it’s horrible. It is always the theory part that saves me. Maybe I would do well for abstract… Until I have to explain what I’m trying to achieve. Or maybe I could produce amazing abstract art once a month… When I’m pissed off while having my menses. Hahaha.
Going to GSA for an arts degree would probably be like going to my school for a law degree. Maybe worse, since it is considered prestigious around the world. And the alumni doesn’t impress me much. Hahaha. Well, not my alma mater’s did but what the hell.
Though taking the broader definition of arts, I would probably throw myself into the degree.
Oh, and a political science degree? Minus the core law modules, I got those, not an LLB, I think. Some of my BA friends might have done more law stuff than I did; it’s just that I was taught by so-called Law Professors instead of those from other departments 😉
Oh, and I got a great deal; 2 in 1. Political science and law degree (see #56). Hahaha. 😛 How white. Hahaha 😛

#46 The Sunday New York Times
I don’t live and never have lived in New York, but for some weird reason, I like reading this newspaper. Online, obviously. Hahaha. And I love NYT’s book reviews.

#45 Asian Fusion Food
#44 Public Radio
#43 Plays
#42 Sushi
#41 Indie Music
#40 Apple Products
Hahaha. The reason how I knew about this website. My obsession with wanting a MacBook Pro led Faliq to show me this website. And after seeing the website, the need/obsession for a MacBook Pro has gone up to a whole new level. Hehehe.

#39 Netflix
#38 Arrested Development
Because it is so funny!!

#37 Renovations
#36 Breakfast Places
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report
#34 Architecture
I was the type of kid who read history of architecture when I was 10. History though; I don’t like the modern stuff. What I don’t get even more is why people like modern art. They’re… weird. And it annoys me when I understand it. No, I don’t feel cultured; I feel… weird. I usually feel embarrassed if I get a modern art piece, which is why I usually avoid them when I go to some gallery.
A piece of modern art is when you look at something (since modern art could be absolutely anything; I read once that even an erotic dance with a pig’s corpse was considered art. WTF???) and go "what the fuck were the artist thinking???" Easiest and most sure way, I find.

#33 Marijuana
Who doesn’t want to get high anyway? Though I used to get high with OTC drugs. I know right. So cheap and legal. Hahaha. And I absolutely adore Towelie. "You wanna get haaa?" Doesn’t sound like "high" at all. More like, haaa. Hehehe.
I see Towelie every time my iTunes plays Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand. Hear that annoying voice instead of Alex Kapranos. So ridiculously funny. Hahaha.

#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism
I’m pretty sure if I did eat haggis when I was in Scotland, I would have turned vegetarian. However, it would have freaked my family out and they would try to reverse it. A Malay vegetarian is so unnatural to them. I think they could accept a non-Muslim Malay better than a vegetarian one.

#31 Snowboarding
#30 Wrigley Field
#29 80s Night
#28 Not having a TV
We used to not own a TV, mainly because one day my aunt came and kidnapped the  TV away because we hardly switch it on. A torture to the TV to not use it. It was just there, collecting dust. However, a few days after that, my mother felt something and felt the need to get a TV, in case she wants to watch the news. It’s still there, mostly collecting dust, though she feels obliged to watch the news once in a while.
As for me, I hardly, if ever, watch TV. Not even the news. I might listen to it while I’m reading a book… but watching it… I might use the TV screen to watch the shows I have on my laptop when I iron my clothes… But that was only done when we first got the flatscreen; wanted to experiment with it.
I don’t know… I don’t have much patience for a box with moving pictures that emit sound. Much prefer live performance, where I can see the people, which is why I like plays and musicals. My attention span for those kind of things is about 10 minutes. Which might explain why I still get lured by YouTube 😉
Oh, the reason for it being red; I like not owning a TV. However, since we do own one (even though we hardly use it) somehow makes me feel that this heading doesn’t deserve the blue that is for things that I do like from the list.

#27 Marathons
Like I said in #9, I hate going out and I love beds. I hate physical activity that tires me; just about any. Which might explain why I didn’t quote Ed Byrne fully.

#26 Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!)
#25 David Sedaris
#24 Wine
#23 Microbreweries
#22 Having Two Last Names
Not really my fault; my father decided to change his name. So not only do I have two last names; I also have an alias "@" in my name. Awesome or what? Haha 😛

#21 Writers Workshops
#20 Being an expert on YOUR culture
Which culture exactly, I’m not sure. But I am pretty sure I’m guilty of this. Hahaha. Except it might be the other way round than the article.

#19 Traveling
After all, I spent 10 weeks going around the UK, which I could have done in my three years there. Oh well…  Though, if I was being honest, I only did the travelling for half the time only. Hahaha.

