Random info

  • My friend once call me a “relegionist”… specifically, “catholicist”. Oh, not the meaning that is in the dictionary… Religionist like racist. Haha. I can’t stand catholicism. I don’t mind the catholics; this said friend is one, albeit not a religious one. I just don’t understand their doctrines!! And how people can actually believe it. Just doesn’t make sense!! A celibate man deciding on birth control usage in the Philippines? I mean, seriously!!!!
  • A tutor once called me “almost blind” due to my ridiculously high short sighted power. That day, my contacts were bothering me too much that I got rid of them, only belatedly remembering that I had a tutorial and I didn’t have time to go back and get my glasses. I was like a bat during the tutorial. Said tutor wanted to lend me his glasses. How nice.
  • I want a 17 inch MacBook Pro. Really really want one. I want it so bad that I have a feeling that when I finally get my hands on it, the feeling I would have would be better than 10 orgasms combined. I just hope I wouldn’t die because of it. Hahaha.
  • My Malay accent changes geographically. Seriously, like at the tunnel before Genting, where the Selangor-Pahang border is? Once come out of the tunnel, somehow I talk differently. Serious!! Haha. My cousins are amused that my English doesn’t. I’m grateful it doesn’t. Haha.
  • I spent most of my gestation period in Nashville, Tennessee. I love country music; my mom hates it. There is absolutely no explanation as to how I got the taste of country music apart from the fact that I spent 7 month in my mother’s stomach in Nashville while she was defending her PhD thesis. Cool eh? Who doesn’t believe babies’ preferences start to develop even during their gestation period haven’t met me or know this particular fact. Hehehe.
  • I am addicted to Cadbury Bytes. Hahaha.
  • I taught myself accounting in form4 and 5; my mom’s friend who is an accounting lecturer keeps complimenting my “teacher” as being a very good one. This has led to a very cocky me when it comes to accounting.
  • I want to be a dish washer. That’s my dream job. Serious!!
  • I’m embarrassed to have done Law at my alma mater. I don’t know why, especially considering that it is one of the Top Law Schools in England.
  • I love Wacky Woolies. I want four of their mugs to use. Hahaha.
  • I hate Kuala Lumpur even though I live ridiculously near to it. I hate busy cities; which is why I wouldn’t want to live in London; ever. Traveling there is alright, but not living there.
  • I love listening to songs on repeat. I just do. It annoys the hell out of my mom though. Haha.
  • I sleep with a night light on. Though now I’m not using a night light. It’s a table lamp with a energy saving bulb. I know, I’m obsessed with energy saving bulbs. Sadly, it’s bloody yellow!!!!! Waahhhh!!! Oh well, it’s for sleeping only.
  • I miss the weak English sun. I’m getting darker. Noooo!!!!!!!!! Heck, I miss England, period <insert period here>
  • I have trust issues.
  • I hate using the air-cond, even when it is 35 degrees outside. I prefer opening the windows, much to my ENT’s disappointment.
  • The only thing I regret about not going to Belfast is not being able to get my Beep the rabbit. Sigh. I’m quite surprised to realize I don’t really mind not doing the LLM.
  • I have been “reading” Catcher in the Rye for the past 8 months, and I still haven’t finish reading it (as of July 11, 2009)
  • I am aimless and purposeless.
  • My absolute favorite line in a song is “Radio Four is static” from Franz Ferdinand’s Walk Away. I have absolutely no fucking idea why the hell I find that line so bloody amusing, but I do. The line that most fascinate me, on the other hand, is from Taylor Swift’s Should’ve Said No; “You should have said no, baby, and you’ve might still have me”. Might. Hahaha.
  • And my favorite lines in a movie is as below from BBC’s Casanova:
    “Old Casanova (Peter O’Toole): Gentlemen.
    Young Casanova (David Tennant): Gentlemen.
    Old: I’m sure we can sort this out, amicably.
    Young: I’m sure we can sort this out amicably .
    Old: Look at it this way.
    Young: Look at it this way. If you could do what I could do, then you would do it too.
    Old: But you can’t.
    Young: But you can’t. I can. And I have. And I’ll do it again. So you should be happy for me just a lil tiny bit, don’t you think? And you sir, just consider; you love your wife, I love your wife. Aren’t we be on the same side? If you think about it, I’m… I’m… em. *sighs in frustration* What was it?
    Old: I’m hungry.”
    Hahahahahahahahaha. The whole damn thing tickles the hell out of me. And I quote it at the most random times. Hahaha. It is not as difficult as “Radio Four is static”, after all. 😉
  • I still love scrubbing my feet silly.
  • I’m gonna find a Scot and trick him into marrying me. Preferably someone from an area east of Glasgow. Still part of greater Glasgow, but not Glasgow. Hey!! It is still quite a big area!!
  • The only thing I remember that came out from the mouth of my history teacher in form4 and 5 was that she liked Pierce Brosnan. What a history there; he hasn’t gave up that identity then yet. What part of history is that, I’ve no idea.
  • I used to have 39 teeth, including my wisdom teeth. Now I have 33 teeth, minus 3 wisdom teeth. I want to take out my last wisdom tooth, but my overqualified maxillofacial surgeon cousin thinks it is not wise; people need wisdom teeth to be wise. Lame ass girl. Haha. After the operation (which I now consider one of the biggest mistakes of my life), I can only use soft toothbrushes. Bleh. Any harder, it’ll be headache the whole day for me. Sniff sniff.
