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Here’s a reason why I don’t particularly like people leaving comments.

I don’t know how to respond to it.

Should I have a new post responding to a comment… Or should I reply by posting another comment?

If I did the latter, would the person know that I responded?

Faliq, don’t feel hurt. You’re just the reason why I’m posting it now instead of later. I’ve wanted to post about this quite some time ago. Just that your comment has made it imminent for me to talk about this.

Not that I am bothered with your comment 😛 It is flattering to know someone really likes my baking!! 😀

However, seriously, you want to eat baked goods everyday for lunch ke? Tak takut muak ke?

I was thinking, my cookie empire might just rule the world near Eid period…

And to be based in Canary Wharf? Do they even serve cookies for Christmas? I know I should know better than you in that area… They don’t.

At least, my family doesn’t.

Unlike my mom’s karipap empire, my cookie empire as to be seasonal, I think.

Anyway, comments, yes.

I much prefer “commenting” on a post with the author directly instead of leaving a comment on the said author’s blog, especially when I know the author. It would make it easier for me to know what the author was thinking when writing the entries. I only leave comments on blogs whose author I do not know.

A lot of blogs fall into that category. However, only a handful of the blogs that I read fall onto that category.

I also leave comments on blogs whose author find commenting on the blog is preferable. Whether it is to make it seem their blog is popular or for their ego or they don’t like discussing their posts in real life (this I find weird. I mean, you are the author of that entry and you have used your real identity. So why don’t you like? Unless you can’t take criticism, which is sad, really), I’ll humor the said authors.

Oh, I wouldn’t deny that a lot of my posts would be inspired by people I know in real life. Everyone in my life will have a chance to be my muse. I am not selective like fashion designers. Everything inspires me.

My respecting your privacy is by not giving away your identity. However, some small information might be given away to make my piece more plausible, or make more sense. Nevertheless, I doubt people would really know it is you. Unless, of course, you give yourself away or you’re the only person who has such personality. If you’re the latter, consider yourself unique, not weird.

So yes, if you know me in real life and know how to contact me personally, I much prefer if you do it that way than leaving comments on my blog. Then we can discuss what you agree and don’t agree about the said entry. Have a healthy discussion and what not. I can explain why I have such views and can understand why you don’t agree with my view.

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