#18 Awareness
#17 Hating their Parents
I think I fall into this category. I don’t really "like" it… but yeah.

#16 Gifted Children
Bunch of annoying buggers, to me. Though I absolutely love the article on the website. Hahaha. So bloody true!!

#15 Yoga
Weird stretching exercise? No thanks. And to need to keep quite… Nahh… And the fancy outfits that’s so expensive. Bleh.

#14 Having Black Friends
I am not sure if I "like" having Black friends; I just have them. They’re nice people. I don’t go out of my way to make friends with them… They’re just people to me.

#13 Tea
Like the description in the website, I drink all sorts of types of tea. I like variety, so I drink all sorts of funny flavored tea. Also, my mother has a habit of taking everything given by a hotel back home, so sometimes I feel obliged to finish them. This habit has grown in the past few weeks… Feels like I keep pumping caffeine into my blood. Wonder what would happen if I suddenly stop… It’ll feel like exams altogether.

#12 Non-Profit Organizations
Would like it even more if they employ me; though a great start would be not to put vacancies up so near to the closing date. And, yeah, the fact that you could earn 6 figure while doing something "good" is great.

#11 Asian Girls
Since I am one… I don’t find us that special anyway. Hahaha.

#10 Wes Anderson Movies
Only heard of the Royal Tenenbaums and looked too blah for my taste. And to like dry humor… Well, there’s plenty of British shows. Need humor that requires you to think; British humor is for you. However, if you need the obvious, in your face humor but still want to feel smart… yeah, probably his movies would work…

#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside
I’ll be a hypocrite if I like doing this; I hate going out. I love staying in; I love beds. Like Ed Byrne says, "I think bed are the best things in the world… Don’t you think that your whole life is just a series of distraction designed to get you out of bed?" I so agree. Hahaha.

#8 Barack Obama
Because who doesn’t want change?

#7 Diversity
Living in a country so racially diverse, how could I not like diversity? And I am against what quite a number of my friends seem to be advocating; to merge all the race into one official race; Malaysian. That, in my opinion, strips more of your basic right than solving anything…
However, the website says that white people "love ethnic diversity, but only as it relates to restaurants". I might be the opposite in that; might. When I am alone, and I feel hungry at a shopping mall, I usually almost always aim towards one of the Japanese restaurants. Probably because there are no reasonable and middle market chinese food that’s halal. Sigh… Though I am much more adventurous when there are friends around!! 😀

#6 Organic Food
I don’t believe in paying a premium for something so similar to the "normal" stuff.

#5 Farmer’s Markets
Not sure how to proceed with this. I buy our fruits and vegetable at the night market, because the farmer’s market is during the day; in the morning at that. And is at an area where, to get there from my place, I would have to go through a horrid jam. Really not worth it. And I am not sure if the fruits and vegetable in the night market are their own; but for sure from the farmers, eh? 😛 Though I would imagine farmers wouldn’t have time to actually sell their stuff on their own…

#4 Assists
#3 Film Festivals
Not a big fan of films; just an even bigger box of moving pictures. However, I have no problem watching cartoons. Hahaha.

#2 Religions their parents don’t belong to
I told my mother I’m going to be a Greek Orthodox for next Easter, just to go around breaking eggs painted in red. However, when I was thinking about it, I fell and scrapped my knee, and for the first time rip my jeans. I don’t need to have a superstitious Greek grandmother (a superstitious Malay one would do) to realize that’s an omen against it. Probably have some crazy midnight virgil or whatever. So I decided to go around breaking eggs painted in green on St Patrick’s instead. Anyone wanting to join me? Religion wise… I have absolutely no idea what would I call it. Hahaha.
Officially, of course, I am still Muslim 😛

#1 Coffee
Started drinking coffee at a very early age; gestation period. Had a period where I stopped, though since my mother nursed me and still consumed coffee… Probably got flavored as well. When exactly did I start drinking coffee independently, I am not sure. Developed the taste for brewed coffee once I started going to KLCC. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was on the way to go up to Kinokuniya, which is on the top floor… Or on the way to go down. Either to psyche myself or reward myself further. Hahaha. Once started my degree, coffee was an everyday must; the staple drink during exams. Several days after the last paper, I would be nursing a withdrawal. I miss those days. Hahaha. Then, Faliq introduced me to the coffee press, I no longer drink instant coffee. Hahaha. And I hardly, if ever, enter a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, San Fran coffee, etc anymore. But yeah; I do love coffee. I miss this dude at Greenwich market with his arrays of flavored coffee. Superb 😀

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