For me personally. Sketch out what I’ve been doing… Since I finished my last exams πŸ˜‰

24th May 2008 – ECHR exams; last exams ever
25th – 29th May 2008 – London
30th May – Faliq’s Birthday dinner
31st May – redo of Faliq’s Birthday dinner, without obnoxious people
4th June – Cardiff
6th – 10th June – Norway
11th June – Results!! Eekkkk!!!!
24th – 26th June – London, again, but this time to pick up my mom!!
1st – 4th July – Prague!!
5th – 6th July – Sheffield and Mansfield (McArthur Glen!!)
7th – 8th July – York
8th – 10th July – Edinburgh
12th July – London (again!!!!!); Portobello Road
15th July – Graduation. Eekkk!!! Horrible robes!!!!!
17th July – Stoke upon Trent
18th July – Left East Midlands for good (sob sob) to London
19th July – Flew back to Malaysia from LHR. Sob sob. I miss Britain!!! (Saying the UK would be stretching it!!)
1st Aug – PC Fair. Horror day at KLCC!!
2nd-3rd Aug – MSLS; Nikko Hotel, KL. Sadly only made it for first day; second day had my first ever migraine. Urgh
4th – 7th Aug – Kuching, Sarawak; where I discovered that I am a snob and can never live in East Malaysia
11th Aug – ENB clinic
13th Aug – Psychiatry
15th – 18th Aug – Temerloh, Jerteh and back to Temerloh again; in 3 states in a span of 48 hours :S balik kampung for cousin’s wedding. Reception on the bride’s side
22nd – 25th Aug – Temerloh; balik kampung again. Reception on our side
13th Sept – Things arrive at Port Klang from England πŸ˜‰
16th Sept – Supposed to arrive in Belfast 😦 Baked chocolate cake that tasted like eggs; made sponge fingers successfully!! πŸ˜€
17th Sept – Psychiatry; Shan left without seeing her 😦
22nd Sept – iftar and sleepover
26th Sept – Got things that arrived from England. OMG my sheep!!!! Room uber messy.
28th Sept – 4th Oct – Kampung
1st Oct – Eid-ul Fitr
3rd Oct – Beda went back to London 😦
7th Oct – Amni went back to England 😦
19th Nov – ENT
26th Nov – Psychiatry
17th Dec – Psychiatry
23rd Dec – Fatin leaving for Malaysia!! Yeay!! πŸ˜€
24th Dec – My birthday; Christmas Eve
25th Dec – Christmas
25th Dec – Hari Meninju
16th Feb 2008 – Surgery (ENB)

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