  • I love my Scottish lamb plushie, Gemuk McGrumpy. I collect sheep plushies wherever I can get it, but Gemuk McGrumpy is my favorite. It’s fat, which is why I named it Gemuk, which is fat in Malay. It looks really angry, but with its fat body… It looks absolutely adorable!!
  • I own an Irish turtle. Oh yes. Oh, an Irish turtle plushie. Oh no, it wasn’t made in Ireland. A friend of mine decided to give it a nationality. Not a race, but nationality. Or at least, I think it is nationality. Now, hmmm… My friend gave it a practically unpronounceable–at least to me–Irish name, which ended up with me Malayanizing it. No idea how to explain what it means. It used to be named Caoimhe O’Tahapaapa. However, I got fed up not being able to remember how to spell “Caoimhe”, I decided to revert back to where it was born, China. So its name is Ong Kee Va, following how “Caoimhe” is actually pronounced. I know, surprising, isn’t it, the pronunciation? Ong was picked due to the Irish believe of how lucky they are. I’m still allowing her to be Irish. Ah, she’s a turtle plushie who is Made in China. Is an Irish-Malaysian feminist pro-choice Jewish lesbian monetarist libertarian. Amazing personality eh? Added all by my silly friends. 😉
  • As much as I love shoes, especially fuck me shoes, I hate it when people say I have a shoe fetish. I don’t get sexually aroused by them. Maybe more confident, but not sexually anything. I may be open to use swear words, but I prefer reserving words to their actual meaning, even if people do understand the phrase as meaning otherwise. Just think, wouldn’t it be weird to see a man in a pair of fuck me heels? Even in heels generally; excluding transvestites as for some reason I don’t find that odd. Just, “supposedly” straight men.
  • I believe that Law School ruined my creativity. It really has. I can’t come up with a weird story as easily as I did when I was in high school. And now, I’m trying to find it back by reading a lot of story books. Not so sure if I’ll succeed, which scares me.
  • I still sometimes wear my bright turquoise coat in Malaysia.  When I am bored and feel like I miss England so very much, I switch on the aircond and set it to the lowest temperature possible, put on my coat and dance like crazy. The funny thing is, I never did dance like a nut when I was in England. Haha.
  • I’m very much like Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland Alice. I give myself and people good advice, but I have problems following it.
  • Never ever thought that I would ever see–even if it was on TV–a conservative transsexual until I watched Rab C Nesbitt. Even though she did show her ass a lot. Still!! Her clothing wasn’t slutty! (And I did thought that they used a woman to play Davina the barmaid initially. Hahaha)
  • When I was watching Twilight movie, during the scene when “Bella” came down from her room to go to the prom, when they showed she was wearing leggings, I was fantasizing that Robert Pattinson would strip off the blasted leggings Kristen Stewart was wearing and say “it is unacceptable to wear such thing to prom, or ever in your life again.” I know; what an unsexy fantasy.
  • I love Cecelia Ahern, even though I used to refuse to read her books while her father was the Taoiseach. Her books are just so amazing!! And her characters!! I want a Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From PS, I Love You. Bleh, never did wanted an Edward anyway.
  • I am only loyal to one thing and one thing only; FreeCell.
  • I wish I could be like Rab C Nesbitt; unemployed being the way of life for me. *sigh* Welfare state… makes you want to be as lazy as you could, doesn’t it? (Would love anyone who gives her Rab C Nesbitt DVDs forever!! Really, I would!!)
  • I care more about Scotland achieving independence than the political situation in Malaysia. Don’t even ask me why!! I just do!!
  • Oh, I can’t stand FRIENDS. You know, that TV series with Jennifer Aniston? Yeah, that one. Urgh. Bleh.
  • One of my life ambitions is to hang clothes at Glasgow Green in winter to dry. Apparently, Glaswegians are still allowed to do so. I found out on my last day there. If I found out on the first day, I would have tried. Seriously.
  • I would love to live in Galway, Ireland. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love it there. In Scotland it would be one of the fishing villages in Fife. I’m not so sure about England and Wales though. Hmmm…
  • My cousin now triggers some change of accent. Because it is just so bloody fun to see her annoyed face when I put on a “weird” accent.
  • I strongly believe that the city I know best in the world is Glasgow, even though I don’t particularly like the place. I know, rather insane. But I was so bored when I was there, I went exploring. Also, it was raining all the time when I was there; just another reason to play in the rain. Oh yes, the Glaswegians thought I was crazy. Imagine, seeing a puddle, checking if there’s anyone too near to me, and jumping into the puddle. So fun!! Felt like I was 5; but a very pissed 5 year old. No wonder I fell sick soon after that. Haha.
  • I have spent 35 quid on a sheep plushie. Seriously. I got it on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. She’s worth it. Hahaha.
  • I was a closeted T in the Park watcher. Well, I don’t attend it; I watch clips of it. And I am coming out of my “closet”. I don’t know why I hid the fact. Hahaha. Oh, actually I do. Hmmmm. I’ll keep mum about it. 😛 That said, I only started even bothering to “like” Amy Macdonald, KT Tunstall, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, James Morrison, Kate Nash, to name a few, after I left Britain. When I was there… Gosh. I was so set on staying Americanized. Nonetheless, I still maintain the much better sensed American English spelling.
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